Do n’t get pregnant

Because of a stupid decision I made, the VIP dogs who raised for more than five years were sent to a pet hospital for more than five years to do a beauty of the dog before the operation. Which guy of the pet hospital near the home asked me why my dog was sterilized. Before.I never understand raising dogs, so I have no sterilization and no dog breeding.He said that he could give birth to a nest to prevent the uterus from getting sick in the future. I asked him for five years of dogs?The doctor was sure at the time that it was okay. Before the age of eight, they could have no problems. At that time, he asked me to choose a breeding in his shop. There were a few dogs in his store.When I got home, I thought of what the doctor said, and I thought I thought that if I do n’t breed now, I will regret it. I will regret it. I feel that the dog is too painful.In this way, I took a walk and walked the dog to know a dog with the same appearance as my family. My family estrus also liked this dog very much, so that they were bent for three days.It’s been almost forty days until now. Today, I found that the dog’s lower body slipped out of dark brown like blood, and quickly drove to find this pet hospital. Fortunately, I chose a very good and regular pet hospital.Patience and love B -ultrasound showed that 4 babies in the belly had no heartbeat, and decided to do post -examination surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries.Alas, I blame my wrong decision. If the old dogs are not pregnant, the dog will not suffer this pain today.Worried about it and regret it!My dog has been raised at home since childhood. It is very lively and jump. Usually, the bay windows jump up. I often jump up and down.For a few days, I had hugged her. When she heard the sound of my dad home when I went home to open the door, she was crazy about going down to meet. I struggled from my hand and fell down from my hand before I held it.The ground is on the ground, and the living room is very hard, blame me!Fortunately, it was sent to the pet hospital in time today. The dog quickly performed the surgery. Now it seems that it is completely okay. For a few days in the hospital’s infusion, I only wish the dog to recover soon.Friends must not be too casual, we must know more about pets.When raising pets, it is really like a child in the family. Not only the dogs bring us a lot of happiness, we also need to take care of their friends who just like pets and have not raised pets.Consider whether you really have time and energy to raise pets. If you do n’t have enough time and energy, it is best not to raise it. There will be more problems with pets.

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