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Breast pain (or breast pain) is a common disease, at least 50%of the breast disease encountered in the clinical work of general doctors, and 14%of the breast outpatient cases in Australia.Many female patients have severe breast pain, even affecting their life, marriage and gender relationships, and even unable to embrace their children.If no obvious physical reasons are found, this disease is often overlooked, or it is not diagnosed in time as a normal physiological reaction.Careful and compassionate clinical treatment and further examination confirmed are effective and beneficial to most patients.


Breast pain usually manifested as dullness, discomfort, or tingling.When the patient lifts heavy objects or the arms continues to suffer, such as brushing the floor hard, pain can be radiated to the inside of the arm.

Follow the main points

The typical age of breast pain is 30 to 50 years old.The peak peak age is 35 to 45 years old.There are 4 common clinical manifestations: diffuse, bilateral periodic breast pain; permeable, bilateral non -periodic breast pain; unilateral broad non -periodic non -periodic breast pain; breast pain.The special types of breast pain should be paid attention to identification.The most common type is periodic breast pain.The early breast pain (part of the type 1) is common.Potential malignant tumors should be excluded.Less than 10% of breast cancer patients are also manifested as local pain.About one of the 200 women with breast pain was diagnosed with breast cancer patients.This disease, especially type 2 and type 3 breast pain, is difficult to relieve.

diagnosis method

See the table below for common safety diagnostic strategy models.

1. Possible diagnosis

For patients with non -pregnancy, periodic or non -periodic painful pain is the most common.Periodic breast pain is the most common diffuse breast pain.It occurred in the second half of the menstrual cycle, especially in the early stages of menstruation.Obviously, the occurrence of periodic breast pain is a hormone basis. This foundation may be abnormal prolactin secretion.The main potential factors that cause hormone disorders are the abnormal breast development of the breast, fibrous gland disease, chronic lactitis, hyperplasia or fibrous cystic, and breast disease.Non -periodic breast pain is also very common, and I know little about their reasons.It may be related to the expansion of the mammary duct and the breast inflammation around the duct

2. Severe diseases that cannot be ignored

In the case of any pain in the chest, three important diseases cannot be leaked: tumor formation, infection and myocardial infarction.

We must jump out of the misunderstanding of breast pain and malignant tumors.Breast pain can be the starting symptoms of breast cancer (although not common)."Inflammatory breast cancer" is a rare breast cancer that occurs when breastfeeding young women. It is manifested as local redness and fever. It can have different degrees of pain

Mastitis is common in women with milk.It should be regarded as a serious emergency, because breast abscesses have developed rapidly.In addition to bacterial infections, the infection of Candida Candida may also occur with the use of antibiotics. Candida infection usually causes severe breast pain, and there will be a sense of "burning", especially when feeding children and feeding after breastfeeding

3. Diseases that are often omitted

These diseases that are similar to breast pain include damage to chest wall skeletal muscles and diseases from the heart, esophageal, lung and gallbladder, especially pain from upper thoracic disease.Muscle skeletal diseases include rib chondrititis, pectoral muscle strain or spasm, and the outer acytic card pressure of the third intercostal nerve.Ankylosing spondylitis can shad the breast wall under the breast.Thymal pain may be the primary symptom of pregnancy.Before starting treatment, pregnancy should be excluded.

4. Seven illusions

Depression, drugs and spinal dysfunction are possible causes.Some drugs, including oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapies, and methamphetamine derivatives, catexine, etc. can cause chest discomfort.Some drugs, such as Gaoxin, Simi Ding, screw, marijuana, can cause tenderly breasts.The function of the upper thoracic spine and the low cervical spine can be manifested in the pain under the breast.If there is any doubt, the corresponding examination of the corresponding section should be performed.

5. mental factors

Potential psychological disorders can be exaggerated. Most women with symptoms such as chest pain are afraid that they will suffer from malignant tumors, so they need to be comforted.

Table common safety diagnostic strategy model

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