Do you have cancer, do you not eat pigeon meat?What foods do you eat with cancer cells?

As the saying goes, "people rely on food", cancer patients should pay more attention to their own diet, but sometimes they should avoid "grass and trees", and don’t be too careless.

There are many ways to say about the diet of cancer patients. Some people think that they cannot eat red meat, and some people think that they cannot eat chicken, duck, beef, lamb, etc. Some people say that fish and shrimp tofu are also hair products, which can easily lead to the body in the body.Tumor recurrence and promote tumor growth. So is these foods really so dangerous?

What is hair?

The hair products referred to by Chinese medicine refer to some foods that can easily induce some old diseases, or they will increase some foods that will increase the existing diseases, such as mutton, pepper, fish and shrimp, etc.

Hair products often refer to foods that are irritating, easily induced or aggravated, or nutritious foods. It may be related to foods that contain specific allergens, hormones, and excessive irritation. Common hair products include seafood and poultry.Animals, fungi, vegetables, etc.

Do you have cancer, do you not eat pigeon meat?

The nutritional value of pigeon meat is very rich. It is a very typical high -protein and low -fat food. The protein content is more than 15%, and the fat is only 0.73%.E content is higher than that of chicken, beef, fish, lamb, and cancer patients can eat pigeon meat appropriately. Late cancer should increase nutrition appropriately and maintain nutritional balance.

Cancer patients should increase the intake of nutrients. In addition to pigeon meat, other fish and soy products, ornaments, etc. can also be eaten appropriately, and the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits can be added to supplement sufficient vitamins and maintain nutritional balance.

01 Eating pigeon meat may get these benefits

First: Accelerate wound healing

For those who have been injured or surgery for surgery, their bodies are in the recovery period. In order to accelerate the healing of the wound, they will choose to eat pigeon meat and stewed pigeon soup.

The collagen contained in pigeons has a good healing wound effect.

Second: the role of dysmenorrhea

In daily life, there is nothing to eat pigeon meat, especially for female friends, it can play a role in clearing blood and efficiency to a certain extent. It has certain benefits for female friends such as dysmenorrhea.For friends, it can also play a role in preventing abortion problems.

Third: regulate blood sugar

The low content of pigeon meat is conducive to preventing arteriosclerosis. It has a curative effect on lowering blood pressure and blood lipids. It is an ideal food for patients such as middle -aged and elderly people, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and arteriosclerosis.

Fourth: Tonic kidney nourishing qi

Chinese medicine believes that pigeon meat is a good ingredient for tonic.On the basis of improving the body’s immunity, it also has the effects of nourishing kidney and nourishing qi, promoting appetite, rejuvenating thirst, replenishing qi and blood, and people with bad kidneys may wish to eat some pigeon meat in moderation.

Fifth: Beauty and beauty, Chang Ye youthful vitality

Pigeon meat has a large amount of cartilantin. This substance can repair joint activity. People who often eat pigeon meat can strengthen their bones and keep their faces, maintain their beauty, and apply to women.

What foods do you eat with cancer cells?


Some people mix tea in the feed and feed them to the little white rats with cancer cells on their bodies. They found that cancer cells were reduced after 3 weeks. According to reports, some substances in tea can inhibit all parts of the whole body through blood circulation through blood circulation.cancer cell.


It belongs to a lilyceae, which is spicy, warm, spicy. Patients with liver disease should be cooked. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, etc. The extracts have antibacterial, antivirus, and softening blood vessels.

—— Mushroom food

Cancer patients who eat more mushrooms properly can help suppress cancer cell diffusion and metastasis, mainly because mushroom foods contain a component, which has a hindered effect on cancer cell proliferation, that is, saponin.

—— Drink more yogurt

The antibacterial substances and lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt have a great effect on anti -cancer. First of all, lactic acid bacteria can inhibit the production of tumors, decompose tumors into lactic acid, and can also inhibit the growth of E. coli and other harmful bacteria in the human body.


The carotene content in corn is very high, and it also contains a large amount of plant fiber and a large amount of lysine. It can significantly inhibit the production of tumor cells. The selenium content in corn is extremely abundant. Selenium is 500 times higher than vitamin E.

Is pigeon meat hot or cool?

Pigeons are hot mammals. Women who are in confinement often eat pigeons. Pigeons have certain benefits and can help restore physical health as soon as possible, so they can eat pigeons.

According to the "Medical Forest Election Essentials", pigeon meat is recorded: "If you eat too much, you are afraid of qi", that is, even if the pigeon meat is flat, you should eat pigeon meat and pigeon soup in daily life.

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