Different reactions of nostalgia for men and women

I believe that many of the newly pregnant Bao moms are immersed in the happy ocean and cannot extricate themselves. In addition to paying attention to the health of the baby at this time, the prospective mother will definitely guess the sex of the baby.If you set out a doctor, but the doctor is not vegetarian, they strictly abide by the national regulations to fight you with you, just do not tell you.Here I will not talk about the folks to judge the gender of the fetus, and go straight to the theme to talk about my feelings.

When I was pregnant with the first child, I didn’t react at all. I didn’t pick and spit without picking sour. I was particularly able to eat it. I was particularly good. The skin was very good.Later activities are not flexible, because eating more from 120 to 170 pounds, stupid like a panda, the baby’s heart rate is about 140 each time.The baby does not like to move, but he is struggling as soon as I eat. One typical food is born. After ten months, the baby is born. Guess the male treasure or the female treasure?Don’t worry, let me tell you below.

Three years later, the second child came. I still did not react in a bit of pregnancy. I did n’t pick up food. It was eaten hot and sour, but the changes were changed. The skin started to be bad.This time, my stomach reached the lower position. I did n’t know how many times I went to the toilet for a day. I did n’t dare to go out for a few minutes. I was afraid that I could n’t find the toilet.The baby’s birth rate is higher than the first tire, with an average of about 150. The baby also loves moving, especially before bedtime, I am going to sleep. He has to turn over. After ten months, the baby is born.

Guess what kind of gender is the two babies?The mystery is revealed, the first child is a female drop, and the second child is a male drip. In fact, the prospective moms just like to guess the sex of the doll in the belly. In the endWho does not love our children? The most important thing is not the health of ourselves and the baby.

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