Do you want to have an illegitimate child when you are pregnant?Two tricks at the high section, so that the derailed man does not want illegitimate children

Primary three is pregnant. What should I do if the derailed men and Primary Three want their children?

Compared to persuading Xiao San to give up, the original match is better to work hard from a derailed man.

Starting from these two aspects, learning these two tricks, the original match can successfully solve the third child.

Si Jia had previously handled a case of a primary three pregnancy.

When the original distribution found extramarital affairs, Primary Three had been pregnant for three months.

Xiao San insisted on giving birth, and the derailed man was a little hesitant.

The original match was afraid that the illegitimate son would come to Sijia to help solve extramarital affairs.

Sijia asked the original match to start from the two aspects: economic and emotion, and used two tricks.

The derailed man took the initiative to find Primary Three and let Xiaosan give birth to children.

And because of this incident with the conflict with Xiao San, the extramarital affairs ended.

The first trick is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and count the accounts to the derailed man.

There is a saying that it is not known that it is not known for not being expensive.

They let Xiaosan get pregnant, even when they were deceived by Primary Three, they were willing to have illegitimate children.

In fact, they don’t know at all, the illegitimate child is born, and they need to face the economic pressure.

They don’t know how much money does it cost to raise a child at all.

The derailed man thinks that he has one more child with a junior.

The original matches need to help the derailed man to calculate a account, exaggerate, let the derailed man know how much money he needs to pay.

Men who derailed men can be more rational and can be sober.Consider the problem of illegitimate children.

For example, this derailment case is indeed okay.

On the basis of making money to support his family, he can also give a small three or three thousand dollars a month.

For the silver collector, there are a lot of small three for a monthly salary.

But after giving birth to a child, it is definitely not enough to give a derailed man to three thousand yuan.

On the one hand, because of the consumption level of Primary Three, it has been raised by a derailed man.

This is a problem that many primary three will occur, because money is too easy, and spending money will be big.

When she earned three thousand, she would also calculate it, but the derailed man gave three thousand.

It can be doubled in one month, and their consumption will naturally double.

But when they have children, they need to take care of their children, so they cannot make money.

That is to say, a derailed man needs to give it three or six thousand in order to spend the expenses of the three people.

If you add an illegitimate child, then the derailed man needs to give Xiaosan money, which may be about 10,000.

This is what a derailed man has never thought about it, and it is also unavailable by a derailed man.

On the other hand, most primary three will rely on children to ask for more money.

Xiaosan has an illegitimate child. For her, there is a hole card for infinite and derailed men to ask for money.

Many derailed men may not realize this at all.

The original distribution only needs to be calculated by the derailed men by themselves.

Xiao Sanhe’s derailed men want the money and the money given by the derailed man before.

For comparison, the derailed man will clearly feel that Primary Three is relying on the child for money.

When it was not born, Xiao San was constantly asking for money. After giving birth to a child?

The original match was just calculated this account for the derailed man, and the derailed man didn’t want children anymore.

After all, if the derailed man is really responsible, he will not betray his marriage and derailment.

Obviously derailment men are derailed because they do not have enough responsibility.

The illegitimate son and Xiao San have become the responsibility he needs to bear, and he naturally only wants to escape.

The second trick is to play emotional cards with the derailed man.

Although many men are derailed, they have a good relationship with their children.

Except for the kind of male and young women, the original is all girls, and the derailed men want to rely on the situation of the young three sons.

For the rest, most derailed men have feelings for their children.

The larger the child, the longer the derailed man stays, the deeper this relationship.

But the derailed men and the children in the small belly are not emotional.

Because men do not need to be pregnant in October, they have not established any connection with the fetus.

They really have a little feelings for their children, when they wait for the child to be born and see the child.

Even many men really feel like being a father, waiting for the child to interact with him.

So compare children who have been with each other for many years, and a child who has not been born.

Derailed men will definitely choose the original child. This is the direction of the original match that can play the emotional card.

In this period of time, let children take the initiative to interact with men.

When the derailed man felt the family and son’s family affection for a while, the original match poured a pot of cold water directly.

Ask a derailed man, if the illegitimate child is born, the children will know what to do in the future.

If the children ask the derailed men, why the illegitimate child also calls his father, and the derailed man intends to explain.

Give the derailed men to enjoy the tenderness, and then let the derailed men see the cruelty of reality.

Derailed men will not be more unacceptable. The birth of an illegitimate child will affect his current affection.

Derailed men have already felt economic pressure and do not want to have children who are with Xiaosan.

Coupled with my own children, I am worried about parent -child relationships, and naturally I don’t want children.

At this time, the original match was hot, so that the derailment man looked for Primary Three, and made Xiao San do not want children.

As long as the derailed man said this, Primary Three must be dissatisfied with the derailed man.

In the end, even if Xiao San agreed not to children, the relationship between the two could not be maintained.

Finally, Sijia wanted to say that Xiao San’s pregnancy insisted on having a child, and only a derailed man who could stop Xiao San was able to stop Xiaosan.

If the derailed man does not want an illegitimate child, Xiaosan will not be born at all.

Therefore, the original matches need to focus on derailed men and dispel the thought of derailment men. The problem solves most of them.

It is not difficult to dispel derailed men to have illegitimate children. The point is that the original is willing to try it.

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