Don’t send your dog away because of pregnancy, you can raise dogs during pregnancy!

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Now more and more people like to raise a dog to accompany themselves, but after getting married and pregnant, I encountered a very big problem.In the end, can you raise dogs during pregnancy? Does the dog affect your children? It has become the primary concern of many people who are pregnant and prepare for pregnancy.Below, Xiaobian will take you to understand, can you raise dogs during pregnancy?

If there is a dog at home, the pregnant woman must first do a pre -pregnancy examination during pregnancy. After pregnancy, a test is also called TORCH, including four rubella virus, giant cell virus, bow -shaped body infection, and Kozaqi virus.In order to prevent newborn infection and prevent malformations in the fetus.

What is a hormone disease? Gow -shaped worms can prevent and detect.First of all, dogs receive a full set of vaccines and examinations, including 3 needle routine vaccines, 1 needle rabies vaccine and bowworm.Toxoplasma vaccine, regular internal and external body deworming.We should pay attention to the harm brought by the bowworm, but do not blame the risks that can be avoided on a healthy dog.Before the bad pregnancy, try to train dogs to ban people, do not pursue other animals, stop dog barking, etc.

After preparing, what should I pay attention to when raising dogs during pregnancy?We need to understand the infection of the bowworm.Gow -shaped infection is generally transmitted through stray cats, which has a very great impact on the fetus and it is easy to cause death and abortion.Gow -shaped worms are generally infected through cats’ feces, will not spread directly, and there will be animal meat.Pregnant women should avoid animal feces, and do not eat unscaptive meat.So the main infection of Toxoplasma is not the dog itself.So the main problems need to be raising dogs during pregnancy:

First, there are a lot of things that pregnant women need to pay attention to. First of all, we must take a defensive needle for our puppy. Everyone is best to go to a special pet hospital for special targeted prevention. This is very critical for pregnant women.Get attention.

Second, the puppy is forbidden to run into the home of pregnant women casually, especially on the bed, even if your puppy already has this prevention, it is inevitable that there are other bacteria on the puppy, so we canTo be resolutely eliminated during pregnancy.

Third, to clean up the puppy’s hair in the house in advance, especially the room of the pregnant woman must be completely cleaned up, and then the necessary disinfection must be made. It is best to replace all the previous bedding and sheets.Protect the safety of pregnant women.

Fourth, some pregnant women friends are very loving and will touch their puppies every day. This cannot be said to be incorrect, but there are certain risks.Ministry, it is best to wash it twice with water twice.

Fifth, pregnant women friends try to arrange a special seat for themselves when raising puppies. This seat does not allow puppies to go up. You can use it when you tease the puppy.Some unnecessary troubles.

Sixth, pregnant women who have puppies in the family, it is best to go to the hospital for Kazaki for examination when they are pregnant for three months.Do it to avoid danger.

Seventh, if pregnant women friends want to live with the puppy at home, then they must pay attention to some basic principles. First of all, pregnant women should not ignore regular inspections, pay special attention to the examination of bow -shaped worms, in additionPay attention to hygiene, and do not feed dogs.

Therefore, to do a good job before pregnancy, pay attention to raising dogs scientifically and reasonably after pregnancy, is the best way to prevent infection of Toxoplasma virus!For pregnant mothers, you must also control your mouth, do not eat sashimi, semi -cooked meat with blood, and usually cut the raw cutting plates at home.The pregnant mother who has a dog at home, regularly do insect repellent for the dog, do not clean up the stool of pinching cats and dogs.This will not be infected with Toxoplasma!

In addition to these, we also need to understand what the impact of abandoning dogs during pregnancy?

For the influence of expectant mothers, due to the pregnancy, the mood of expectant mothers is easy to fluctuate. Due to pregnancy and sending the dog away, it is likely that the expectant mothers are in a bad mood, such as restlessness, anxiety, irritability, and even suffering from depression!

For the impact of dogs, foster care, giving away, and even abandonment, the impact on dogs is great!As a result, many problems arising will also become hidden dangers, missing the old master, depression, irritability, and hurting people.

There are many people. After the baby is born, because he is afraid of bacteria on the dog, and the baby and the dog are not allowed to stay together, the baby has many benefits to get along with the dog.

1. To cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and let them learn to take care of people

Assign some tasks for children to take care of the dog’s daily life.Let him take care of his dog like his brother and sister.Because raising dogs is a long -term task, you can cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and patience.Let them respect their lives more, and let them experience the process of life growth.

2. Dogs can play with children.Dogs are basically patient with children. It will be more lively and extinct to play with children to play such children, and they can also cultivate their self -confidence.If a dog grows up with the children, it will not make the children feel lonely.It will also make children more patient.

3. Long -term play with cats and dogs is healthier.And it is not easy to suffer from allergic diseases. This is a research on pet allergies cooperated with American scientists to find that the main cause of allergies is inheritance.But children who play with small animals are not easy to suffer from allergic symptoms.

4 Let them learn to respect their lives.This is very important. Children who come into contact with small animals before establishing the correct values will realize the growth process of life. This will make them understand the emotions of animals and human beings.

Don’t send you away from your dog because of pregnancy!

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