Don’t touch it!A family of 10 people in Kunming and 9 are poisoned!Doctor reminds →

We often remind everyone,

Eating wild bacteria must beware of poisoning,

Actually, I collected myself

Other wild foods should also be particularly careful.

Just a few days ago,

The emergency room of Yunnan University Affiliated Hospital

Treat the family,

Consumption of fake fungus is poisoned.

Patient Mr. Zhou: "Hand numbness, numb mouth, itchy throat, and the skin is as red and swollen as allergic."

Mr. Zhou’s family is a trainer. On the evening of June 17, a family of 10 people ate black fungus who had just picked from the mountain.Because I had eaten before, the family was the same as usual.But this time, 9 of the 10 people were poisoned, the oldest 68 years old, and the youngest 12 years old.

Patient Mr. Zhou: "I usually eat or eat, and I wo n’t be poisoned after eating, but this time it was poisoned. At that timeEat poisoning. "

According to the doctor, the "black fungus" in Mr. Zhou’s mouth is actually leaf -shaped ototoxis, also known as fake fungus and poisonous fungus.Because looks are similar to black fungus, they are often eaten by mistake.After consumption, it will cause photosensitive dermatitis. The parts that are irradiated with sunlight will occur with redness, itching, and burning pain.

Liu Zimeng, chief physician of the Ministry of Emergency Medicine (Emergency Department) of the Affiliated Hospital of Yunnan University: "This kind of fungus folk is called fake fungus, and the scientific name is leaf earcase bacteria, which mainly causes light allergies.The upper rash and the swelling of the upper limbs, as long as the sun is exposed (all shows), other liver and kidney skills are still normal. "

After infusion and anti -allergic treatment, Mr. Zhou’s symptoms can be discharged one after another.

According to the doctor, leaf -shaped earcores are mostly born on broad -leaved trees or rot wood in summer. They are usually fungus, leaf -shaped, petal -shaped, shallow or light cups.Poisoning risk, the doctor reminded not to pick it up.

Liu Zimeng, chief physician of the Ministry of Emergency Medicine (Emergency Department) at Yunnan University Affiliated Hospital: "With the coming of the rainy season, there are more and more fungi. For these bacteria that are not familiar withDon’t eat it, "

Reporter: Liu Yuyan Li Li

Source: yntv2 urban barcode

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