Doctor, I have menstruation every month, why have I been pregnant for so long?

"Doctor, I have menstruation every month, why haven’t you pregnant for so long?"

Many people know that menstruation has a certain connection with ovulation. If there is menstruation every month, many female friends will think that their fertility ability is normal.However, some people have always been able to conceive their babies when they have menstruation, and come to doctors in depression.

In fact, menstruation may be available every month, but the ovulation period is not necessarily.How to monitor ovulation?

Ovulation detection method

1. Ovulation test strip monitoring

The ovulation test strip is to predict whether ovulation is ovulated by detecting the peak level of luteum generating hormone (LH).When ovulation occurs when the strong yang turns weak, if the ovulation test strip is found to be weakened, ovulation will occur within 24 hours.

2.B ultra -follicle monitoring

B -ultrasound can not only measure whether there are superior follicles in the ovaries on both sides, but also measure the size of the superior follicles and the thickness of the endometrium.This method helps to predict ovulation to a certain extent and increase the chance of pregnancy.

3. Basic body temperature method

During ovulation, due to the rupture of the follicles, the estrogen in the body decreased sharply, resulting in a decrease in body temperature.If the base temperature changes in double phases, the high temperature period occurs after the low temperature period, and it is maintained for about 13-14 days, which means ovulation.Instead, if the low temperature continues, it is likely to be a non -ovulation caused by insufficient luteal function.

How to promote ovulation ovulation?

1. Maintain the uterus and ovarian

Usually insist on drinking milk. Milk is conducive to ovarian health to improve ovarian function. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, increase the intake of protein and trace elements, eat less fried, greasy and spicy foods, drink cold drink coffee, stay away from awayTobacco and alcohol, pay attention to the conditioning of the diet structure, which can improve the ovulation function of the ovary.

2. Emotional adjustment

Maintain a good mentality and actively face life and work. A good mentality can improve the ovulation function of the ovary, help the health of the ovary and uterus, improve women’s fertility, and enhance the human body’s disease resistance, reduce women’s gynecologyRisk of disease.

3. Sleep sufficient

Good sleep quality and sufficient sleep time can quickly restore physical fatigue, which is also one of the effective ways to delay premature premature ovarian failure. Some female friends have lack of long -term sleep caused by lifestyle and other female friends.Function ~

4. Persist in exercise

Adhering to exercise exercise is conducive to ovarian health, can improve ovulation function, can improve the quality of fertility in women, can provide good places for fetal breeding. Women must do a good job of recuperating during pregnancy.

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