Drink more drinks, and the long -term damage to our long -term is not a little bit#多 多

Drinking more drinks in summer is equivalent to chronic suicide.

Brother Lei is a senior nutrition manager with 10 years of experience. He has helped more than 30,000 sisters to successfully reduce fat and reduce fat.

I have traveled to many places in Europe, but I found that no place has so many milk tea shops like China.Are these milk tea shops related to capital?This is only known to understand talents.I hope my videos will not be blocked by capital forces.

The hot weather can’t help but want to drink a cup of cold drinks, but I have to tell you that these high -sugar and high -calorie drinks are harmful to the body.Drinking drinks is like chronic suicide, it will erode your health unknowingly and make you lose everything.

Some people may say that there will be no problem when drinking occasionally?In fact, even the frequency of a month or a year will cause adverse effects on the body.I once heard a story when studying nutrition abroad: There was a young diabetic patient who drank carbonated drinks for 10 years before he was sick and almost did not drink water.He did not begin to pay attention to health issues until he was diagnosed with diabetes.However, it was too late, and he had suffered from a variety of complications.

Due to excessive drinking sugar -containing drinks, his lower limbs have pain, which seriously affects his daily life and self -care ability.This story tells us that the harm of sugar to the human body is huge. Even in Switzerland, which is longevity in the world, people have begun to realize this.

A study shows that from 1990 to 2019, the number of diabetic patients caused by excessive intake of sugary drinks in my country has almost doubled.Excessive drinking sugary drinks will also increase the mortality, where the number of deaths caused by heart disease and diabetes is particularly prominent.

In the past 30 years, the number of deaths caused by ischemic heart disease and diabetes in my country has increased by 95%and 94%, respectively.Life is short, and it is right to enjoy the present, but why do you bring pain in the process of pursuing happiness?

I am Lei, welcome to follow me and share healthy knowledge every day.If you want to reduce fat health, come to me, I can take you on the right path.

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