Come and see if you are pregnant, how do you know that you are happy, but don’t smoke and drink

Pregnancy refers to a mammalian (including humans) in one or more fetuses or embryos in the body.Human pregnancy is the most detailed research in mammals.Human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks from the last menstruation to childbirth (38 weeks of ovulation).

Childbirth is a term for production.Many society and laws are divided into three phases.There is a high probability of abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.The fetus develops in the middle period that it can be tracked and monitored.In the later period, the fetus began to have the ability to survive outside the body.Due to this ability, many laws and customs depend on the fetus of this period.

When a small life starts to bred in your body, there will be wonderful changes in your body.The initial feeling is easy to be missed, so you need to understand the initial symptoms of pregnancy.The earlier the news of pregnancy, the more beneficial to preparing for pregnancy.Depending on the physical fitness, the reaction after pregnancy will be different.If the following signs appear, you should confirm whether you are pregnant as soon as possible.

The menstrual cycle of menstruation is not the same. The menstrual cycle of healthy women is regular. Once the menstrual age of childbearing age, the first menstrual period should consider whether to get pregnant.However, menopause is not a unique symptom of pregnancy. Traveling, fatigue, pressure, hormone abnormalities, or the sudden decrease in weight loss will also interrupt menstruation.In addition, a small amount of bleeding can also produce a small amount of bleeding in the bed. Women with irregular menstruation during menstruation are easily mistaken for menstruation.

Mental exhaustion | tiredness, no appetite is also a sign of pregnancy. This is the result of the influence of progesterone hormones, and it is also a natural response to the human body to protect pregnant women and new life.

| Basic body temperature rises | If the basal body temperature is kept at 37.2-37.3 ° C for more than 18 consecutive days, and it is probably not to decrease after the menstrual period arrives, it is likely to be pregnant.The changes in hormones and autonomic nerves can cause low fever, but not everyone will have similar symptoms.If the symptoms of low fever are not caused by pregnancy, you also need to go to the hospital for one step for diagnosis and treatment.

Areola becomes darker, breast pain | Breasts will change similar to menstruation after pregnancy, but the degree of breast growth and pain will be more serious.The discomfort will be reduced after the body adapts to the new hormone level.

上 Vomiting | When pregnant with a baby, pregnant women will have different degrees of nausea and vomiting. As the secretion of gastric acid continues to decrease, the preference for food will also change, and most of them like acidic foods.But this phenomenon will gradually return to normal after 3 or 4 months.

加Pripping vaginal secretions | Due to the impact of fertilized eggs and increased hormone, increased vaginal secretions are normal early pregnancy symptoms.

Frequent urination | This is the phenomenon that the uterus increases after pregnancy and starts to squeeze the bladder.There will be frequent urination at 11-15 weeks of pregnancy, and symptoms will gradually disappear in the second trimester.But in the third trimester, the fetal head began to squeeze the bladder, and frequent urination appeared again.

着 Constipation | As the baby in the belly gradually grows, the uterus of pregnant women is gradually becoming larger, and naturally it will squeeze the intestine and make the pregnant woman constipation.If the phenomenon of constipation in the early days, expectant mothers should follow the doctor’s advice, adjust their living habits, increase the absorption of cellulose, and drink plenty of water to prevent long -term constipation caused by the hemorrhoids.

Moles and freckles appear. After pregnancy, they are affected by hormones. Pigmentation of breasts, faces, abdomen, vulva, armpit, etc. began to appear.The original spots are more obvious, the skin around the eyes is dim, or the new moles and freckles are new. In addition, the upper end of the navel will appear vertical lines similar to the skin color.This phenomenon will gradually disappear after childbirth.

1. Early pregnancy test paper

Early pregnancy test strip is a product designed by people to test whether women to test whether they are pregnant.Under normal circumstances, there are two types of early pregnancy test strips: dripping urine in the testing hole on the test strip, such as a ribbon appeared in the test strip control area (some test strips are red, some test strips are blue), someIt means negative, indicating that it is not pregnant; vice versa, if a obvious ribbon appears in the detection area, it means positive, indicating that it is pregnant.This detection has the advantages of fast, convenient, sensitive, and specific.Early pregnancy test strips can only be used as a initial screening. Do not trust it too much, because the test paper test with early pregnancy will appear false positive or false negative.

2. Use the pregnancy test stick

Pregnancytestkit is commonly known as pregnancy test sticks, pregnancy tests or pregnancy test cards, etc.Testing principle: The so -called test is the use of HCG test in urine. Humanchorionicgonadotropin is referred to as HCG, which is a hormone secreted by pregnant women; this hormone exists in urine and blood, generallyThe pregnancy test is the reaction to determine whether the reaction is determined by the single plant and multiple HCG antibodies in the device and the antigen in the urine to determine whether the pregnancy is determined.

Use the pregnancy test stick to test the first urine as much as possible to detect it, because the hormone level at this time is the easiest to detect.If it does not work, it is necessary to ensure that urine is used for at least four hours in the bladder to detect.

Third, type B ultrasonic inspection

Among all methods, the accuracy of the B ultrasonic inspection is the highest.After 5 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers can go to the hospital for B -type ultrasonic examination, and they will find the "pregnancy ring" in the belly.The pregnancy ring refers to the circular aura in the uterus on the B ultrasonic screen, while the darker area is amniotic fluid. Of course, you can also see the heartbeat of the fetus through the B -ultrasound.

Fourth, basic body temperature measurement

The easiest way to do.Set up bed temperature every morning after waking up. At this time, the body temperature is called the basic body temperature.Generally, the body temperature before ovulation is below 36.5 degrees. After ovulation, the progesterone rises, which acts on the body temperature center and increases the body temperature by 0.3-0.5 degrees.If the egg fails to fertilize, the progesterone decreases after about a week, and the body temperature will return to normal; if the pregnancy is already pregnant, the progesterone remains a high level and keeps the temperature of the body.The high temperature curve phenomenon in the basal body temperature lasts for more than 18 days, and early pregnancy can be affirmed.In addition, it should be reminded that X -ray films cannot be used for diagnosis of early pregnancy.Because only after 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, the X -ray is seen by the fetal bone shadow, and the X -ray can damage the fetus during early pregnancy.

5. Blood check

HCG in the blood can clearly check the hormone level during pregnancy.Blood HCG is more accurate, less errors than traditional urine HCG, and the test time can be advanced.7 days after ovulation and room.The accuracy of blood drawing is very high, almost 100 %.

Finally, everyone is good luck (pregnancy) together!

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