Don’t vomit, don’t faint, don’t show up, British Bao Ma suddenly gave birth to a baby during his contraceptive. This "mysterious pregnancy" is a true god

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For women who are pregnant, have not been pregnant, and are preparing to get pregnant, if you can vomit, or you can not be fainted during pregnancy, it is too perfect, but this hope will be encountered by a family of five.And it was also frightened.

Grace is a mother of British. She already has three children Grace. I feel that the current life is really perfect. So Grace and her husband discussed it, and Grace’s husband decided to ligate.

Because you want to have a free ligation surgery in a local hospital, you need to make an appointment and queue in advance, so before the husband had a ligation surgery, Grace had to take contraceptives.

But just during Grace’s contraceptive pills, a big thing happened in the family of five.Grace got up to eat and drink tea as usual that day, but Grace suddenly felt that he wanted to go to the toilet, so he went to the bathroom for convenience.

When it was convenient, Grace felt that his lower abdomen suddenly flowed out of the liquid. Grace, who had already given birth to three baby, felt wrong. How could it be a bit like a broken amniotic fluid, so he hurriedly shouted his husband and told his husband that he might be born.

How could this have a baby without pregnancy? Although Grace’s husband did not know what happened, he called the emergency center phone according to his wife’s phone call. I did not expect that when I was talking, Grace was really born. It was a small baby girl.Essence

For Grace, which had three babys, this production was too fast. Without any response, no pain, he gave birth without any pain.However, when did Grace feel the most incredible, when did you get pregnant?

As long as women are pregnant, they will have some pregnancy reactions more or less. Even if there is no pregnancy reaction, then there must be a pregnant belly!

However, in Grace’s "pregnancy", not only did it not have any pregnancy reactions, but not even pregnant belly, and menstruation was normal. It suddenly gave birth to a baby. This is unheard of. What is the situation?

Do not vomit or feel normally, menstruation is normal, even if pregnancy test is negative, this is the legendary "mysterious pregnancy"!"Mysterious pregnancy" we can also call it "hidden pregnancy".

There are relevant statistics in the UK. Of every 450 pregnant women, one may only show signs of pregnancy after 20 weeks of pregnancy; one of each 1,500 pregnant women will not know that "it was pregnant" until childbirth production "I was pregnant".Intersection

This "mysterious pregnancy" generally appears in young women who have never been pregnant, or they think they can no longer be pregnant, but in fact, they can be pregnant.

The grace in the case is a particularly hidden type, and some people ask, why is Grace already taken contraceptives, but why is it still pregnant?

Although the contraceptive effect of contraceptive pills can be as high as 99%, it is still possible to get pregnant by 1%, and we also have to look at the condition that the contraceptive pill is used. Some women are vomiting and diarrhea when taking contraceptives.Excessive contraceptives can not play a role in contraceptive.

Although it is true that "mysterious pregnancy" does not vomit, "mysterious pregnancy" exists, most women still change their bodies when they are pregnant. Let’s take a look at what changes have changed after pregnancy?

1. Mentalities: Sexual behaviors occur without contraception. If you have not come to menstruation after two weeks, you should consider whether you are pregnant.

2. Nausea and vomiting: That is, pregnancy vomiting, which is the most common pregnancy reaction. Some pregnant women start pregnancy after January, but there are also pregnant women who have no pregnancy throughout pregnancy.

3. Sensitive to odor: Whether it is oil fume or perfume, there is no taste of response in the past. Now, as long as you smell a little, you will feel disgusting. In fact, this is a ghost that suddenly increases the estrogen in the body.

4. tired and drowsiness: The body feels very tired and loves to sleep very much.

5. Breast changes: Pregnancy can make breast pain and sensitivity, just like the feeling of early menstruation, and more intense. Generally, this situation will improve after 3 months of pregnancy.

In addition to the above five more obvious reactions, during pregnancy, Baoma will also have frequent urination, bloating, and high base temperature.

Whether it is a woman who is preparing for pregnancy or is not ready to have a baby, if you find the above situations, it is recommended to do a pregnancy test. If you use test strips at home, we better buy a few different brands of test strips.Some.

Have you ever heard similar things about "mysterious pregnancy"?

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