Common sense of pregnancy: How long can a woman get pregnant?

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, if they can conceive their children earlier, it must be excellent, so many women want to see the results as soon as possible after some efforts.So, how long can I test it for pregnancy? In this regard, experts from Guangzhou Women’s Hospital said that in general, the earliest products such as early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks can be used to get results.Below, let’s look at the specific introduction.

Experts from Guangzhou Women’s Hospital said: Generally speaking, early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks can be tested 7-10 days after the intercourse.However, the accuracy at this time is not high enough. Normally, it is necessary to ensure accuracy after 9 days of fertilization.Because pregnancy test is generally judged by detecting the HCG concentration in blood or urine, that is, the concentration of the human chorionic gonad hormone, but the changes in the HCG concentration in the blood and urine after pregnancy must go through a process.The more accurate the long test.In addition, there are certain deviations to use early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks for pregnancy self -test. To be diagnosed, you need to go to the hospital for testing.

Detection principle: After the sperm and eggs are combined, the fertilized eggs are combined, and the endometrium is bed in the uterine in 6 to 8 days. The HCG secreted by the placenta secretion from 7 to 10 days will start to enter the urine. However, due to the small amount, it is difficult to test.It was increasingly obvious until 10 to 14 days.It can be detected in the earliest 7 days after the same room. Generally, it can be detected for 18 days, and a few can only be detected for more than 20 days.7 to 10 days after menstruation is to make the test results more accurate.

Early pregnancy test method: Choose morning urine, put the morning urine drip in the small holes of the test board or insert the test board in the urine cup, and the results can appear in the observation window of the test board within 5 minutes.Be careful not to sprinkle your urine in an observation window.

1. If there is only a purple -red test line, it is negative, indicating that it is not pregnant.(If there is no red line, it means that there is a problem with the test strip.)

2. If two lines are displayed on the test board, regardless of the color depth of the line, it means that you are pregnant.If the color of the lines is lighter, it should be tested again in about a week to determine as pregnancy.

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