Congratulations!Zhao Benshan upgraded to be a grandfather, and the 26 -year -old daughter official was pregnant.

On July 16th, a good news came from Zhao Benshan’s family. His 26 -year -old daughter ball was suddenly announced for more than 3 months, and he announced that he would stop his work and be a good wife and mother to raise his heart.

As soon as the news came out, it aroused the crazy discussion and onlookers of netizens.

According to the ball, I have been pregnant for more than 3 months, but I just found it.

Because of the live broadcast of the goods, her physical condition has always been very bad. She and her husband still studied the reason privately. I did not expect a fan to say that she was pregnant. When the hospital was checked, she was really a word.

The first time the mother’s ball, after confirming that she was a mother, was shocked and happy. I have already talked about a lot of big live broadcasts and goods. This time, because of pregnancy, I have to be forced to breach contract.Less liquidated damages.

The ball said that he was unwilling to give up. After all, he did not rely on his father’s aura to open such a big company that belonged to himself.

But there is no way. I work too hard. I have a base for 12 hours every time. Sometimes I have 72 hours of a shaft. I am afraid that the child will accidentally happen. For the happiness and harmony of the family, you can only choose to give up the work for the time being.

In the video, the 26 -year -old ball was very pure and beautiful. She wore two ponytails and wore more than 10,000 yuan LV suspender skirt. She was gentle and elegant, and she had the style of everyone’s ladies.

Compared with before, her face was significantly puffy, and the ball was exposed. She now has a pain in her legs pain and back pain. She has a great response during pregnancy.

What is even more noticeable is that the jade bracelet she wore in her hand looks very unusual.

Earlier, the ball revealed in the live broadcast that this jade bracelet was newly bought by her. At that time, some netizens said that this is the same, and there are dozens of w.

But the ball denied, saying that it was much more expensive than that price. I would n’t say how much money it was. I was afraid that others would say to show off their wealth, but four or five million can afford it.

Obviously, the ball means that there is something in the words, but as for this bracelet, it is not worth four or five million, it is unknown.

After seeing the news of the ball’s pregnancy, many netizens immediately fry the pot, and they were blessed by Uncle Benshan. He upgraded to be a grandfather so soon, and he could enjoy his children and grandchildren in his old age.

However, some netizens said that when watching the ball, she should be a boy, but her family has twin genes, and her dragon and phoenix tires are one -time son Shuangquan.

Some netizens praised that the ball’s pregnancy speed is too fast. I just held the wedding last month. This is more than 3 months of pregnancy. I have not been pregnant for 10 years.I envy.

In fact, the ball is always controversial as Uncle Benshan.

She often in the live broadcast room, "showing off the wealth" intentional or unintentionally, whether it is to spend dozens of W plastic surgery, or to spend hundreds of W to buy watches, which has become the focus of discussion after meals for netizens.

In fact, although the ball is a rich second -generation+star second generation, it has never borrowed his father’s aura to pave the way for himself, and even often avoid the same frame with his father to avoid suspicion.Essence

She also has a twin brother named Zhao Daniel. Many people talk about it. Daniel looks like the same sense of wicked firewood as his son’s son.

In fact, people have long been a director of multiple companies. Although they are only 26 years old, they have taken over the "Benshan Media" business empire and have established their own slimming clubs. The layout is quite extensive. It is an infinite potential young man.

As the "handle" of Zhao Benshan, as the "handle" in the small world, he has been on the Spring Festival Gala 21 times in a row, creating countless classic works, contributing a number of hilarious scenes, making the audience and friends very much miss.

Today, Uncle Benshan has lived a life of leisurely clouds and cranes.

His son and daughter are excellent. His net assets are said to have reached 20 billion yuan. Now he is about to upgrade to be a grandfather and enjoy the real joy of the real children and grandchildren. I have to say that Uncle Ben Shan is the real life winner.

I just do n’t know, is the 65 -year -old Uncle Benshan, do you still have the opportunity to come back to bring you joy?

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