Do not hesitate to suffer from urticaria during pregnancy

Ms. Chen is a expectant mother who is pregnant for 28 weeks. Half a month ago, she found a small red bump appeared in the abdomen, and itching was unbearable. She couldn’t sleep all night.Ms. Chen’s family bought itching ointment, but she was worried that she would affect the fetus and dare not use it.

"These small crickets are unbearable." Ms. Chen went to the dermatology department of Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.After the examination, it was found that the red bumps that caused itching were urticaria.

Fang Yufu, chief physician of the dermatology department of Henan Province, introduced that urticaria is one of the more common allergic skin diseases in life.When the body is exposed to a certain or more allergen, urticaria may be caused. In addition to allergic people and patients with asthma and chronic rhinitis, pregnant women are also high -incidence of urticaria.

When the patient develops, a large area and irregular surface will appear similar to the rash similar to mosquito bites after mosquito bites.In addition, some patients are accompanied by symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, palpitations, dyspnea, and weak limbs.

The rash on Ms. Chen is a typical symptom of urticaria during pregnancy. She often occurs in the first maternal. She occurs in the stretch marks. It is extremely itchy. It is a common skin disease during pregnancy.The film of the film first appeared in the abdomen, and then spread to the trunk and limbs.

"Generally speaking, pregnant women encounter mild physical discomfort during pregnancy. In order not to affect the fetus, they will choose not to take medicine and wait for their own healing. Although this is for the baby’s health, severe urticaria can cause a large area of the skin to large areaRice ulcers not only affects the beauty, but also the pregnant mother is also itchy and affects the mother’s health. "Fang Yufu preached that if she suffers from urticaria during pregnancy, especially to the unbearable level, they must seek medical treatment in time, control the symptoms of drugs, and spend urticaria acute acute acute acute acute acute acute in urticaria.Expect.Generally doctors give pregnant women with high safety of high safety, and pregnant women can use it with confidence.

When encountering urticaria during pregnancy, how should pregnant mothers relieve the condition?Fang Yufu made the following suggestions:

1. Avoid scratching the affected area.

Pregnant women should avoid scratching the affected area, and the skin is easily damaged after scratching, causing infection.If pregnant women take anti -infection drugs due to skin infections, they may affect the health of the fetus.

2. Pay attention to medication.

If urticaria seizures, the condition is severe and unbearable. Pregnant women remember not to blindly take medicine, especially some small recipes that have not been verified.Essence

3. Keep in a happy mood.

The mood of anxiety during pregnancy will not only aggravate the condition, but also affect the fetus in the abdomen.After diagnosis of urticaria, you should actively understand the relevant knowledge of urticaria and cooperate with the doctor for treatment.I usually participate in entertainment activities, decentralize attention, and reduce the discomfort caused by urticaria.

4. Pay attention to diet.

After suffering from urticaria during pregnancy, you should eat a light diet and eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as spinach, west blue flower, orange, lemon and other fresh fruits and vegetables.Seafood, nuts, caffeine -containing foods such as caffeine and other common foods that are easy to cause allergies should be as far as possible.Eggs, milk, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc. should eat appropriately according to their own situation.Usually pay attention to recording the adverse reactions after diet, and discover and stay away from allergens from time to time.(Excerpted from "Dahe Health News")

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