Doctors’ note 丨 "Eryang" how to protect the mother of pregnant mothers?

Source: [Zhoushan]

Many pregnant mothers are starting to worry, will she be infected with the new crown again?Some pregnant women have not been infected in the first call. The risk of this infection increases, and she is more worried.

Pregnant mothers do not need to panic, do a good job of self -protection, do not go to a place where people are dense, and wear masks; some family members are infected with new crowns, to avoid contact; pay attention to reasonable supplementation of nutrition, ensure sufficient sleep, do not overwork, do not overwork, dailyAppropriate activities to enhance physical fitness.

The probability of secondary infection is lighter than the first infection.Maternal mothers are infected with the new crown again. Most lesions are basically on the upper respiratory tract, such as cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc., which may be accompanied by digestive tract symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

If the pregnant mother is infected with the new crown, the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, which can take an antipyretic medicine "to acetaminol". Cough can take oral cough drugs under the guidance of a doctor.If there is a high fever (exceeding 39 ° C) or the symptoms improve, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in a timely manner after fever, difficulty breathing, panic, headache, headache, etc.

So, will the new coronal virus infection affect the fetus during pregnancy?The current research believes that the incidence of abortion and congenital deformities after new crowns infection has not increased.The probability of fetal infection caused by the infection of the new coronary virus in the late pregnancy is also very low.Insufficient evidence of maternal and infant communication, the diagnosis of pregnant women should not stop pregnancy blindly, and the production examination should be regulated.

The pregnant mothers of Yangzhang can reduce the number of times the number of delivery inspections to the hospital. Maternal mothers who have joined the WeChat group of the doctor of the birth checkup can consult the delivery time in the group.Maternal mothers who are not in the group can call the inspection unit for consultation to change the checkup time.However, the following tests must be completed within a fixed gestational week, and pregnant mothers need to pay attention:

① Early pregnancy (before 13+6 weeks of pregnancy): NT early screening test (12-13+6 weeks of pregnancy);

② During pregnancy (14-27+6 weeks of pregnancy): medium sieve (15-20+6 weeks of pregnancy), the system is abnormal B-ultrasound (23-26 weeks of pregnancy, you need to make an appointment for this inspection in January in advance)Execution test (24-27+6 weeks of pregnancy).

If the pregnant mother is Yang, do a good job of self -monitoring at home.The content includes: fetal movement, weight, blood pressure, etc., such as abnormal blood glucose during pregnancy, you also need to monitor blood sugar.

Pregnant mothers can exercise appropriately at home, pay attention to a balanced diet, regularly work, and enhance physical fitness. At the same time, through the mother -child manual app, Zhoushan Women’s and Children’s Hospital and other medical units, WeChat public accounts, healthy Zhoushan and other channels to learn about pregnancy period, relax, relax, relax, and relax.Guarantee physical and mental health to the greatest extent.

Pregnant mothers also need to pay close attention to physical conditions. If the following situations, they must go to the hospital immediately:

① Repeated irregular vaginal bleeding, or increased vaginal bleeding, abnormal abdominal pain, etc.;

② Dizziness, headache, and blood pressure increase (greater than 140/90mmHg), blurred vision, etc.

③ Filial movement abnormal;

④ Symptoms of childbirth: such as red, water breaking, regular contractions, etc.;

⑤ Poor blood glucose control.

(Xu Cui Cui, Department of Health Care, Municipal Women and Children’s Hospital)

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