Do you know the common sense of painless people?

As the flow of people’s flow is low, many girls solve the accident as nothing to do.In fact, the following little knowledge that you need to master people will definitely give you unexpected gains.Girl, please love yourself, please protect yourself.

Number of days of pregnancy

Many people mistakenly think that the number of pregnancy days starts from the day of the same room. Shouldn’t pregnancy be a combination of sperm and eggs on that day. In fact, the correct number of days of pregnancy is calculated based on the first day of the last menstruation.For example: the first day of the last menstrual period is March 1, then it is 40 days of pregnancy to April 10.

The best time for people and drug flow

The appropriate time of the drug flow is within 35 days of pregnancy, and the appropriate time for abortion is within 35-55 days.However, it should be noted that the power flow power is only 75%; the flow of people is currently the safest way of abortion. In order to reduce the damage to the body, it is best not to exceed 70 days.

Which one is good for people and drug flow

The disadvantage of the drug flow is that if the flow is not clean, the palace needs to be cleaned immediately, which will cause secondary damage to the uterus.Relatively speaking, the security of people is higher and the damage to the human body is less. Now the hospital introduces painless abortion, short time, low damage, and does not affect future fertility. It makes you easy to love and gently flow away.

What inspections should be done before painless abortion

The items that must be checked before the flow of people include leucorrhea routine, blood routine, coagulation combination, gynecological B -ultrasound, etc., so that the health of the body can be confirmed, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the flow of people.

What to do if vaginitis was found before abortion

The vaginal acid and alkali value loses a balance, and the decrease in immunity is prone to vaginitis. The uterus that bred a fetus is connected with the vagina through the cervix.The cavity causes various inflammation.For example, endometritis, patients may experience high fever and abdominal pain, and severe life may be life -threatening.(If there is serious gynecological inflammation, you must first control the inflammation and perform surgery to avoid the occurrence of infection.)

Will there be infections after people flow?

The unqualified disinfection of medical devices or unqualified standards of abortion operating rooms may cause women to be infected during the operation.In addition, if you do not pay attention to hygiene or have sexual life within a month, you may also cause postoperative infection, causing gynecological inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease and cervical erosion.Therefore, for your own health, you must choose a regular and professional maternal and gynecological hospital for surgery.

Do you want to be hospitalized if you do painless flow?

The painless surgical process is extremely short, and the damage to the body does not need to be hospitalized.As long as it is well treated after surgery, women’s physical damage can be minimized.

You can go to work a few days after the flow of people

Because abortion surgery is less damage to the body, it can usually go to work after surgery, but be careful not to do heavy energy.It is recommended to take a two weeks to maintain the body under conditions permit.

What to do after bleeding after surgery

1. Observe the bleeding situation and strictly prevent the increasing condition.After the abortion of vaginal bleeding for more than a week, and accompanied by symptoms such as lower abdominal pain, fever, leucorrhea and odor and odor, you should go to the hospital to review and treat them in time.

2. Precautions for the flow of people also keep the vulva clean and hygiene, and prohibit the same room.

3. Pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, do not eat cold and spicy food, should eat light and high -quality protein foods, and keep your mood comfortable.

Must be reviewed after abortion

Postoperative review is very necessary. The review is generally about one week after the vaginal bleeding is clean. It is mainly to check the situation of uninhabited orientation, postoperative infection, and endometrial recovery.If abnormal treatment is found in time.If there is a sequelae after the abortion or because of the poor recovery, it may affect the fertility of women in the future.

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