Don’t eat these foods during pregnancy, it will harm fetal malformations

What would you choose if you chose one of the most tangled things?

Bacteria guess most people choose "eating".

What are you ready to eat today?

When the first philosophical problem in the universe encounters pregnant mothers, the degree of tangling is even more bald.

Hairy crab, can slip the tire;

Eat hot pot, sour girl;

Eat more bird’s nest, baby’s skin is white;

Eat more fish, the baby’s IQ is high.

I usually don’t know what to eat, and there are so many restrictions.

The pregnant mothers who can choose what they eat, I call them "realize the freedom of food."

The road to freedom of food

Be sure to remember these two tricks

Pregnant mothers who cannot achieve freedom of food must be these two traps.

First, food is divided into "sex", what cold, coolness, heat, warmth …

The other is to make up the shape and color …

■ Food has no "sex" and only vegetarian vegetables

The most common is seafood products headed by hairy crabs.

"If you eat crabs, you will have a miscarriage. If there is no miscarriage, the baby will go sideways in the future."

I watched this rumor, so do n’t eat a crab, why do you still become a crab yourself?Still a change of children?

There is no authoritative evidence that eating crabs will adversely affect pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Not only does it affect, but also is rich in protein, cholesterol, and minerals, which is rich in nutrition.

Under the premise of ensuring that the crabs are fresh, thorough, and appropriate, you can eat it with confidence!

There are also sheep, pigs, ducks, watermelons, grapefruit …

Cold foods will have a miscarriage, and those who are pregnant unexpectedly eat cold food.

■ Forming is the most ridiculous rumor

The soy sauce is black, so after the pregnant mother eats soy sauce, the baby’s skin is black.

Bird’s nest is white, so if you want your baby’s skin, pregnant mothers need to eat more bird’s nest.

The rabbit has three petals, so the pregnant mother eats rabbit meat, and the child will become a rabbit lips.


The baby’s skin color is black because you and your child’s dad are dark.

This pot, don’t carry food!

Most of the rumors are inherited.If you eat some -like foods, you can affect the inheritance, and many biologists will be unemployed again.

Freedom of Food

The real trap is it!

Compared to rumors, the most terrible is these wolves in sheepskin.

If it was not a doctor, few people said that pregnant mothers should not eat these foods.

These foods are the most harmful.

■ alcohol

Any food containing alcohol is not recommended to eat.

Because intake of alcohol will affect the fetal brain development to varying degrees, which indirectly affects the baby’s growth and development and IQ, as well as sensory and expression ability.

■ Dairy products that have not been disinfected by Pastel, unsustering meat and eggs

For example, hearty eggs, raw milk, etc., these foods may contain some dangerous bacteria such as Liste bacteria.

It is easy to cause serious consequences such as miscarriage, and pregnant mothers must stay away.

■ Fish with high mercury content

Such as mackerel, big -eyed tuna, swordfish, flagfish, etc.

Mercury is the highest risk of abrasion in all environmental toxins. It is not recommended to eat pregnant mothers and women in the pregnancy stage.

Cod, catfish, sea bass, and sardines are all recommended fish recommended by the American Video Drug Administration. If you really want it, you can choose these fish to eat.

■ Coffee, milk tea, drinks, etc.

The reason why these foods must be cautious is because these foods are relatively low in nutritional value and contain a lot of sugar.

Long -term consumption is not conducive to controlling blood sugar and weight.

Pregnant mothers recommend that the daily caffeine intake does not exceed 200 mg, and a cup of Starbucks large cup of latte 473ml, the caffeine content is about 150mg.

Pregnant mothers can control how much drinks they drink every day in accordance with this standard.

Of course, if you feel any uncomfortable after drinking, then you should avoid your mouth in the end.

In general, as long as you avoid the food mentioned above, you can avoid the above. After all, "the head can be broken, blood can flow, and the essence of food cannot be lost"

If you accidentally eat the above food in the early pregnancy, you don’t have to worry too much.The baby’s development is normal during the checkup, which means that it does not have much impact.

Most folklore diet taboos do not have scientific basis, don’t follow blindly.

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