Diana was 20 years old with William, wore a pink -blue princess skirt asleep, like an elf who fell into the world

On November 4, 1981, Diana was twenty -year -old. She wore a pink blue princess skirt and naturally fell into a rest at the event site.

But she is well -known by the Creator, even if she is ignorant when she is asleep, she is so beautiful.

Others secretly sleeping, she secretly fell asleep, as if the elf girl accidentally fell into the world, and she was like Disney’s Princess Elo, who was sleeping in her life, and was woken up by the prince.

This skirt is also very powerful. In the impression, Diana wore a lot of styles of clothes. The dignified and elegant style did not reflect her beauty, and this small dewy shoulder and clavicle style skirt can always show her perfectly.The shoulders and neck lines make her beautiful.

Such a skirt is amazing. The design of the shoulder, large puff skirt and lotus leaf sleeves has rotten the street in the dress fashion industry and the wedding industry.The probability is particularly high.

Everyone put on a different style, Diana is a sleeping beauty, and many stars also wear the same dress, but they always seem to have some little family. It may really be the upper limit of the costume.

The naive beauty of Girls’ Generation is the highest level of beauty in the eyes of many people. Compared with sexy or vulgarity, it is more pure. Without adding any preservatives, you can fly youthful.Essence

The appearance of Diana was like a letter from the letter to send a burst of fresh blood to the royal family. Unfortunately, she was magical by the witch and took away everything she had.

In the story of the sleeping beauty, the love of the king made the witch hate, so she applied a spell to his newly born daughter, making her sleepy.

Better dream.

The revenge skirt she wore at the 1994 dinner was also this similar off -shoulder tailoring design, which can perfectly outline the shoulders and neck lines, but this little black dress looks mostly sexy elements.

If she compares her twice to attend the event, everyone will feel a little sad. Once such a cute naive girl was forced to blackened into a revenge girl.

From 1981 to 1994, she went through a reincarnation, but she failed to live again.

In 1981, Diana had just married Charles for three months, and her wedding was full of sweetness, but she was pregnant before she had time to enjoy this sweetness.

Later, after the relationship between Camilla and Charles was exposed, everyone suddenly realized that Charles was anxious to marry at the time, just to give birth to the heirs as soon as possible to complete the established mission of the royal family.

Pregnant women generally feel tired. This kind of tiredness requires more sleep and rest to fill it. Therefore, when attending the night of the night, Diana couldn’t help closing her eyes and then fell into a rest.

The whole world likes Diana. Even after this photo flows out, no one criticizes that she is not dedicated, but just admires her beauty. When she learns that she is going to give birth to the little prince, she feels sincerely.bless.

For the performance and implementation of the royal system, Diana’s dedication is obvious to the entire world.

She has always used her as a princess to run for charity in the world, and uses her reputation to call on everyone to pay more attention to those leprosy patients and infectious diseases, and bring them a first -line life.

Before the 1990s, she did everything that the noble princess should do. Even in the 1990s, she was sadly derailed by Charles, but she did not give up her public welfare obligation.

It is also extremely interesting, because there are many meetings in the British royal family, and some meetings and dinner are relatively lengthy. Therefore, members of the royal family who have been forced to stay at the meeting occasionally fall into the secret beating.

Diana’s daughter -in -law Princess Kate, who was sleepy during pregnancy.

In June 2013, Princess Kate bowed her head and closed her eyes at the naming ceremony of the "Royal Princess", but she was smarter. She was wearing a circular hat and perfectly covered the media’s attention.

In addition, Diana’s mother -in -law and Queen Ying also secretly stunned when attending the event, but she also pretended to be more clever. When others saw that she might think she was thinking about something.

Compared to them, Diana’s snoring was caught off guard, more naive, and was also loved by people.

Seven months after this photo was taken, Prince William was born, and that day was June 21, 1982.

Since then, Diana has changed from a naive sleeping beauty girl to a mother, and has begun to take care of the responsibility of taking care of the child, and has become more mature and restrained.

After Diana loves her children, after giving birth to William, she already said in the interview: "I can’t wait for a few children."

Indeed, Harry was born two years later, but after that, Charles never gave her a chance to have a child, and she did not wait until the day of Huan Huan’s knees.

The British royal family wrote a fairy tale dream for her at midnight, but when she woke up, her love had nowhere to be reset.

Diana died in the summer of 1997.

The years passed by in 24 years. The beautiful elf girl gradually moved to loneliness and sadness. Fortunately, she was not forgotten.

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