Dizziness is really so simple during pregnancy?

Dizziness during pregnancy often plagues some pregnant mothers, making pregnant mothers overwhelmed.

So why do you dizzy during pregnancy?

What should I do during pregnancy?

Is there a prevention method?

Pregnant mothers should not worry. Today, we will come to understand dizziness related knowledge during pregnancy.

♣ Physiological dizziness 性

Physiological dizziness mainly includes early pregnancy reactions, one excessive or postive hypotension, poor nutrition, weak constitution, etc.

【NO.1: Early pregnancy reaction】

Early pregnancy reactions are more obvious in the early stages of pregnancy. Individual pregnant mothers have more severe pregnancy reactions throughout pregnancy throughout pregnancy; those who are severe are called pregnancy drama spitting; frequent nausea, vomiting, and eating less can also cause dizziness.

Pregnant mothers do this

1. Resting, listening to music, and metastasis can alleviate the dizziness caused by early pregnancy reactions;

2. Pregnant mothers eat less meals, eat more light, fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, so that energy and liquid can be fully supplemented;

3. For the dizziness caused by the vomiting of pregnancy drama, you should first comfort the pregnant mother, pay attention to the mental state, and relieve your concerns;

4. For those who fail to relieve the symptoms, they should usually be hospitalized and supplement enough liquid and energy. Generally, the symptoms of dizziness will disappear after the vomiting stops;

5. If the pregnant mother reacts with dizziness, the main thing is to first determine whether it is pregnancy and exclude pathological diseases that cause pregnancy vomiting.

[No.2: One excessive or postive hypotension]

The blood pressure of pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy is often lower than before pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers often feel dizzy after a long morning pregnancy and long standing.

Pregnant mothers do this

1. Avoid changing the position suddenly;

2. In addition, the supine position can also cause hypotension, so it is advocated that the pregnant mother sleeps on the side.

[No.3: Poor constitution]

Young women with poor constitution are prone to simplicity syncope. If pregnant mothers are this constitution, they will be more likely to dizziness during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers do this

1. Avoid overwork;

2. Properly increase nutrition to improve the reserves. At the same time, reasonably control weight to prevent huge children;

3. Appropriate exercise to increase physical fitness;

4. Do not go to pregnant mothers, where there are many people, and the air is not smooth.

♣ Pathological dizziness 性

Pathological dizziness includes hypertension during pregnancy, anemia, hypoglycemia, insufficient blood supply to the brain, cervical spondylosis, and Menien syndrome.

[No.1: Hypertension disease during pregnancy]

Hypertension during pregnancy is an important reason for the onset and death of pregnant women and siege.

Dizziness is also an important clinical manifestation of hypertension during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers do this

1. If the pregnant mother has dizziness, headache, and obvious edema, the possibility of hypertension should be considered;

2. Mom should pay attention to hypertension diseases, customize for production inspections, and make early discovery and early treatment;

3. For the determined pregnant mothers, the number of prenatal examinations should be added, and a full rest must be fully rest to ensure sufficient sleep and take a side lying position during sleep;

4. Keep a happy mood, reduce psychological pressure, etc.

【NO.2: Anemia】

Anemia can lead to insufficient oxygen supply of the brain and cause dizziness.

Pregnant mothers do this

1. Anemia pregnant mothers should eat more iron -rich foods.

It is recommended to give priority to animal food to supplement, because animal -based source iron absorption utilization rate is higher.

Animal food: red meat (beef, pig, sheep), animal liver, animal blood, lean meat, etc.; Plant food: black fungus, laver, mushrooms, red dates, etc.

2. While iron supplementation, you should also consume more foods rich in vitamin C, or supplement the appropriate amount of vitamin C preparation to increase the absorption and utilization of iron.

3. In severe cases, there can be symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, pale skin and mucous membranes, and oral inflammatory disease. At this time, pregnant mothers need to take iron supplemental drugs with iron sulfate under the guidance of a doctor.Vitamin C0.3g.

If anemia is severe, you can also consider supplementing hemoglobin by blood transfusion, etc., and correct anemia.

【NO.3: Hypoglycemia】

Low blood glucose dizziness is usually accompanied by hypoglycemia and other hypoglycemia. In the early days of diabetes, hypoglycemia is prone to occur before meals. Pregnancy diabetes or diabetes is combined with pregnancy. Hypoglycemia may also occur during treatment.

Pregnant mothers do this

Once dizzy occurs, pregnant mothers can quickly alleviate sugar immediately.

[No.4: Insufficient blood supply to the brain, cervical spondylosis]

Insufficient blood supply to the brain, cervical spondylosis, etc. can also cause dizziness.

Cerebral vascular disease and cervical spondylosis are common in older women.

Pregnant mothers do this

1. Do not sit down, bow your head and fatigue for a long time, take your head slowly or rest in bed;

2. Light diet, eat more fruits and fruits.

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