Do you have to do a marriage check to get a marriage certificate?What are the marriage checks?

At present, there is no need to do a marriage check to get a marriage certificate.Since October 1, 2013, the marriage check registration has been canceled, and the parties choose whether to choose a marriage inspection according to their personal wishes.However, the government still encourages marriage inspections, after all, this is responsible for each other.

What are the current marriage checks? The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Medical examination before marriage.Generally speaking, including medical history inquiries, physical examination, men’s and girl genital examinations, etc.If the two sides have a family history of family medical history, doctors will be inherited in genetic inheritance according to the disease, so that they should choose whether the baby’s choice should be selected after the suggestion.Physical examination is mainly to look at the health of both parties, including visual vision listening to organs such as heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidney, and the development of the whole body.Of course, the genital examination is mainly to check whether the genital development is normal.

2. Conventional auxiliary inspection.Blood drawing test determines whether there is infectious diseases or other diseases. Some congenital genetic diseases are excluded through chromosomal examination, and the health of both parties will be judged by the blood routine and urine routine.B -ultrasound to determine whether the development of the reproductive system is normal, and there is a survey of a history of psychiatric to understand whether the two sides have mental illness.It is also necessary to determine whether there is a genetic situation in the family to avoid the situation of the next generation.Some will also recommend some tests of cardiopulmonary function. It is mainly aimed at people with a family history of diseases in this regard. Ordinary people can also select some inspections in this regard.

3. Investigation of eugenics.Understand whether there is a relationship between the two parties, the results of the results of the results of the results of the family history, investigating the family department, and the analysis of the genealogy and the combination of the physical examination part.Doctors can make a scientific judgment on some possible genetic defects, inferring the degree of risk in the next generation.As a result, the marriage between the wedding parties to the next generation avoids and reduces the birth of unsuitable marriage and the birth of the descendants of genetic diseases.

Finally, there will be professionals to explain some hygiene knowledge about gender, such as correct contraceptive measures, matters that need attention to sexual life.

In fact, pre -marital examination refers to the pre -marital examination of both men and women, which is one of the conditions for ensuring the health of men and women.Pre -marital examination can systematically check the physical condition of both couples, and potential risk factors affecting sexual life and post -marriage can be processed and prevented in advance.Before marriage, it is good for the harmony of the husband and wife’s marriage life, so it is best to take the initiative to check.In addition, pre -marital examinations can be found as soon as possible or defects that hinder the marriage and childbearing of men and women as soon as possible, and avoid the next generation of intelligence and defects.Therefore, pre -marital examination is necessary.

Guide expert: Gao Lingyu, deputy chief physician, Department of Internal Medicine of the People’s Hospital of Geely District, Luoyang City.

He has been engaged in clinical medicine for more than 20 years. He has a wealth of experience in common diseases, multiple onset of internal medicine, and has rich experience.

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