Doctor’s heart language | If you want to conceive your baby smoothly, these points are very important

Recently, our patients Ms. Yang (pseudonym) and her husband made a special trip to the hospital who had just been full of full moon to send us a thank you letter. The affectionate thank you letter made me very moved. Thank you Ms. Yang for their trust in us.Do not abandon, life has experienced biochemical pregnancy, failed transplantation, ectopic pregnancy, and abortion. After many ordeal, he finally observed the clouds and watched the moon and fulfilled his mother’s dream.Here, I want to talk to our patients a few words.

First of all, trust is the basis for building a friendly bridge.Infertility is not a real disease, but in the social environment that we pay attention to inheritance, no children have troubled the hearts of countless people, let people taste the warmth and warmth of all kinds of people, torture the body and mind … come to usMany of the patients in the hospital have been around countless large and small clinics hospitals. They are scarred in their hearts and are economically poor.Seeing a doctor, just like the life -saving straw, all the hope is pinned on the doctor, just to make the mother’s dream, our doctors often move the trust of the patient. We will always do our best to help everyone who needs help., But there are always unsatisfactory things in life. Even if medical technology is developed, it cannot make everyone as expected.Some people began to complain, some people started to question doctors, and even some people thought that the doctor deliberately made her unable to make money … No doctors would expect their patients to be unhappy, so that patients would be as reproductive as reproductive doctors as reproductive doctors.Professional pride and honor.When you question the doctor, you are actually a step away from the goal. With our experience, the most active cooperation with the doctor’s treatment is the easiest to get pregnant.Trusting each other is the most important. If you do not give your doctor a reason to fight for you, how can a doctor dare to fight for you?

Second, avoid abuse of drugs.Many patients are not pregnant after transplanting the embryo. They are very anxious and nervous. When I hear that sisters recommend a variety of drugs, they are eager to try to find the doctor to prescribe the medicine. When the doctor is unwilling to prescribe some unknown drugs, some patients also also have some patients.I would like to try to find the medicine.There used to be a patient, but all the parts that can be used by the body are used: muscle injection, subcutaneous injection, oral administration, stuffy, and even anal … As the saying goes, the disease is three -point poison.Damage, the use of all medicines in medicine requires strict medical testimony to avoid unreasonable medication and abuse of drugs.For expectant mothers, we need to take medicine more cautiously. Our goal is to have a healthy child, not just pregnancy. Many drugs have a clear research on the side effects of the sub -dynasties.Impact or life has an impact … currently inaccurate.A good embryo is the most important thing for pregnancy. Postoperative luteal support is king. If there are no other diseases and other drugs, it may be clouds.For the health of yourself and the son -in -law, you must use the medicine reasonably!

Third, read more positive information.Now it is the era of high -speed development. Many patients have entered many pregnancy groups, test tube groups, sisters, etc. Many patients send various symptoms or problems in the group. Do not put yourself into every situation.Everyone’s symptoms are different. Don’t go to see Du Niang. Du Niang is not a doctor. If you have any questions, ask a professional doctor, not the sisters in the group.Ms. Yang used to be immersed in various groups and swimming. Later, I felt that there were too many things in the group, so I was suspicious. I told her to retreat or block the group or shield it.In the same way, most of the information that sends the information in the group may be the medical care or infertile person. Those sisters who are really pregnant are busy taking the baby. How can I have time to go to the group?So we need to see some positive and sunny news, stay away from negative information.My heart is to the sun, why fear of sadness!

In the end, the hospital is a collective, and the department is a team. No doctor can do a good event alone. The treatment of infertility is not immediate.At this time, don’t delay our treatment time for the doctor. We have strict diagnosis and treatment specifications and diagnosis and treatment processes, so don’t worry that different doctors will affect our treatment.No matter who it is, our team will work hard to give you the most satisfactory answer!

No matter how difficult it is, sometimes we need a little persistence, don’t give up, and stick to a little more to pay for the circle of friends.I sincerely wish that the sisters can enjoy the joy of God!

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