Drink a bowl of mung bean soup in summer!How to cook to relieve the heat, red soup is still green soup, it is very particular ~

On the hot summer, many people’s refrigerators are covered with Sprite, Cola and various fruit drinks to cool down. After a bottle of belly, not only the wallet is stunned, but the weight can not be controlled ~

In fact, in addition to the above -mentioned "happy fat house water", it is also good to drink a bowl of mung bean soup at home. It is not only economical, cool and refreshing, but also not easy to gain weight.

Mung bean soup cooking method is particular

Blossom or not blooming, which one is better?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the use of mung beans can eliminate heat, and mung beans have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, and relieving heat and heat.However, there are different cooking methods, and the efficacy is also different:


Clear heat and detoxify, cook and bloom

The content of mung bean protein is three times that of rice, and protein is rich in lysine, coupled with its tannin and flavonoids, which can be combined with organic phosphorus pesticides, mercury, arsenic, lead and other compounds to form a sediment to make it make itIt is not easy to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. This is the source of its detoxification ability.

Only by cooking and blooming can these substances play better effects.


Call the heat and relieve the heat, do not cook and bloom

The summer effect of mung beans is derived from mung bean skin. Traditional Chinese medicine is also called "mung bean clothing", which is mainly because the polyphenols contained in it play a role.

Generally speaking, the shorter the mung bean is cooked, the higher the content of polyphenols, the higher the antioxidant activity of its antioxidant, and the best effect of relieving the heat. Therefore, if you want to eliminate the heat, mung beans do not need to cook and bloom.

Mung bean quickly blooms a little trick

① Soaking frozen method

Wash the mung beans and soak a small amount of water (just haven’t passed the mung beans) for ten minutes, then drain the water, put it in the refrigerator frozen layer, and take it out after four hours.It is easy to bloom.

② speculation method

If you want to cook the mung beans you just bought immediately, you can wash the mung beans in the pot and stir -fry the water until the water is dried.Essence


Clear free radicals, green mung bean soup

The same is the mung bean, but some people cooked the mung bean soup are red, and some people are green. What is going on?

In fact, these two situations are normal.

Mung bean skin is rich in phenolic substances, which will oxidize in the air, and after oxidation, it will gradually become color.This is the same as that we have cut the skin of Apple for a long time.

The trick of mung bean soup unchanged color

① Avoid using an iron pot, it is best to use a high -pressure cooker to isolate the oxygen and shorten the boiling time.

② Add a little vinegar or lemon juice when cooking.

However, no matter whether the mung bean soup is red or green, most of the nutrients are not lost, but the green mung bean soup has more antioxidants, and it is better to remove free radicals.

Mung bean soup add some ingredients, the effect is better

In addition to cooking the soup directly, adding some ingredients can have different effects:


Mung beans+barley -auxiliary sugar

If the symptoms of upper elimination are obvious, such as dry mouth and thirst, the ratio of mung beans and white barley is 2: 1; if the symptoms of the lower dispersion are obvious, the frequency frequency of urine, the waist and leg soreness, the ratio of mung beans and white barley kernels is 1:2.

Mung beans are mainly taken, that is, mung bean clothes, which can remove poisonous fires in the body and improve the symptoms of diabetic indigestion; barley has the effect of clearing heat and dampness and spleen, helping eliminate the accumulated water in the body.


Mung beans+winter melon -dampness

Wash the mung beans for half an hour, then cook on the heat until blooming, put it into a small piece of winter melon and Poria, cook until the melon is transparent out of the pot, and add a small amount of honey.Drink 2 to 3 times a day and 1 cup each time.

It is especially suitable for drinking during the summer and dampness. It is recommended to drink it often when it is heavy in summer.However, yang deficiency and fear of cold people are not recommended for drinking; diabetes and obese people are not recommended to add honey.


Mung Bean + Lily -Ningxin and Elementary God

100g of mung beans first boil, then add 20g lilies, cook until rotten, and add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to season.

Lily can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, clear the heart and soothe the nerves, and match the mung beans. The effect of clearing the heart and removing annoyance is better. It is suitable for people with insomnia and dreaming, mood depression and other people as daily diet.

Drink mung bean soup, grasp the 4 principles

Although the mung bean soup is good, it is not time for everyone to drink, nor is everyone drinking it.


Should not drink on an empty stomach

The summer is hot, and many people will have the phenomenon of loss of appetite and like to drink mung bean soup as rice.

As everyone knows, drinking on an empty stomach of mung bean soup is not good for health -from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, mung bean is cold, and fasting can cause damage to the spleen and stomach, which can cause symptoms such as diarrhea, cold stomach, and stomach pain. Those with weak spleen and stomach can cause chronic gastritis.Essence


Can’t drink too much

Mung bean soup is delicious, but you ca n’t drink too much. Low sugar contained in mung beans can easily lead to flatulence. The mung bean itself is not easy to digest. Excessive drinking can hurt the spleen and stomach, causing symptoms such as bloating and abdominal pain.

It is recommended that you drink 2-3 times a week and each bowl.


These people drink cautiously

① People with cold constitutions are often accompanied by cold limbs, prone to abdominal distension, stool, cold waist and leg pain, etc. It is not advisable to drink mung bean soup.

② The elderly, children, stomach problems and other weak spleen and stomachs are the best.

③ Menstrual women and pregnant women should not drink.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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