Do you want to change your program during pregnancy?Why do you start to grow stains during pregnancy?How to skin care?

In the list of pregnancy problems during the expectant mothers, the skin care problem can definitely be ranked into the top three of everyone. For example, do skin care products need to be replaced with skin care procedures and do you need to adjust?Why do you start to grow stains during pregnancy?Today, let’s talk about the skin care for skin care during pregnancy.

First of all, let’s take a look at the problem of skin cleaning. There is no need to change the cleansing product during pregnancy. You can choose the appropriate cleaning frequency and the product according to the skin quality.

There are three main suggestions here:

First, dry and oily skin cleaning frequency is different. It is recommended that all expectant mothers perform facial cleaning once every morning and evening.For oily skin, you can use cleansing products sooner or later, and dry skin with water in the morning to wash your face. Use cleansing products before going to bed at night;

Second, give priority to choosing a mild cleansing product, in the formula.Aminoic acid cleansing is a good choice, and soap -based facial washing milk is not absolutely taboo.Please talk about the choice of dosage types of cleansing products. There are cleansing milk, cleansing foam, and cleansing gel on the market. These are all available.However, during pregnancy, we still recommend using non -stimulating skin, unpopular milk or cleansing foam after washing, but this also needs to look at the formula of the formula in combination with the formula.I believe that many owners and mothers have studied facial cleanser.In recent years, everyone seems reluctant to choose the facial cleanser of the soap base. In fact, the soap base is not absolutely taboo. For the particularly powerful tolerance of oil, the skin can be used with confidence.But for the dry skin, sensitive skin, or the sensitive oil skin during pregnancy, amino acid cleansing products are a good choice;

Third, it is best to choose a cleansing product with a faint fragrance or scent.Many expectant mothers are prone to nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, and some even continue the entire pregnancy, and the strong fragrance can cause or aggravate nausea and vomiting.If you also have trouble in this area, it is best to avoid products with heavy fragrance.In addition to cleaning, everyone is more concerned about moisturizing products.There are many common moisturizing and hydrating products, such as spray, toner, lotion, lotion, sun cream, night cream, moisturizing essence, and so on.There is no need to replace the products during pregnancy, but some expectant mothers have not used simple moisturizing products before pregnancy. Instead, they use acne whitening or anti -aging cream to replace the moisturizing cream.After this part of pregnancy, it is best to replace it with moisturizing products that are mainly moisturizing ingredients.In addition, it is recommended that you simplify the moisturizing procedures without so many processes. If you use moisturizing products immediately after cleansing.

Then it is enough to use moisturizing milk or moisturizing cream. It is recommended to use light and non -sticky moisturizing milk. Dry skin is recommended to use a more moisturizing cream with a closed water lock.If you cannot use moisturizing products immediately after cleansing, you can use simple mineral water or hot spring water spray to achieve the purpose of hydrating, and then use moisturizing milk or moisturizing cream for moisturizing.Lock water.In addition to skin cleaning and moisturizing during pregnancy, sun protection is also important.Because hormones in the body during pregnancy will change obviously, plus some expectant mothers do not pay attention to skin care and sun protection, or worry that related products will have a adverse effect on the baby, and abandon daily skin care, it is easy to appear colorful spots, such as freckles, melasma, melasma, melasma, Unexpected skin tone, dullness and other issues.Doing sun protection can help prevent these situations.

There are also three points of sun protection here for your reference:

First of all, the most recommended sunscreen method is hard sunscreen. Try to choose the relatively weak period of ultraviolet rays.The so -called hard sunscreen is to sunscreen by covering.For example, when you go out, you can use a long -sleeved long pants to hit the parasol, wear a wide sun hat with a wide brim, and do not forget the eye sunscreen with a very trendy sunglasses.Of course, the most important thing is to minimize as much as possible to go out for a walk when the sun is strong. As much as possible before and after 4 pm, the ultraviolet rays are relatively weak during these periods.

Secondly, choose sunscreen as needed, physical sunscreen is a good choice.On the basis of doing a good job of hard sun protection, in conjunction with the use of sunscreen, sunscreen, or sun exposure, the first choice of pure physical sunscreen, that is, sunscreens for zinc oxide and carbon dioxide. These two ingredients are mineral powder powder., It is hardly absorbed after applying.But pure physical sunscreen also has obvious disadvantages.It is white after applying the face, as if a layer of powder is applied.If you can’t accept this effect, you can also choose a physical and chemical sunscreen.

Third, the use of chemical sun protection is also safe, but pay attention to avoid controversial elements.Generally speaking, even sunscreen products containing chemical ingredients are safe for mothers.Because the face is generally only applying the face, the amount of use is small and the absorption amount is small, but pay attention to avoid controversial ingredients.Benzhenone is also called strong benzoone.Some studies believe that this ingredient can lead to low weight of baby girls.

The topic of skin care is mentioned above. Next, let’s talk about what components and products that need to be used with caution.

First avoid using vitamin A acid external drugs or skin care products containing its derivatives.Vitamin A acid drugs can be used to treat stretch marks, but because vitamin A acid can cause fetal malformations, it is not recommended to use commonly used medicines during pregnancy, including vitamin A.Zalin cream, Zarin gel, etc.However, there are some skin care products that include vitamin A -acid derivatives. For example, Huang Chun, which is often said that A alcohol is often added among anti -wrinkle creams, eye creams, and some whitening products.In theory, the absorption of facial use is not enough to affect the baby.If you are used before, you don’t have to worry too much, but it is not recommended to continue using it.In general, this kind of skin care products do not recommend using them at home, it is best to discuss with dermatologists before deciding.

Second, use whitening and freckle products with caution. These products are often the hardest hit areas for hormones and heavy metals.Therefore, Sanwu’s micro -business whitening and freckle products must be highly vigilant. Even regular whitening and freckle products, because the most commonly used ingredients are hydrogen and curvic acid skin, their absorption rate is much higher than that of general skin care ingredients.So although we don’t know if they have an impact on their babies, we are not recommended to use during pregnancy.

Third, in the choice of cosmetics, it is recommended to choose the basic makeup products of powder.If you need to use cosmetics during pregnancy, it is easier to choose the ingredients and do not absorb ordinary facial cleanser.This type is generally a basic product of powder to avoid or reduce the use of liquid cosmetics and strong makeup cosmetics.On the one hand, such products are complicated and possibilities are absorbed. On the other hand, more makeup removal products with chemical components are often used to clean.These products include liquid products such as liquid foundation, isolation milk, lip gloss, liquid, and eye shadow.Dr. Zeng suggested not to use or use less.

Finally, I will talk to you about the issue of hairdressing nail art.Many beautiful mothers also want to make hair, nails, and spend the whole pregnancy.Hair nail art is not an absolute taboo during pregnancy.It is safe to choose a hair perm perm perm perm permid with large exhaust compliance, because the ingredients can be absorbed by the body very little through the skin, and it is very toxic.Occasionally acceptable once.Nail products are also similar and safe products, and occasionally use is also safe.Eleven dads want to remind you that the prospective mother who loves beauty should not be frequent hairdressing nails, that is, it is best not to dye.But occasionally, there is no need to be too nervous, mainly from two aspects. One is that the skin is often more sensitive during pregnancy, including our scalp and nails, hairdressing, nail potions, and dyes in contact with the risk of irritating reactions in the skin.It will rise significantly.Second, these potions of dyes often add a lot of irritating compounds, and they also enter the body through the respiratory tract.Therefore, although occasionally it is relatively safe at one time, it is still not recommended to do it frequently. After all, the less we are exposed in the environment of these chemicals.

Well, today’s article will be shared here. I hope that we can have the opportunity to become a better ourselves because of the arrival of the child. Be better parents, learn to think, learn to judge, learn to analyze, accompany our children and him with himgrow up.

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