Codonopsis is medicine, use it with caution in soup

Codonopsis is medicine, use it with caution in soup

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Recently, during the inspection of a confinement club, the Ningbo City Supervision Bureau found that the kitchen was one can of traditional Chinese medicine such as motherwort, Ophiopogon, and Codonopsis.And there is a "nourishing qi soup" on the package service items of the club, which adds Codonopsis and Chenpi to the chicken soup to take it for the maternal.The party ginseng is still a drug. The parties violate the relevant regulations on the Food Safety Law and have been fined 30,000 yuan, causing heated discussions.Many people also add soups at home. They are also used for body supplements. They believe that Codonopsis is a traditional "medicine and food homologous" ingredients, not illegal medication.

Codonopsis is medicine rather than food

So, can Codonopsis be eaten in the end?According to information, first of all, Codonopsis was included in the 2015 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", which did belong to the medicine.

Secondly, the "Food Safety Law" stipulates that no drugs must be added to foods for production and operation, but it can be added to the substance that is both food and Chinese medicinal materials according to tradition.In the 2013 edition of "Traditional Food and the material catalog of Chinese medicinal materials", 87 substances that can be used as food raw materials, spices and condiments.In 2014, the "Catalog" added 15 substances including ginseng and angelica.Codonopsis is not listed.In other words, before the party ginseng obtains the identity of "both food and Chinese medicinal materials", it will be used for food production and will violate the rules.

Those who can be included in the food and material catalog must pass the safety assessment. It is necessary to submit component analysis reports, health test reports, toxicology evaluation reports, etc. to ensure food safety.Therefore, traditional Chinese medicinal materials used for food may not be eaten with confidence.Consumers need to be cautious when making soups themselves.

Codonopsis helps Jianye Sple

As a medicine, what is the role of Codonopsis?Li Heng, deputy chief physician of the dermatology department of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mentioned in his article that Codonopsis is flat and sweet. From the perspective of the meridian, it belongs to the spleen and lung meridians.Codonopsis can strengthen the spleen and nourish the lungs, nourish blood.

First, Codonopsis is sweet and flat, and the two sutras of the lungs and the spleen can replenish the qi of the spleen and lungs. Therefore, this effect is similar to the ginseng, but the medicine is relatively weak, because ginseng is a great product.

Second, the party ginseng has the function of qi and blood, which is suitable for qi and blood deficiency that cannot produce blood deficiency, or blood deficiency and qi.

Third, Codonopsis also has the effect of nourishing qi and replenishment. For Qijin two injuries, short -term thirst, and internal heat and thirst, they can use Codonopsis.

In short, party ginseng is suitable for people with insufficient qi, deficiency cough, asthma, fatigue, and poor resistance.

Codonopsis is not suitable for everyone

Because Codonopsis is a medicine, there is also a taboo for consumption.Liang Fang, deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, pointed out in the article that people with excessive physical weaknesses should not eat Codonopsis.Although it has a replenishment effect, it is suitable for people with weak bodies to eat, but people who are too physically weak may have dry mouth and ulcer.Those with physical heat should not eat Codonopsis.It has the effect of replenishing benefits. People with physical heat will increase the heat in the body and cause the symptoms to worsen. Such people are usually loud, irritable, and like to eat cold drinks.

Codonopsis taboos generally have patients with allergies to Codonopsis and patients with severe liver and kidney function.If you are allergic to Codonopsis and allergies may occur after eating Codonopsis, patients may experience itching and pimples, and a allergic shock may occur in severe cases.Patients with severe liver and kidney function should not eat Codonopsis.Because Codonopsis is a traditional Chinese medicinal material, the drugs will be metabolized through liver and kidney. After eating Codonopsis, patients may increase the burden on liver and kidney, and it is easy to cause patients with liver and kidney failure.

Although Codonopsis is a very good Chinese medicine, it may be caused by excessive or long -term consumption, which may lead to a fire due to excessive benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to apply for the application of the doctor.

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