Don’t panic in early pregnancy, not as bad as you think!Bleeding in the early pregnancy is mainly these causes

Oh my god, bleeding!

What we listened to the most is "early pregnancy bleeding" means that it is going to "abortion", or the baby’s baby can’t keep it, so many pregnant mothers are particularly nervous, scared, and emotional fluctuations when they encounter this problem.In fact, in addition to the abortion we mentioned in the early pregnancy, there are other reasons. Many pregnant mothers ignore these reasons because of their care and ignore these reasons.Then let’s take a look at some situations of early pregnancy bleeding. After the pregnant mother understands, it will not be so nervous, and relaxing is conducive to the stability of the fetus in the early stage.

The main causes of bleeding in the first 3 months of pregnancy are roughly the following:

1. Insufficient lutein

Insufficient lutein secretion of the ovaries will affect the unstable and bleeding of the embryo bed. Generally, the bleeding can be improved after complement the lutein.Especially if IVF is frozen embryo, the non -natural cycle, the ovarian of the pregnant woman does not have the generic luteum, it must be adjusted by the mutein and estrogen supplements to adjust the physiological cycle, and then choose the proper bed time, so if the lutein supplement is insufficient, it will be insufficient.It may cause bleeding.

2. Cervical meat

Due to the stimulation of hormones during pregnancy, the uterus and the fetus will become larger. At this time, the glands and polyps in the uterus will increase, and the polyp grows quickly.size.Because the cervix is a very sensitive tissue, sometimes walking and rubbing can cause polyps bleeding. In addition, the uterine pork can easily cause repeatedly inflowing blood, and the degree of thriller often scares pregnant women. In fact, it is not dangerous, and it has nothing to do with abortion.Essence

If the pregnant woman has repeated bleeding and no improvement is seen after supplementing the lutein. It is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. After the doctor’s evaluation, as long as the meat grows in the position that can be removed, it can be removed.Worry.

3. Normal bed bleeding

During the process of drilling the embryo into the uterus, bleeding is caused, just like drilling to the groundwater pipe will spray water. In this case, it will be reasonable to stop bleeding by itself without serious impact.

Basically, in the normal condition of the embryo, the above bleeding status does not need to be too worried, and it usually does not affect the fetus.Even the normal embryo will occur in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, as long as the lutein is added, the embryo will become stable.

However, if special circumstances such as ectopic pregnancy and abnormal embryo cause bleeding, the fetus is basically impossible to grow up healthily. It is recommended that if there is such a problem, it should be arranged for further examination, not even after abortion. Sometimes this mentality will instead, but it will instead of this mentality.Make many diseases that can be detected more complicated.

It will not cause great hindrance.

However, if there is a bleeding condition in the middle and late pregnancy, it will still make people worry about whether it will be premature, or the early placenta and placenta are divergent. These conditions are dangerous and easily affect the fetus.Therefore, in addition to bleeding, when the following situations appear, you must seek medical treatment immediately: It may be that amniotic fluid is broken, or vaginal infections may be judged by the physician.Fever: Remember, pregnant women cannot have a fever, which can easily affect the fetus.Fever may be caused by a cold or inflammation of the body, so be careful.There is a rules of pain: When the pain that exceeds more than one rules in 5-10 minutes, hurry up and go straight to the hospital!Evil headache, edema, and high blood pressure: It is likely to be a sign of pre -eclampsia and cannot be ignored.

The above is some of the relevant knowledge of bleeding during pregnancy. Warmly remind all pregnant mothers when they find that they have signs of bleeding, so they must not panic. They must calmly observe their specific circumstances, and then find reliable doctors for consultation.Essence

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