Detoxification, dampness, reducing fire, hydration … There are misunderstandings that ordinary people can see in beauty health

What kind of beauty behavior and the corresponding concept of health, and the concept of health of each woman usually affects the family or the people around them.

From the usual diagnosis and treatment, it is easy to discover:

Women who have easily done facial plastic surgery, if the family is sick, she is more likely to advocate surgery to remove gallbladder or organs.

Women who are accustomed to drinking eight cups of water a day or even a large bottle of yogurt before going to bed, accompanied her husband or child to my studio, are basically big bags under the big bags and swollen face.

Women who believe that anti -inflammatory fire can effectively deal with acne, often may be sent to the hospital to hang a bottle or eat cephalosporin at first sight.

Women who are used to the dehumidification of the red bean porridge of the rice, as a result, the family will eat the red bean porridge every day until they eat yellow and cold their cold limbs


Let’s take a closer look at the current misunderstanding of women’s beauty.Just now, in fact, these beauty misunderstandings can be said to be today’s health misunderstandings, whether it is men and women, or young and old.

Everyone says wetting

Differential moisture has probably become the most popular concept of traditional Chinese medicine.For example, my Changsha, the climate is very characteristic, short spring and autumn, long and long winter and summer, but the moisture is very heavy. Almost everyone hangs dehumidification on her mouth.

Knowing the importance of dampness is of course a good thing.However, a huge problem came, and I do n’t know when it started, "Red Bean Bian Rice Soup" has been overwhelmed as a sacred product.

Even some seemingly professional Chinese medicine posts, some of the large Chinese medicine experts on the show, the theoretical head of the spleen and dampness is the Tao, but when it comes to dampness method, it turned out to be a trick to kill: the rice red bean soup.

Here, these experts ignore the most basic traditional Chinese medicine principles: "First distinguish cold heat."

Under what circumstances can we use the red beans to get rid of dampness?Must be hot and humid.Cold dampness disable.

Regardless of cold and heat, do not distinguish between reality, simply correspond to the disease of traditional Chinese medicinal materials or ingredients. This is a self -made sin that is moving towards the edge of extinction after being western medicine.

When it comes to chronic cough, Sichuanbei steamed pear. As soon as there are pharyngitis, you can get gold and silver flowers. When you feel the skin is dry, you can raw omatomy. As soon as you have oral ulcers, there are mung beans and Coptis.See the endless lipstick leaf on the ground. As soon as you cure the qi and blood, the Ejiao Codon Coda Ginseng Astragalus is insomnia.Gastrodia, Maca Malboli, as soon as there is kidney deficiency, urticaria is a scorpion …

What is the same as a fever with a fever?Where did the core advantage of Chinese medicine go?

A young woman came to me a few days ago.The beauty is beautiful, fashionable and gentle.Helpless faces, dark circles, yellow skin, makeup powder unable to cover up.

The pulse strings are thin, the moss is greasy, and the body is weak. In winter, the feet are like ice. They often get dizzy when they get up. A few days ago, they suddenly fell into the bathroom.This is obviously cold and dampness inside, a typical Zhenwu soup syndrome, the so -called "starting with a dazzling head, aggressive".Yellow and long spots are related to cold and dampness.

She is also heavy here, and this kind of moisture will inevitably worsen.Many of my patients are victims who take red bean barley porridge for a long time. From time to time, there are red bean cricket porridge made by women in the WeChat circle of friends.

For cold and dampness, it is recommended to stew some yam porridge, bubble feet, or moxibustion foot, Zhongli, Sanyinjiao and other acupoints.

No need to get angry

Too many people think that when they see acne, they think they are getting angry.So: Drinking chrysanthemum tea or herbal tea, western medicine anti -inflammatory drugs and even hanging water, Chinese medicine prescribes a fire tablets for three yellow soup.

This is undoubtedly a disaster.

Fire should be clear and fierce.You can drink chrysanthemum tea, you can drink herbal tea, and you can use cold medicine.

But the virtual fire can’t work.In fact, from my clinical experience, it is probably because of the change of lifestyle. Now the proportion of acne caused by virtual fire is much higher than the real fire.

Too many women are chilling in the middle, or the cold and cold, and also acne.Because the abdomen is too cold, the food that is eaten is unable to digest it. The back pressure is in the stomach for a long time, and after fermentation, after fermentation, the heat goes up and becomes acne.

At this time, don’t say that the heat -clearing medicine cannot be used, it will use hot medicine.People often see ginger in the medicine I prescribed, and my face was shocked: Doctor, am I getting angry, do you give me ginger?

In this regard, let alone ordinary people, not to mention Western medicine, even many Chinese medicine experts will say crazy.

After receiving my medicine, Ms. Y, who suffered from getting angry and gums of gums, must be scared: a bunch of warm medicines such as dry ginger.Since breast cancer surgery, she has taken another medicine for six years of Chinese medicine, which has always been cold and cold.

The stomach is always cooked with a pot of porridge;In the hospital gastroscopy, there was no famous hall except that there was a little inflammation.Take three types of anti -inflammatory drugs, which are invalid.

When Ms. Y sat in front of me again, she smiled with her face.She told me: The current tinnitus is eliminated.Tooth swelling and pain are eliminated.Eye jump is lifted.There is no intestine, and the stool is formed.

The stomach, the "Middle Earth" of a person, likes to dry and cold.Unfortunately, today people eat more ice and drink cold, deliberately cold and fruits, abuse cold medicines, and turn the stomach of "Yangming and Dry Gold" into a bite of ice cellar.

After the stomach is cold, the virtual fire floats up.As soon as I take anti -inflammatory medicines, a dozen bottle, as soon as they eat cold Chinese medicine, the bag on the face is flat, but as soon as it stops, it grows again after a period of time.

The reason is that this fire is often deficient, clearing fire and anti -inflammatory inflammation must be puzzled, and it is more cold.The stomach is cold, and the Middle -earth is lost.Middle -earth lost, and the eight parties must be in a hurry.

The more "replenish" the more sad

Many people now hang "qi and blood is the best beauty product".

However, how to make up for qi and blood, the usual practice is often mistaken for people.

In the winter, in large and small pharmacies, Ejiao Guyuan cream, Dendrobium, Cordyceps sinensis and other supplements are extremely popular.Essence

A few days ago, a lady who had been born twice after pregnancy and was looking forward to re -pregnancy, she was pale.She usually eats supplements such as Dendrobium candidum and Cordyceps.

Tell her not to expect these things anymore, the first thing is to strengthen the spleen and stomach.Women who are usually infertile or are susceptible to birth must not be better.

For example, a 30 -year -old woman had difficulty giving birth to major bleeding, stopping breathing, left renal failure, shock for one or two days.From then on weakness: fear of cold, cold hands and feet, general pain, tinnitus, pelvic effusion, breast pain, menstrual period only two days …

If you want to conceive again, how easy is it to talk about?

This woman took Chinese medicine for many years, and she was ripe, astragalus and the like.After I took over, I was distinguished as Shao Yin deficiency and cold, wet blocked in the middle, and blood deficiency and blood stasis.Make it stand up to stop the cream.For more than two months for the temperature to make up the stasis.

The woman sighed that the prescriptions they were served in the past were extremely bitter, but eating my medicine was sweet.(The so -called "good medicine and bitter mouth" says that it is biased, and people are not shallow.) In addition, acupuncture, acupuncture of Shenshu, Mingmen, etc., lumbar pain, endogenous thermal sense.One or two months ago, when I saw her message given me, I heard that she was conceived.

Not only infertility, but other women with pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and other diseases must fall into a trough.In these cases, how to righteousness and eliminate evil?

The spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemical.If the spleen and stomach are cold and damp, there will be no power of transportation.If Chinese medicine abuses the medicines of nourishing yin, such as Ejiao, mature land, etc., it is equivalent to the abuse of antibiotics in Western medicine.

If the spleen and stomach are not good, take a bunch of tonic, not only will it not become nutritious, but will increase the burden on the body. Those supplements that cannot be digested will be accumulated in the body for evil.The complexion became worse because of multiple supplements.

Women are not made of water

Many female friends reflect the dry skin.Especially in winter, the calf is all white dander.On the face, the dark circles are serious.Drink water desperately and apply moisturizing products on your face.

So the question is, and after so many water, why is the skin dry?

In fact, for many people, drinking too much water will make the skin more dry and thirsty.

After reading this, it is estimated that many female friends will be puzzled. What logic is this?Drink too much water, the skin will be more dry?

That’s right.

The skin is dry and thirsty because the body’s fluid is not enough.However, the fluid and water are two concepts.

Simply put, the water that people drink need to be digested and absorbed by the spleen and stomach to become fluid.And digestion or gasification water requires a lot of calories, which is much harder than digestive food, and requires a strong spleen and stomach.

Otherwise, there are many sputum, swollen face, eye bags, eczema, poor sleep, fatigue, yellow face, loose breasts, obese, loose stool, and endless menstruation … These symptoms may come out, or evenForm more severe diseases with cysts and fibroids.

After drinking too much water is controlled, the spleen and dehumidification, the problem of dry skin can usually be solved.

Farewell to "detoxify" poison

People in the beauty industry, now I like to say one word: detoxification.

People who love beauty and passionate health are also rushing to "detoxify".

However, are these so -called "detoxifications" really reliable?

There are two common ways to detox on the street.

One is sweating.It is said that it is "cold and dampness, warmth, blood circulation, warm skin and beauty", and it is suitable for everyone.Can Khan Steamed Museum mistake people in the name of Chinese medicine?

A patient with a patient, a female friend, has steamed three or four times a month since December last year.

Status: weak pulse, white face, severe dysmenorrhea, tiredness, oral ulcer, backache …

He asked him to stop sweating.

Khan method is just a channel for human body to solve the disease, or "detoxification".Others include subordinates and vomiting methods.From the perspective of the Six Classics, the scope of simple sweat method is very narrow.It is only suitable for sun disease, and others are not suitable.

"Treatise on Treatment of Febrile" has clear text: "Shaoyang must not sweat, sweating is a word", "Shaoyin disease, micro -pulse, not sweating, and dying."

Even the sun disease that is suitable for sweat method, regarding sweating, Zhang Zhongjing also lists many taboos, such as: "person who is gravitational", "person in the ruler", "dry throat", "dumplings", "sore family", "衄 即", ""Bloody House" … None of them must not be sweated.

Bad diseases caused by mistakes are visible.Friends are cautious.

Some people say that there is no sweat, should it be steamed?not necessarily.—— "But without sweat, but forced it, it will move its blood …" It is difficult to cure. "

The other is detoxification and beauty products.

Most of the ingredients on the market on the market are rhubarb, aloe vera, 枳 枳, etc.In essence is Chengqi Decoction, that is, the next method.

Like the sweat method of the steaming hall, the lower method is only a way to detoxify the human body. It has strict scope of application. It must be injured and must be the internal heat of thermal poison.

However, the advertisements of these products can be eaten crazy.

Some people say that there is constipation, can you always eat detoxification products?not necessarily.

Constipation is generally two types of chills and constipation and heat constipation.In the former, the lower method of eating honey water, banana or Chengqi soup is not allowed.

This is why many people who have eaten detoxification and beauty products responded. After eating those days, I felt that detoxification was smooth, but it didn’t take long for constipation, and it was more serious than before.

Detoxification is necessary.But be sure to recognize what poisoning and detoxification methods of the human body.Instead of taking one, it is considered a common method.

If women want to be beautiful, everyone wants to be healthy, they must correct the misunderstanding of beauty and health.At the same time, we must also change some bad habits in life.

Many young people now ignore the health experience accumulated by the ancestors, and blindly look at Westerners with hot constitutions, such as cold drinking and drinking cold, or even avoiding menstruation.

I often see young women exposing her belly button on the street, thinking that it is sexy, but the price of this sexy is definitely heavy.

The Shenxian acupoint and Mingmen acupoint are exposed.Mingmen acupoint is a large acupoint that gathers the human yang. What it needs most is to keep warm.

Although the skin is naturally different, good living habits can change the face and good temperament, which can raise health and beauty.

Pay attention to keeping warm, moderate exercise, happy mood, sufficient sleep, not staying up late, less anger, less thoughtful, these are actually nourishing the liver and protecting the stomach, filling qi and blood.Probably because it is too simple, many female friends disagree with this.

The simpler the reason, the more effective it is, but it is often easy to be ignored.

When I take the consultation, I often need to spend a lot of time talking to patients about lifestyle habits, lifestyle, and even emotional issues and life issues.It seems to have nothing to do with the cure itself.

But I think so: whether it is beautiful or cure. If Chinese medicine can cure the root cause, it must not be a few medicines, not a recipe.Essence

The ancients had a cloud: "Going to medical treatment", probably what it means.

So I want to say a word to all friends: The ability of beautiful face must be the ability of Ankang’s body and mind, and must be the ability to live happiness.

Note: The various prescriptions and prescriptions involved in the article are for reference and learning. They cannot be used as prescriptions. Do not try blindly. This platform does not bear any responsibility that it generates!

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