Do you want your child to be smart?Start with nutrition during pregnancy!These 5 kinds of things should be made up

Both height, appearance, and IQ have a certain relationship with inheritance, but other factors can have more or less impacts. For example, whether it can be correctly supplemented by nutrition during pregnancy. After researchThe relationship, so want to be smarter after the baby is born, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to supplementing nutrition during pregnancy.

1. Folic acid

No matter during pregnancy or early pregnancy, folic acid needs to be supplemented to prevent fetal neurophastin and reduce the chance of birth.In addition, folic acid can also help human tissue synthesize DHA, making the fetal brain development smoother, making the baby more smart after birth.Generally, folic acid must be supplemented in the first three months of pregnancy. It can not stop taking folic acid tablets until the middle of pregnancy.

2. DHA

DHA plays a vital role in brain development, so many people call DHA as brain gold. DHA is the most important part of nervous system cells and an important part of the brain and retina. Therefore, DHA should be reasonably supplemented during pregnancy.Only then will it become smarter after the baby is born.Because the fetal brain development starts from the third week of pregnancy, it is necessary to supplement DHA in the early stages of pregnancy. Foods rich in DHA include salmon, tuna, milk, walnuts, and so on.

3. Zinc supplement

Zinc is a trace element necessary for the human body. It plays a vital role in the process of growth and development. If women can timely supplement zinc during pregnancy, the growth and development of fetus will be superior.Zinc supplement usually starts from the second trimester, because this time period is an important stage of fetal growth and development.If the condition of zinc deficiency is not very serious, you can supplement the food supplement method, such as lean meat, mushrooms, eggs, apples, etc. If the zinc deficiency is serious, you can eat some of them at the doctor’s instructions.Zinc -supplement health products.

4. Supplement lecithin

Lecithin is also often referred to as yolkin. In the process of human growth and development, it plays the same important role as protein and vitamins.Lecithin can increase the degree of activity of brain cells and can improve memory and intelligence levels to some extent. Therefore, women should appropriately supplement lecithin during pregnancy. Generally, lecithin can be supplemented in an appropriate amount during pregnancy.Foods include soy products, egg yolks, fungus, cereals, and so on.

5. Iron supplement

Most people know that iron deficiency can lead to anemia. It is unknown that iron deficiency will also affect the development of the fetal brain. Therefore, the iron must be supplemented in time during pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, pregnant women in the middle of pregnancy must go to the hospital to do trace elements. If the content of iron deficiency or iron in the body is not high, the supplement should be performed, which can make the fetal growth and development smoother.It becomes smoother, and iron -rich foods include lean meat, soybeans, black beans after kelp and so on.

Kind tips

Although genetic factors cannot be changed, they can make the next generation better through the efforts of the day after tomorrow. It is recommended that women during pregnancy actively and correctly supplement various nutrients, so that the growth and development of the fetus can be better, so that the baby can fromFrom the beginning, it won on the starting line.

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