Do I feel in bed in the bed?If you have these 5 reactions, it is likely to be pregnant!

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For the pregnant couple, the happiest is the two obvious bars on the test strip!It can be tested after 14 days of testing with test strips. In fact, after 14 days, after the fertilized eggs, if you pay attention to observation, these 5 changes will happen.

In fact, women also have breast pain before coming to aunt, but if you are preparing for pregnancy and in the same room during ovulation, the breasts will also stimulate the breast change after the fertilized eggs, because the fertilized eggs need to rely on the body’s secretion hormone to maintain the fertilized eggs after the body’s body is used to maintain the fertilized eggs.Under the stimulation of hormones, breasts will be painful. If the expectant mother pays attention to feel, it will find that the breast pain caused by the fertilized eggs is different from the breast pain before the aunt.Poor pain, as if the breasts feel bigger.The breast pain before the aunt was basically ordinary pain.

After the fertilized eggs, it will cause bed bleeding, stimulating small abdominal pain, but just slight feelings. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may not feel it. This is different from the physical state of different women.There will be symptoms of bleeding or lower abdomen spasm.But some expectant mothers have slight abdominal pain and almost don’t feel much.

However, there is no need to be nervous when small abdominal pain occurs. This is also a normal phenomenon. After a few days, it will disappear by itself. If the pain is not reduced, then you need to go to the hospital to check if there is a threatened miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Another manifestation of fertilized eggs after bed is that the legs are weak, walking like stepping on a cotton, and I feel that my legs cannot be lifted.

If you have this feeling, don’t stubbornly, don’t chase the bus like usual, be careful, because when you are pregnant, you don’t have a placenta, and it is not stable.Try as much as possible.

Doudou’s mother said that I felt particularly obvious at that time. I sat on the sofa with my husband every day after dinner, but one day after dinner, I felt very sleepy, so I wanted to go to bed.Then I wondered if I was pregnant. After a few days, I used the test strip to test it, and she was pregnant.

Yes, it feels tired and drowsiness after the fertilized eggs, and it is also a symptom. Sometimes when you eat rice, you feel helpless to sleep.

The body temperature during ovulation will increase by 0.1 to 0.2 degrees, and the body temperature will suddenly decrease on the day of ovulation. If the fertilized eggs are in bed, as the luteal hormone in the body increases, the body temperature will rise. It will reach about 37 degrees than the temperature of the ovulation period., Insertible expectant mothers will think that this symptom is a cold and low fever. In fact, if the body temperature rises after the same room during ovulation, it is likely to be pregnant.

In fact, in addition to these symptoms, the most obvious is the mind, although it sounds mysterious, but this is still accurate.

@: We were pregnant for more than three years when we got married. I couldn’t get pregnant if I had no problem in checking my body. Later, I planned to give up. One night I dreamed of holding a pear in my hand, and I felt that I was pregnant.Intersection

@: I dreamed of a little boy who followed me before pregnancy and said that he was going to be my child. The dream was real. As a result, I was pregnant in the month.I realized that it was so amazing.

Pregnancy is a very happy family. Bao mothers who are preparing for pregnancy should also pay attention to physical changes. Don’t run big jumps during pregnancy. Don’t take medicine.It was a cold. After taking a cold and antipyretic medicine, the child did not keep it.

I met me in one minute: My dear, I am Kapok’s mother. Why do children have poor ability?Why don’t children like to eat vegetables?What is the child who is afraid of people and timid?

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