Do not eat kelp with thyroid nodules?In addition to kelp, these foods may also need to be taboo

The thyroid gland is the most important endocrine organs of the human body. It not only controls the use of human energy, but also helps the human body regulate the protein and hormones in the body.Although the thyroid gland does not seem to be very conspicuous in the many organs of the human body, its importance to the human body cannot be ignored.

In recent years, with the deepening of people’s understanding of thyroid, it is not difficult to find that the thyroid gland is also a very vulnerable organ in the human body. Various thyroid diseases are becoming more and more common.Especially the disease of thyroid nodules, although it is a benign condition, it is very high, so thyroid nodules are also a potential threat to human health.

With the improvement of health awareness and the popularization of health knowledge, most people know that the occurrence of thyroid nodules is closely related to diet. Therefore, for patients with thyroid nodules, they must hold their mouths as much as possible after diagnosis.

On the Internet, many people think that after the human body suffers from thyroid nodules, it is not possible to eat kelp. Is this true?In fact, in addition to kelp, for patients with thyroid nodules, these foods really need to be taboo.

1. Can patients with thyroid nodules eat kelp?

The answer is: not absolutely not.

Many people may be confused when they see this answer, because clinically, many doctors will tell patients with thyroid nodules to avoid eating foods such as kelp -rich iodine -rich foods as much as possible.So, why is the answer that can never eat kelp?

Because for patients with thyroid nodules, the causes of thyroid nodules are different due to different causes of thyroid nodules, and patients’ taboo foods will also be different. For example, for patients with nodular symptoms caused by hyperthyroidism, in order to avoid further diseaseOver the aggravation, you may need to avoid iodine -rich foods such as kelp, seaweed, or seaweed. Similarly, such patients need to avoid iodized salt intake.

But in addition, for patients with thyroid dysfunction, in order to maintain the normal operation of thyroid function, then when necessary, some iodine -rich products such as kelp and seaweed can be appropriately intake.Therefore, not all patients with thyroid nodules must not eat kelp. Whether patients can eat kelp must be determined according to specific circumstances.

2. What foods do patients do patients generally do?

Generally speaking, for most patients with thyroid nodules, foods that should be taboo are seafood, spicy stimulating foods, and greasy foods.Because the intake of these foods may stimulate the hyperplasia and increase of nodules in the body to a certain extent, accelerate the development of the disease, is not conducive to the stability of the disease, and even severely cause some unpredictable consequences.

Therefore, for people with thyroid nodules, in order to prevent the worsening of the nodules, they need to be truly taboo for these foods. They can eat as little as possible.

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