Dogs suffer from liver cancer and make people abandon, and the wandering of "giant belly" seems to be pregnant

Introduction: There are more and more people raising pets in society, but not all out of like, some are fresh, some are out of follow, some are vanity.These people are always difficult to be responsible for pets, but they are raised if they like it. They are discarded if they don’t like it. These people are one of the main reasons for the flood of stray dogs.

Everyone has such a person around him. It is so hot for three minutes to raise pets. When you see that there are pets around others, you can raise one by themselves. After raising it for a while, it is too much different from imagination.Only pets are too laborious, spending energy and money, start to doubt whether I really need a pet!

When cats and dogs were young, they had weak resistance when they were young, so they were easily sick when they were young. Once they were sick, they would be discarded ruthlessly and will not be treated for them.

Not long ago, on the way home, a netizen found that a stray dog was always followed. As long as the netizen stopped, the dog would squat beside his feet. It seemed very good.

Netizens found that this dog is very tame and like to be close to others. It is dirty, but from the collar and personality of this dog, at least this dog has a owner.

The dog’s belly is particularly large. I don’t know if it is pregnant or sick. Netizens see it pitiful, and have been following themselves, and took it to the hospital for examination.

But unfortunately, the diagnosis given by the doctor was liver cancer. Netizens were a little reluctant and sad about this little guy. Looking at its kind eyes, netizens took it home, cleaned it for it, and returned it to it.It cooked chicken.This puppy is very smart and sensible. I learned to see home for a few days.

Although netizens know that the treatment of this disease is very difficult and it is a process that costs money and laborious, netizens still decide to take it regularly to drain the ascitious, thereby reducing the pain of the dog.

A few days ago, a netizen passed by a restaurant and went in for the waiter for a few bones. The waiter was also a kind person and agreed very happy.After taking it back, the dog was very vigorous and looked very happy. It seemed that it had never eaten bones for a long time. When I saw the dog’s happy and sensible look, netizens were satisfied and sad.

Although the dog’s condition has been repeatedly repeated, the netizen never thought about abandoning it.During the treatment of the disease, the dog is also very good, trying to cooperate with the treatment, as if you know to see a doctor for it, and its life is so difficult, and netizens want to make it happy. It has experienced so many pain and torture., Still working hard to survive, or bring the happiest side to the benefactor, netizens decided to try their best to survive anyway.

Each stray dog has a story, and no stray dogs bear their forbearance. They are unfortunate, but they are also lucky. There are many kind people who are willing to help them!May every life be treated well, and good people will be safe in their lives!

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