Delayed childbirth and running life "overtime" maternal abortion 68 days "re -" childbirth

Recently, the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital successfully implemented a delayed childbirth. After the birth of the mother’s twins, the other child was born smoothly 68 days later.

In August 2022, in order to realize her mother’s wishes, Ms. Liu and her lover chose the method of test tube, and she was pregnant with twins smoothly. Seeing her wish is about to reach, but she was tricked by fate.In the early morning of November 24th, Ms. Liu was admitted to the hospital for a large amount of vaginal fluid due to a large amount of vaginal fluid. She had an irresistible contraction on the same day, and then gave birth to a child. Ms. Liu was only 17+3 weeks at this time.The child has no ability to survive.Fortunately, after the fetal delivery, the cervical mouth of the pregnant woman retracted and had no symptoms of infection. Lai Hua and Shen Ting immediately communicated with Ms. Liu and her family members of the obstetrics, and opened a long way to settle on the fetus with their willingness to protect their fetuses.The chief physician Ouyang and Deputy Chief Physician Lai Huawei Lai Huawei formulated a series of tire plans such as inhibitory contractions and anti -infective treatment. In December 2022, Ms. Liu was discharged stably.

Since then, Lai Hua and Ms. Liu have maintained close contact and always pay attention to the fetal state.At 21+1 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Liu once again appeared in vaginal secretions to increase. As she increased the length of pregnancy, her cervical length was shortened. After fully evaluating the condition, the chief physician Li Qin performed the vaginal cervical ring.After surgery, Ms. Liu was stable, and her little life stubbornly beating in her mother’s uterus.

On January 31, 2023, after 68 days, Ms. Liu gave birth to a newborn of 1 kg at 27+1 week of pregnancy. The birth of this precious baby made the couple excited.Because it is delayed delivery or super early birth, the baby was transferred to the newborn observation and treatment as soon as possible. After more than 3 months of full diagnosis and treatment, the baby was discharged safely.For 5 kg.

"This baby is not easy. The whole family is very grateful for the treatment and care of the medical team of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital." Talking about the difficult process of this road, Ms. Liu and their family members Lai Hua, deputy chief physician,The medical team praised it. After the baby was discharged, he also sent Jinqi to express his gratitude.

Delayed pregnancy delivery of pregnancy refers to the abortion or premature birth of the fetal pregnancy in the first fetus.Send a few days to a few weeks of pregnancy.The successful cases of the twins delayed delivery are rare at home and abroad.This is the second case of the successful treatment of the obstetric team of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital. He had previously successfully delivered a delayed delivery for a 31 weeks of pregnancy.This is the result of the successful delivery of maternal implementation for the 17+3 weeks of pregnancy. It is the result of the hard work of the hospital’s multi -disciplinary cooperation. In the future, the hospital will continue to improve the technology and create more miracles of life with superb medical skills.(Obstetrics Yang Miao Miao Laihua)

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