Doctor Chen tells you what kind of things about hair dyeing and postpartum weight loss during pregnancy

Doctor Chen, I found that I was pregnant after my hair was dyed some time ago. I really wanted to leave this child. Can you?

First of all, congratulations on you are pregnant. After dyeing your hair, you know that you are pregnant. There should be no problem, because it is medical called "all or no" within 32 days. If there is a problem, the baby will have a miscarriage.

Of course, it is best not to perform hair dye, perm and hair during pregnancy.Because hair dyes mostly contain some heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, are easily absorbed by the scalp.The fetus maintains normal growth by absorbing the nutrition of the mother’s blood. Therefore, heavy metals will also be absorbed by the fetus through the blood, which will have a certain impact on the development of the fetus.Including breastfeeding, it is best not to perm and hair dye.However, a hair dye is limited through scalp, and there are no major problems.

Your situation must have no impact on your children, because the content of hair dye is not so large at one time, which will not affect the concentration of harmful substances in the blood, and it is not known to be pregnant.That is, within 32 days, it usually has no effect on the baby.Relax and check on time.

Doctor Chen, I have been born in the second treasure for more than 20 days. I want to return to the figure before pregnancy. How can I do it?

In order to return to the body before pregnancy, the second childboy mother must first grasp the best time to lose weight after childbirth. Generally speaking, it is the best period of weight loss within half a year after childbirth. If the mothers can recover in these 6 months,In body, don’t worry about your body.

1. During the confinement, do not eat the sea and drink and cause excess nutrition. The consequence is that the nutrition that cannot be absorbed will become fat and pile on your belly and waist.

2. Drinking soup is equivalent to drinking oil. Drinking more soup is indeed conducive to milk, but you must not drink too greasy soup. Such soup will only block the breast, resulting in less milk, and it will make your baby diarrhea. It is recommended to be more.Drink fish and shrimp and other light soup.

3. Eat less and eat less, so that the stomach is empty, so that it is not easy to cause indigestion and overlook. It is easy to become a bucket waist elephant leg.

4. Must be more active. Now it is advocated that scientific confinement is advocated, but confinement is not lying on the confinement, lying down for a long time, less intestinal motility is easy to constipation, and the consequences of constipation also know.Helping digestion, you can do postpartum yoga, postpartum recovery and other exercises to help restore your body.

Postpartum weight loss needs to be gradual in order without any shortcuts. At the same time as weight loss, you should also pay attention to nutritional intake, especially in breastfeeding women, to ensure that it does not affect the physical health of themselves and the baby.

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