Drinking red bean barley water is not suitable for everyone, a better way is here

Recently, the moisture is getting heavier. Many parents are afraid that the summer will be too damp. Now I have started to remove dampness for my children. I think this is very good, but I don’t agree with some specific operations.For example, there are some parents who eat red bean barley for children when they say that they are damp, including adults. They are not very properly handled. Today, let’s talk about this.

In the past two years, I think many merchants are selling red bean barley powder. Some say that they can get rid of dampness, and some say they can lose weight.Frankly speaking, red bean barley can indeed get rid of dampness. After dampness, it may also have the effect of weight loss, but they all have applicable conditions. Not everyone is suitable, and there are some problems to pay attention to it.

For example, barley is specifically cleared and hot and humid, and cannot control the middle coke and upper focus; red beans are not red beans, but red beans.

Barley, clear and hot and hot

Coix rice (coix seed) is cool, sweet and light, and belongs to the spleen, stomach, and lung meridians.It is used for edema, foot, unfavorable urination, spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

In "New Materia Medica": Coix seed, the most good water, will not lose the qi of true yin. Those who are wet in the lower body are most suitable.It means that barley is the best way to use water to urinate, but it will not lose Yinjin, suitable for people with heavy moisture in the lower body.

In terms of my experience, the barley itself is cold, which is more suitable for clearing and humidity.Children with humidity and humidity and humidity are generally obvious in the two. They have less urine or frequent urination, stool stinky, thin or constipation. Observe the child’s tongue image, you will find that the tongue is red and yellow and greasy.Symptoms such as thirst.

Children like this, you can give him some coix seeds. Before eating, it is best to fry, and it will be more milder.The raw Coix Seed is relatively cold. Drinking too much is easy to damage the spleen and yang. Generally, I will use other medicine ingredients to use it for children. Parents should not use them for their own.

What is three -burnt?

Sanjiao is not a area, but three areas, divided into upper focus, middle focus, and lower coke.The upper coke is the area where the heart and lungs are located, the middle coke is the area where the spleen and stomach are located, and the lower coke is the area where the kidney, the bladder and the intestines are located.

Sanjiao is one of the six internal organs, corresponding to the five internal organs, and it is important but invisible.Other Liuye can find the corresponding organs from modern medicine. There is only a special three -focus. It is a virtual existence, which refers to the gap between all organs.

The top focus is hot and humid, what is the heat and dampness?

After understanding the role of barley, there must be a lot of parents doubting. How can my children get rid of dampness?I also talk to you by the way.

● The top of the focus is hot and humid, and the medicine with light texture is light and aromatic

The wet and humidity of the upper focus is that the evil of damp heat has just invaded the human body. The disease position is relatively shallow. It has not continued to affect the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the middle qi is still sufficient. Therefore, the children’s symptoms mostly appear on fur, lungs, or body.Such as fear of cold, slightly fever, fatigue, body difficulties and so on.

Like the upper focusing dampness, in general treatment and conditioning, some medicines with light texture and fragrant dampness will be selected. For example, Huoxiang, Baiji, Su Ye, and Xiangxiang, which I often tell you.Like the Shuchun Fang that I have been telling you, there is Huoxiang in it, which has a certain effect on preventing colds and humidity.

● Medium burnt and humid and humid, with a well -known taste

The damp heat of the upper focus may continue to develop for a period of time, which may affect the middle focus, which is what we often call the spleen and stomach.Mid -burning and humidity, generally we refer to damp heat and spleen syndrome.The cause of the child’s humid and humid spleen is mainly related to the weather and daily diet.For example, these days are stuffy and hot, and children are easy to feel the evil of dampness and heat outside. After a long time, it will cause damp heat;Wait, it will also cause stagnation, and the dampness will be hot for a long time.

The damp heat of the middle coke and spleen and stomach, there will be symptoms of hate greasy, dry mouth, poor appetite, yellowing and itching skin, white tongue coating, or yellow greasy, etc. Generally, some more peaceful medicines are used.Atractylodes, lotus leaves, etc.

Exconsuing dampness is the spleen and stomach function at all

The reason why the child provokes moisture is essentially the spleen and stomach problem.The spleen is mainly transported and wet, and the child has moisture. In addition to external factors, the weakness of the spleen and stomach also has a great impact. The spleen and stomach are strong, and the child will naturally have less moisture.Parents should not remove dampness for dampness. If you want to understand that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of less children and less moisture.

The method of protecting the spleen and stomach, I will emphasize it with you, mainly because of daily diet feeding.Recently, the weather is hot. Parents should not give their children some cold and cold foods, and do not give their children some cold melon fruits. The food is still soft and warm.Do not eat some foods that are easy to get wet, such as mango, pineapple, pumpkin, durian, and some fried chicken burgers, cream cakes and other foods.

This article was scientifically controlled by Xu Youjia, director of the pediatric department of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Source according to science popularization China, Xu Youjia Yutang WeChat public account (picture source network)

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