Doctors frankly: In these three cases, it is not a good thing to conceive a child.

"The World" is a documentary based on hospitals as a shooting location and a focus on patients and doctors. After the film was broadcast, it caused widespread discussion in society.Earlier this year, "Earth 2" was launched, and a young mother quickly attracted the attention of the audience.

The protagonist of the story, Wu Mou, was only 25 years old at that time. He just had two years of marriage. The family life was happy and happy.However, her heart has always been blocked by a stone. Due to severe congenital heart disease and merging pulmonary hypertension, doctors think she is "absolutely not suitable for pregnancy", and the family also strongly opposes her for her child, and her husband also also opposes her.Accept that they may not have children’s reality.However, Wu has always believed that if a woman’s life is complete, she must experience the process of having a child.To this end, she is determined, regardless of the dissuasion of the family and doctors, and insists on having a child.After two miscarriage, Wu, who was pregnant for the third time, finally gave birth to her own children, but her life fixed it and did not even have time to look at the child.

First of all, many people do not understand what the pulmonary arterial high pressure is?Pulmonary hypertension is a common disease and multiple diseases in the cardiac department, which can cause symptoms such as dyspnea, angina pectoris, and syncope. It can also induce right heart failure, and the residual rate and mortality rate are high.For female patients, once you are pregnant, you are gambling with life.According to statistics, the mortality of patients with severe patients is as high as 30%-50%.Even if you survive, the pressure of pulmonary arteries with increased pregnancy will not show signs of improvement after childbirth.

It should be noted that the maternal in the above cases is also a patient with congenital heart disease. Congenuction is also a cardiac surgery disease. Although female patients with congenital heart disease can also get pregnant normally, they will increase the risk of heart burden and thrombosis after pregnancy.It has a great impact on the body and may be fatal.

Coincidentally, the topic of "Destiny Maternity Son Red Dist" earlier this month also occupied the top of various media topics. The "net red" mother in June 2018, regardless of the doctor’s suggestion, gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 42.In the same month, she also performed lung transplantation and cardiac septal defect repair surgery. It is reported that the world’s first elderly pulmonary hypertension maternal lung transplantation surgery.In December of the same year, the mother was admitted to the hospital for infection. After a period of treatment, she still lost to the disruption of the disease and died unfortunately on April 1, 2019.

The above two cases can not help but make people sigh. Some people lament that it is not easy to be a mother, and some also accuse the two mothers of irresponsible behavior.Owishly.In some specific situations, women are really not suitable for children. If forcibly pregnancy may affect their bodies, it may also endanger the fetus, and weighing the advantages and disadvantages will not have to lose.

1. Medication: For example, during taking oral contraceptive pills, the contraceptiveness of the contraceptives of oral contraceptives is still very high, but it is not ruled out that there is omissions and polls.Termination of pregnancy is because the ingredients in oral contraceptives will have a certain impact on the environment in the palace.If you need to take an oral contraceptive, you need to prepare for pregnancy, you should also stop the medicine before preparing for pregnancy.Of course, if you have taken some other drugs during pregnancy, you also need to consult a doctor to affect the fetus.

2. Disease: Some diseased patients are not suitable for pregnancy before the disease is cured. One disease may cause risk of abortion and premature birth. The second treatment drugs taken during pregnancy will also affect the development of the fetus.For example, tuberculosis, liver disease, kidney disease, and diseases such as hypertension and diabetes must be controlled after well control, and the doctor determines whether it can be pregnant and then prepare for pregnancy.In addition, some gynecological inflammation, certain uterine fibroids with large volumes or unreasonable growth positions also need to be treated before pregnancy.

3. Affected by adverse factors in life: For example, long -term tobacco and alcohol habits, The harmful substances contained in tobacco and alcohol will cause adverse effects on the fetus through the placenta. If there is smoking, alcoholic,Women must quit smoking and drinking for a while before preparing for pregnancy.In addition, if you have received X -ray examinations in the near future (within 1 month), you should not prepare for pregnancy.

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