Dog blood!My wife is derailed and pregnant, just because of a few words of outsiders, the husband accepted

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It is said that real life is not a TV series

But real life is far better than the wonderful dog blood from TV series

Wife is derailed and pregnant

This kind of thing, the husband can still accept it

And promise to raise this child

The wife is derailed and pregnant with others’ children

I can’t make trouble at home

So a TV station show group

I sent a mediationman to come to the door for mediation

Women in white are pregnant with others’ children

I want to leave my original husband and children to go with others

Seeing this belly is also pregnant for several months

The mediator advises her to live with her current husband

Still passing the man outside

Women are always crying and not answered

The neighbors next door also followed the photo

I persuaded this woman to know the mistakes and return to the family

After several mediation, the woman still has no response

So, the mediator said that you should let go of your posture

When it comes to this, the husband’s little handsome exploded directly

Live with other men outside

I still said that my husband was wrong?Intersection

The mediation officer also gives the eighteen martial arts persuasion

You follow that man, the future is not easy to go

Fortunately unhappy

The only thing I can do now is to return to this home

It’s normal to listen here (?)

Unexpectedly, the next sentence is

Let this woman raise her body and give birth to the child


After some persuasion, the whole family started to cry with headache

The elderly at home also cried together

Then the mediator asked the child to play again

Let the child hold the parents’ hands together

The child helps Dad wipe tears very sensiblely

It’s not too small to watch the child

Should be in elementary school

The wall of the family is also full of children’s awards

(I don’t know about this

What kind of shadow will leave in the child’s heart?.

Everyone is crying and sad

A strong black woman came out at this time

Drag the husband’s little handsome arm

He said, "She is crying like this, you won’t coax her"

I really laughed when I saw this

Who is derailed?

Unexpectedly, the more powerful one is still behind

The mediation officer allows the two to take a step back

I didn’t expect Xiaoshuai to agree

Xiaoshuai said that he will often call your home in the future

From this point of view, the husband of the husband should work abroad all year round

I don’t know if my wife runs away

The belly is so big to react

At this time, the mediator came again in the professional spirit

She asked, "Will this child be as good as him after birth?"

Xiaoshuai replied, how to treat him for his biology

The mediation staff must still have this husband no longer mention this

Finally, the derailed wife was Songkou said

If your husband said, you can do it

Then I won’t go to that man in the future

The whole story is a wave of twists and turns

It’s completely unexpected

Forgive me of derailment

In the future, I will help others to raise my son

this.EssenceEssenceCan you bear it?IntersectionIntersection

In this regard, netizens are also discussing

The mediation staff is simply Heyan mud

Some netizens said that they should not be advised to reconcile

After all, there are other people’s children

Fortunately, no child can say that time can forget the time

But with this child is a scar of a lifetime

But some netizens think

The mediator does it right

One shot and two disperse children

Can you persuade me like this?

I believe that the mediation staff is "Heyan Mud" poke Xiaohua

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