Crying and laughing hard to prepare for pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant, you will thank me after reading!

After the failure of the dredging surgery, I have been prepared for a year and a half at this time. The methods of scientific superstition of Chinese medicine and western medicine have been tried again, and they still have nothing to obtain. The psychological pressure has reached the maximum value.Crushed.After a few siesta insomnia, I tried to dredge the pressure and failed the surgery. At this time, I had prepared for a year and a half. All the methods of scientific superstition of Chinese medicine and western medicine were tried again.I don’t know where the way, the mood almost overwhelmed me.After a few nap insomnia, I tried to resort the pressure to the text and adjust my psychology in a way to chat with the baby.Looking back at the past, the thorns are muddy, and there are many difficulty. I also sneered from the nose of "getting pregnant" to be enthusiastic about grabbing "good gestational bags".Although I am physically and mentally exhausted, I am still lucky to come and think about it. God still cares about me.

In the first year of marriage: How can I still ask for a child when I am a person?Remove?Don’t listen to the scriptures of Wang Bayi.

In the second year of marriage: before pregnancy, everything is normal and starts to prepare for pregnancy.I was thinking about the history of good menstruation without gynecological diseases and no surgical history. Isn’t pregnancy?Huh?Why haven’t you been pregnant for 3 months?This is wrong. My sister and sister are pregnant and pregnant. I haven’t been in the middle of three months.So go to gynecological examination, 6 hormones are normal.Because the left lower abdomen is often painful, the more Baidu is more scared. He proposed to check the fallopian tube with the doctor, but he wanted to check the fallopian tube for only 3 months.

After that, my mother felt that it might be infertility caused by dysmenorrhea, and I recommended a Chinese medicine clinic.The doctor was really hard to say, and when I came up, I might be more baggage. I prescribed 4,000 months of Chinese medicine. It was not recommended that I checked the fallopian tube and said that I checked too much and hurt the egg tube.However, because my hormone report shows that everything is normal and it is impossible to be polycysts, I don’t believe this doctor’s words and did not take medicine.

After another two months, I still did not conceive. Considering the dysmenorrhea, I went to the infertility department of the regular Chinese hospital, thinking about whether to regulate dysmenorrhea first.The doctor told me that the dysmenorrhea did not affect pregnancy, and I saw my temperature gauge, six hormones, and monitoring follicles. She felt that if all my body was normal and actively prepared for pregnancy, it should be able to conceive in three months. Therefore, it is recommendedI went to check the tubal. If there is no problem with the fallopian tube, I will prescribe some of the Chinese medicine for conditioning.

But because the dog (my husband) heard that the fallopian tube was heard to check the injury, what I said, he just didn’t want to check it, not only did he not want to check it, he was unwilling to check the sperm quality.For pregnancy, dogs have always pursued the attitude of "following it" and are unwilling to simply have room for giving birth.But I ca n’t worry about it, it ’s likely where there is a problem. It’ s the right thing to find out if it ’s a problem, but I look forward to time to give a miracle. This is definitely unrealistic.Because of this, the dog changed from my husband to a dog teammate in my heart.

In the third year of marriage: I just finished the New Year, my mother invited someone to come to the house to count the life. The fortune teller said that I had no big problems, that is, I was not very good at home on the day of marriage, so I was very difficult to prepare.Check your body, just spend money to resolve.So holding a little hope, we carried out some small feudal superstition activities.

But I was still not sure if I wanted to check the falling egg tubes, so I went to the reproductive center of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital for consultation.Wow!IntersectionIntersectionAt this time, I learned that the gynecology and reproductive centers were completely different. I ca n’t want to conceive the child to go to the reproductive center!IntersectionIntersectionWhat is even more funny is that the first one in the missionary materials of the reproductive center is: do not require God to worship the Buddha!IntersectionIntersectionAt this time, my mood was clear.Then I spent a lot of effort to persuade the dog and let the dog go for sperm examination first. After the test results were normal, I decided to do a fallopian tube examination (I learned afterwards that the results of this examination were wrong.For the convenience of the graph, it is convenient for sperm instead of instrument detection).

On April 25, heavy rainstorm, we plan to take a tubal angiography as planned.When the potion passed through the left tubal, a tingling was tingling, and I felt bad at the time. Sure enough, the double -sides of the fallopian tube were not smooth.The doctor suggested that for another three months of pregnancy. If you ca n’t do it, you feel that there is a large number of empty pieces in his heart. I do n’t know how to go before.I can’t figure out how can I get through.Later, I remembered that I had acute appendicitis two years ago, and it should be inflammation of the fallopian tube caused by appendicitis.

To this day, everything that happened on the day of 2018.4.25 was clear as yesterday. After the result came out, I sat in the car listening to the rain and the window, crying silently while listening.It is not a major illness of life and death.When I finished crying, I was not willing to be sentenced by the doctor in this way, so I carried my umbrella dog and traveled to the flooded parking lot to ask other doctors’ suggestions.Well, it is better not to ask. Other doctors directly let me test the tube, saying that my fallopian tube is a bit curved, and I do n’t need to try pregnancy or do SSG.

At that time, the perception of the test tube was really a test tube. The test tube was terrible, which would make me accelerate the aging. It would disrupt my original endocrine, which would cause trauma to the body. The success rate of the test tube was very low.Once the test tube cannot be achieved, it is announced that this life has missed the child.

Because of the fear of the test tube, I wanted to give myself some opportunities again, so I consulted Professor Zhang Guofu from Shanghai Red House Hospital in Shanghai Red House Hospital for dredging fallopian tubes. After reading my report, Professor Zhang suggested that I try SSG first.So on the 2018.6.25, another heavy rainy day went to a well -known hospital in Shanghai for SSG surgery. After surgery, it was promoted, hot compresses, traditional Chinese medicine, and rope skipping.The expensive Chinese medicine powder and the ancient prescription foot bag of Yuzhentang.

That’s summer. I ate Chinese medicine powder every morning every morning. It is particularly fishy. I ca n’t drink it at all. When I eat Chinese medicine powder, I have to take Chinese medicine after breakfast. The Chinese medicine can eat my dizziness and nausea.After a while, I vomited all the uncomfortable. I had to skip the rope when I went home at night. The rope skipped because of the wrong posture, which caused my feet to be injured. I had to take the medicine before going to bed.The most comfortable is the half -hour soaking, and it is easy.Later, the dog felt that my toss was not good for my body. Let me not take Chinese medicine. The in -laws were urged, and the dog used him to work with the reason that he was too busy at work.When I was in October, I still didn’t want to be (suspected of biochemical once in August), and I felt faintly in my heart.

At that time, I felt that the test tube was a big deal. I had to prepare well, and the dog still insisted on letting it go. For the matter of wanting a baby, I was very calm. I even hope that I will consider the test tube at the age of 30.So I hid the dog to search for information related to the online test tube. Douyin paid attention to the number "Ancient Fa and Ancient Fang". I introduced a lot of knowledge to preparing for pregnancy. LaterA lot of dry goods are collected.When I first entered the group, I bought almost all the health care products recommended in the group, and also moved densely before ovulation after menstruation, but it may be to promote injuries. In the next few months, my ovulation is not very good, eitherIf you don’t grow bigger or not.

This year is really hard. The fund has plummeted, found infertility, takes a lot of medicines. At the same time, I face biochemical regrets, infertility anxiety, future confusion, dogs are unwilling to test tube weakness.ah.

In the fourth year of marriage: This year’s Spring Festival is described in four words, which is terrible.My mother said hello in advance, so that my relatives should not have the topic of giving birth in my premise, but probably I am too sensitive. I always feel that their vision slipped from my belly.I can hear the meaning.In the 30th dog’s family, no one asked me about the topic of childbirth. Later, I learned that the dogs were carrying me and his relatives one by one.Careful, just want to boast him, think about it, everyone knows that it is definitely my problem if you can’t give birth, and you want to scold him.

Because I couldn’t make the determination to test the tube, I consulted the sisters in the group. They suggested that I give myself a deadline, and the test tube was not conceived as soon as the deadline, so I put the deadline in SSG half a year.The January of this year is the last period. In January, I ovulated in a good ovulation in time and even supplemented the progesterone to help the bed. I usually do n’t have all the symptoms before menstruation.On the day of the new year, the aunt who had no sign of signs came as scheduled and I cried.At that moment, it seemed to lose interest in everything, never wanted to see the news in the test tube group, and never wanted to prepare for pregnancy.

But life is like this. Even if you hit you, you still have to get up and pat the gray to continue.On the second day of the year, the weather was very good. It was a rare sunny day before and after. I went to Putuo Mountain with my family.There are very many people in the incense. After a long queue and squeezing the flowers of the shoulders, when I finally stood in front of the Guanyin Bodhisattva of Puji Temple, when I just raised the incense over my head and closed my eyes to pray.Rolling down, the past, anxiety, helpless and hard work, and the hard work instantly became an inexplicable feelings, complicated and single. This inexplicable feeling rolled down at my tears. I think the Buddha and Bodhisattva must definitelyI also miss my sincerity.

After the New Year, the test tube was officially put on the agenda. At this time, because I had a certain understanding of the test tube, I was ready to stabilize and extend the front. Therefore, I formulated the following plan:

1. Constead the dog’s test tube;

2. Two people raise essence together;

3. Set a good hospital;

4. Find the experts of the hospital to evaluate the physical condition and test tube plan;

5. Strive to promote 15+ follicles and raise a few blastocar;

6. It is best to move the frozen embryo. Fortunately, adjust the body before transplantation.

However, the ideal is full and the reality is too backbone.In the first step, I spent a lot of energy. Dogs always obscured me, but the best childbirth age has been in the past few years, and I do n’t wait for it. For this reason, I really have a threat to seduce various ways.Let him agree.

After the first step, I started to raise essence and eggs. The basic principles are exercise+reasonable diet+early bed and early getting up.

If I am here, I exercise all year round, and my constitution has always been very good.Previously, averaged 2-3 times a week, and each run 4 kilometers or badminton for 1 hour. However, after listening to coach Wu’s sports class, I knew that the heart rate of running and playing was insufficient.Therefore, from February, the aerobic form was changed to 2.5 kilometers of climbing (20 speeds 5). After each climbing, I also conducted 30 minutes of core training. At the same time, the strength of exercise was increased from 2 times a week to 5-6 times a week.Because I was ready to test tubes, I didn’t stop exercising after ovulation.And to prevent too much exercise, it will cause irregular menstruation. I eat breakfast and lunch normally. Eat two eggs+300ml yogurt+nuts+vegetables+oats for dinner.Because of eating too much, I was exercising for 4 months. I didn’t lose weight for a pound, and I didn’t cry for a pound.

If the dog is here, it is more troublesome.Dogs: Picked serious food, do not love sports, and occasionally stay up late to play games.Dogs are always not eating well. In order to make him eat well, I get up early every day to prepare breakfast and lunch. The basic recipe principle is meat+vegetables+yogurt+fruits+staple food.But even so, sometimes the dog thinks that I do n’t make it delicious or not good -looking, and I will order takeaway. I do n’t make a full set after ordering the takeaway.Wife, you can eat something hungry after get off work. "Dog, I thank you ~~

I really have no power to move the dog’s movement. In order to let the dog move, I go to the gym with him. He hates the duplicate boring sports and likes confrontation, but the heart rate of playing badminton is not enough. I have to go with him.Whether to walk on the treadmill or play the game with him.

If we work at a schedule, we control up to get up at 7 o’clock in the morning before 10:30 in the evening, because there are sisters in the group that the second egg retrieval is better than the first time, because the second time I go to bed early, so we also insist on this habit. Every day, we also insist on this habit. Every dayChinese medicine went to bed early after soaking his feet.

In addition, in the process of nourishing ejaculation and eggs, I also took a detour because of health care products.In February, my menstruation was suddenly abnormal. I went to monitor the follicles that month. The follicles were not long. Later, the menstruation in March was postponed for 12 days. It was determined that the delay of menstruation was not because of pregnancy or disappointment. Mom.Eggs, not only do you not be pregnant, there is a problem with endocrine. What do you want?In order to investigate, I stopped all the health products and only insisted on soaking the traditional Chinese medicine. The menstruation in April returned to normal. After that, I continued to eat vitamin E.I also recommend that you do n’t eat health care products. My personal experience is to go to bed early+exercise+high protein+foot (Yu Zhentang is prepared for pregnancy, a certain treasure has been bought now).My follicles are bigger and round than ever.The effect of health products is weak. Once you eat the wrong, the consequences are terrible, so after that, I only eat composite vitamins and Q10.

After I walked forward in one or two steps, I started the third step. In fact, this step began to take the previous year.After considering the test tube, I started to check the hospitals in Shanghai to develop test tubes. Many, I do n’t know which one to choose. With the mentality of trying, I asked the sisters in the group.Investigation, hospitals and even overseas hospitals have very detailed evaluations.I extracted the information twice, put forward the hospitals in Shanghai separately, and finally selected according to my needs.

The main considerations of the selection of this hospital are as follows:

1. The hospital must be the best in Shanghai in Shanghai;

2. The level of doctors is high, and various processes are also reasonable;

3. The hospital’s reproductive center has a separate building with good privacy.

4. The hospital’s geographical location is very good, it is convenient to go to the hospital;

5. The surrounding area of the hospital is prosperous, and it is very convenient to eat, shopping, accommodation;

6. The price of the hospital is medium in Shanghai.

After the third step, I started the fourth step. In March, I was about to start the medical examination before the test tube. As a result, the dog appeared repeatedly in the night before the physical examination. On the one hand, I was very angry.On the other hand, I also have the heart to kill him. Don’t think that if I want a childEven if the child is born, the dog will not have his baby him.So I was angry and said that you love to go.Later, the dog realized that we were no longer a natural state. What we needed to do for giving birth to a child, he apologized to me, and promised to go forward with me in the future, it would not be me alone.

After that, I continued the physical examination, but I did not expect that the dog found that the sperm malformation rate was high, ah ah!IntersectionIntersectionAt this time, I was entangled. I decided to do the test tube because I did n’t want to do it 6 months after SSG. It meets the standard of determining the failure of SSG in the clinic and requires test tubes.But now it is found that the deformity rate is high, then it is not allowed to do whether the surgery fails, the dog sperm is not good, or I blindly promote the discharge of the follicles, so it is not pregnant.I regulate the sperm. I regulate the eggs and continue to try myself, and I am tangled.

So we prepared to wait for the results of all the medical examinations, and gave it to the doctor to judge.At this time, it also involved a problem of choosing a doctor.Two principles for the selection of doctors: 1. Good attitude; 2. High medical skills, we chose Dr. Jin of the Chinese Women and Baby after inquiring about it.It is also important to explain here that choosing a doctor and a hospital is important. The same physical condition and different doctors will give completely different suggestions, such as my situation. Different doctors have given themselves.Suggestions.Later, Dr. Jin comprehensively considered our situation to test tubes, because it was not possible to determine the specific reason why SSG was not pregnant, and my age and psychological pressure were placed there, it was better to test the tube first.I also refer to the opinions of the sisters in the group, and finally decided to do the test tubes and self -confidence.

After setting down the test tube, considering the uncertainty of the test tube, I talked with the dog push my heart and talked once. We agreed that the essence of life is that life itself, children’s marriage, etc. are just icing on the cake, so no matter what, we have to live a good life well.You cannot quarrel during the test tube, you cannot influence the quality of life because of the test tube, and also informed the parents and popularized the test tube with the parents of both parties.In addition, because of my high pressure anxiety, the dog wrote a guarantee for me, which enumerated a few requirements he will do during the test tube.Once the test tube fails more than 3 times, whether to adopt.Although I know that there are no things like a guarantee, the attitude that dogs are willing to write have actually given me a lot of courage to cope with the uncertain future.

And because of the incompleteness of pregnancy, I also want to understand it myself. In the future, I will not expect the baby as much as I just prepare for pregnancy. I also hope that the baby can be healthy and happy.At this time, the psychological state, physical state, and husband and wife’s emotional state of the dogs have reached a better level, so I silently said to the baby in my heart, your baby can come to the mother’s belly with confidence.

At this point, everything is ready to enter the week, but life is really not good. Under the careful feeding of me for more than half a year, the dog has survived the cold and high winter winter.In spring, I even thought about it. What can I do if it ’s not delicious? It’ s not that you have a good body, and there is no connection between nutrition and taste.

I did not expect that the face to face was not in a hurry. In the early summer, everything was vibrant. Two days before the Zhou Dynasty, the dog had a fever, ah ah!IntersectionIntersectionWhy do you pick time so much!IntersectionIntersectionI twisted a wet towel and started to apply his eggs coldly. After all, at this moment, the sperm of the dog is obviously more important than his brain.Although the dog has a fever, people are not confused. His little eyes clearly expressed the shock and dissatisfaction with me. Smart as me, of course, I immediately got this dissatisfaction.It is loyal to the sticker. Although I know that the antipyretic stickers are not used, it doesn’t matter, letting the dog feel that his wife attaches not to sperm and is the biggest effect of a fever.Although the doctor said that it only had a fever for one night and the temperature did not high and did not affect the entering week, but I was still not at ease and decided to postpone a month of entering the week.It happens that I and the dog and I can adjust it again.

Entering the week in June, the weather is fine, and the fixed long plan, Daibijia’s downward adjustment for 14 days, I heard that the decrease will cause a lot of calcium loss. Therefore, during the downgraded period, I eat calcium tablets every day.It’s right.Before entering the week, my family hoped to accompany me to the hospital, but I refused. I still want to treat the test tube as a little thing that does not affect the family atmosphere.The reason is that you have to go with me to take a leave to deduct the salary and it costs double the car and horse fees.Originally, the dog gave me an injection every day. He was careful. I trembled, and the result was still a bit painful. Once he pulled the needle, the blood rivers directly, scaring us.As a result, he was not at home. I had to fight myself. Mom, found that I played better, and did not hurt at all.So the question is, is this dog dissatisfied with me and deliberately rectifies me?

After the first four steps in the plan are finished, the fifth step is to promote the row.My AMH is 3.86, FSH6.3, LH6.5, which is not bad. Because of thisSeveral blastocysts.As a result, after 14 days, the doctor looked at the B -ultrasound and said that I had fewer follicles and the ovarian quality was not good.After half a year in the group, I know that this hormone condition does not match the B -ultrasound, but the tears still come out of the eye, which is completely physiological and unable to control it.I have prepared for 8 months in advance, exercise+schedule+diet+health care products+regulating psychology 5 titles, how can this, how can the ovarian quality be bad? Is the preparation before?Are you ready to go directly to test tubes?When I felt a great feeling, I was stunned.After crying for a while, I saw that it was twelve o’clock, and when I wanted to raise eggs, I wiped the tears, took out the assorted shrimp I was prepared, and felt so sad after eating half. I cried for a while.Crying for a meal.Later, the sisters in the group comforted me. The quality is not heavy, and I silently said to the baby that my mother will continue to work hard. Where the mother can’t see, the baby, you can cheer with your mother.

Because the number of eggs is not large, I want to raise the quality of the eggs well, so I eat high -protein during the promotion period, half a pound of soy milk+half a pound of yogurt+half a pound of shrimp+4 protein+a few sospoints, cow, fish,If I go to the hospital, I also bring high protein food by myself. In fact, I also know that I do n’t need to be so exaggerated, but I want to improve the quality of follicles. Eating high protein can reduce my anxiety.The stainless steel bowl is really ugly, it is really light and easy to use).

During the promotion period, my family cared about me very much. I gave me the delicious one after the three differences. I also received a good gestational cotton cotton cotton, a good pregnant doll and a good pregnancy red envelope for me.These have added my confidence and courage to virtually.

On the 12th day, I hit the night needle. At this time, I paid special attention to the movement of the movement, and I was afraid that the follicle was broken, because once I broke one, the rest would be luteum, and the quality would not be good.In the end, it is expected that 8 to 9 eggs are expected. I took 14.The posture of the operating room when the egg retrieval scared me. I told the doctor that I was a little scared. The doctor comforted me "don’t be afraid, the anesthetic will come up in a while", and then I lost my consciousness when I counted from 1 and 2 to 3, and waited for awakening to wake up.I came here to feel dizzy after I woke up after waking up. After I went out, I heard that this dog has never come out because I saw others coming out one after another. I was very worried. I even tried to sneak in and see me.Dog 嘤 嘤.

Because there was no obvious discomfort, I went to work on the second day after the egg removal. On the third day, my body had basically returned to normal. It seems that long -term exercise is still very effective.Here we have to say a word. It is recommended to take eggs and use anesthetic. One pain, and the atmosphere of the operating room is really terrible.

I went to the hospital to see the embryo results three days after the egg retrieval. Originally, I thought the doctor would tell me the embryo results first, and then discussed with me whether to move the fresh embryo. I will discuss it with the dog.Those who move the frozen embryo, I heard that the success rate is higher.How do you know, I went there, and I haven’t said that the embryo is still, let me go to pay for the operation. I was scared and panicked. I was cold in an instant. It may be too surprised.I have compiled a lot of information. What frozen embryos are wearing the same room before transplantation. On the day of the transplantation, I can do acupuncture to relax. I eat some Chinese medicine that helps bed, prepare Hong Kong yellow in advance, etc. As a result, I said that I want to transplant.But nothing is ready!IntersectionIntersectionI do n’t know why, I feel that the pressure is so scared. Why is it suddenly reached this step? I have to find a way to vent, so I cried again, and I felt a lot easier after crying!

I found that I was lucky enough to enter the operating room. What I was transplanted was the best doctor of the Chinese maternal and infant transplant technology. The doctor not only had good technology, but also very good attitude. While chatting with me while transplantation, it was very easy, ahahaha.After seeing the mobile phone, I found that a lot of sisters in the group sent me a refueling red envelope. This really gave me a lot of confidence, but at the same time, I also felt that it must be successful, otherwise so many red envelopes are not easy to explain.After returning home, I do n’t have to lie in theory, but I think people are tired. I often get up at four in the morning to go to the hospital at four o’clock in the morning.There are quite a lot.

After that, I waited for the lottery. The whole process was very glass -hearted. It was like a windmill in my mind. Various thoughts turned around and forced myself not to think about it.At this time, the dog comforts me. If the test tube is divided into physical examinations, fell, promote, egg retrieval, and transplant five steps, I spend the first four steps smoothly, then for me, the test tube is the test tube.The success rate of success is 80%. Hahaha, although I think this logic is weird, it is really easier to say in this way.

On the 3rd day after transplantation, the lower abdomen began intermittent pain, just like a small drill was drilling my belly.That night, I dreamed that my twin sister took out a white fat doll, and I picked it up and coaxed to sleep and feed. When I called with my sister in two days, I asked her if she had a baby dream.She said yes, she dreamed that she had a white fat baby again two days ago. She didn’t want it, so she gave me.At this time I was very excited, and I felt faintly felt.But after two days, my stomach did not hurt and I had never had a baby dream. Hey, how can I get fat?I had to comfort myself. My body was so good, and I had no time to take eggs and recovered quickly. Endocrine and endometrium were so good that doctors did not discuss with me to move fresh embryos directly.

When the blood test was at 13 days, it was super nervous, and the mind was in bad thoughts, and the report that was afraid of it was HCG <1.But when they really stood at the door of the blood chamber, all the tensions had disappeared before.Suddenly I thought about it. I was doing things in people. I was in the sky. I think about it.I thought the result came out in the afternoon, so the dog went to do his business first. I did not expect that the result would come out more than an hour later. I dare not click on the results, call the dog, and wait for him to open it from the dog to open it.The report, HCG311.5, at that moment was really incredible to interact with each other, and once again cried.

Then there is the early pregnancy of the glass heart. It is irritable to hit people in the middle of pregnancy every day. It is as bulky as a penguin.


1. Good and relaxed emotions are important to prepare pregnancy, very important;

2. Exercise is very helpful to conditioning the body and psychology;

3. Prepare infertility for a long time, check the reproductive center system inspection, do not eat Chinese medicine conditioning by yourself;

4. Before the woman checks, let the man check to determine that the man’s sperm is fine. The woman will do an invasive examination such as fallopian tubal angiography and laparoscopy;

5. Don’t blindly promote;

6. If you determine the test tube, prepare well, raise essence and eggs, and strive for a hit;

7. It is important to choose a hospital and a doctor. Do your homework in advance;

8. Look at more knowledge about pregnancy, and insisting on soaking your feet is actually much better.

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