Dogs are pregnant, don’t touch these 4

For dog breeders

My own dog is pregnant with a baby

That must be a joy and anxiety

No matter you are going to give a dog a child

Still the dog is during pregnancy

After reading the next article, I understand all

Dog’s pregnancy signs

After 2-3 weeks of pregnancy

Dog’s nipples protruding swelling

Wait until 4-5 weeks later

The dog’s waist will become thicker

The belly will be slowly revealed

And dogs will have fake pregnancy

Dogs who are pregnant will also experience head swelling

It can even squeeze out milk

Most happens after the dog’s estrus

If you are sure that the dog has no mating behavior

Please take it to the hospital in time for examination

Because this is most likely caused by uterine inflammation

Pay attention to dog feeding during pregnancy

Dogs are divided into three stages during pregnancy

And the need for each stage is different

The first stage

Early pregnancy (1-30 days)

The dog’s demand for food has increased significantly

But don’t increase food for this

Slightly more rich in protein foods than usual

At this time, the fetal growth rate is not fast

Most of the nutrition is absorbed by the female dog

Seduction of female dogs excessive obesity

It’s not surprising that it is difficult to give birth

second stage

In the middle of pregnancy (31-45)

During this period, the dog baby grows fast

The rising abdomen will compress the mother dog’s stomach

At this time, the female dog will have a mild or severe pregnancy reaction

Such as loss of appetite, vomiting, etc.

Don’t worry too much about the master

Pay attention to the principle of a small number of meals

If the female is still unwilling to eat

You can stew a little bit of broth for it to drink

The third phase

At the end of pregnancy (46-60 days)

The female dogs at this stage began to eat fiercely

At this time, please restrain your hands

Don’t feed a lot because it wants to eat

What you need is to reduce the intake of high protein

Increase the dog out for walking activities

This will help the female dog smoothly produce

In fact, now feeding conditions

Dogs are not nutritious.

So, don’t worry about not eating well at all

What I want to say next is the most important thing

Many people are easy to make mistakes during dog pregnancy


Raise dogs as pigs

Some people think that dogs are pregnant

Go out and take a walk to play to slide the tire

Then, let the dog eat every day to eat and eat

As a result, in the end, leave the hidden danger of difficult delivery

The exercise we said is to avoid strenuous exercise

The daily walk is essential

Pay attention to the upper and lower steps

Don’t let the dog’s belly bump into the steps

Wrong two

Excessive feeding internal organs

Many people always feel that the animals have good organs

It is very dangerous for dogs during pregnancy

Liver is rich in vitamin A

Excessive vitamin A is fatal to the fetus

Very easy to cause miscarriage

Wrong three

Use bone to replace calcium tablets

The folk said that eating chicken bones will take the fetus water

This is of course nonsense

Dogs during pregnancy really don’t feed fragile bones

Because once the bone is broken, the female dog’s body is damaged

Easy to cause abortion

For the healthy of the dog baby, you must supplement calcium

Add calcium tablets in your daily diet


Can’t do any cleaning

Dogs 0-20 days after pregnancy after breeding

You must not take a bath and get cold

However, wait for the baby to stabilize the healthy bitch

You can take a bath with good warmth measures

We usually don’t recommend taking a bath

It is because once you have a cold cold, it is easy to have a miscarriage

But it does not mean that you can let it go

Every time I go back, be sure to scrub the dog’s limbs

In case there is a parasite to bring back

Speaking of dogs pregnant

The most worried is the last difficulty

Whether it is a dog or a baby

It’s all away at the ghost door

For each dog raised person

Everything of the dog is worthy of our participation

The dog’s safety always affects us


It’s in this world

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