Chinese scientists have successfully made male mice pregnant, netizens lamented: "Nothing is not violated at all"

Introduction: In June this year, a hot search detonated the social circle, and many netizens came to watch.On June 16, 2021, Chinese scientific researchers were published on BiorXiv, a pre -printed platform of Life Science, entitled "A Rat Model of Pregnancy in The Male Parabiont".How is the male mouse pregnant? Can a male mouse get pregnant, so is a man who is pregnant?Kangkang takes you to understand.

The topic of the success of Chinese scientists has made the topic of maze pregnancy. Recently, it has become the object of enthusiastic discussion of everyone. Some netizens commented that "none of them do not violate at all, and often see that many men have a big belly." "Men are not dreaming", "Wouldn’t I want to be a male mother. "

In the plant world, male and female plants are common.In the animal world, there are also a small part of animals that have the characteristics of hermaphysia, such as the Atlantic Bian shell, and the Atlantic flat shells live in the coast of North America. When they enter the mating period, the male flat shellfish will lie on the back of the female flat shell, a paragraph of a period of time, a paragraph of a period of timeAfter the time, the genitals of the males will say goodbye to them, and the male flat shellfish successfully becomes a female.In order to better complete the reproduction, the females basically motionless from morning to night. The most interesting thing is that because the previous Mr. Bianbei became Ms. Bianbei, other male Bian shells felt good after finding it.You can be a "wife", so the familiar scene happened. The male Bianbei lay on its back. Everyone knew behind, and repeatedly repeatedly formed a "Bian Beeta".

With curiosity, let’s take a look at how scientists make male mice pregnant

First of all, our common sense tells us that women can get pregnant because there are uterus that can bred embryo and nutrients that can provide growth for embryos.

In this study, scientists decided to make female rats and mouse conjoined in order to get pregnant, and become a artificial mouse.After the male and female mice are connected, the blood in the body is shared. This step is prepared for the future male breeding embryo to provide the required nutrients.

After preparing to eat and drink for future rats, we must think of providing it with a warm and comfortable "bedroom".Here, the venue selected by scientists is provided by female rats, and the female mouse’s uterus is transplanted into the body of the male mouse.

After the "food" and "bedroom" are ready, you can pick up your baby over.Researchers transplanted the initial embryo into the uterus of the mouse, thus completing the entire process of pregnancy.

Image source "A Rat Model of Pregnancy in The Male Parabiont"

The last step is to have children. Given that the male mouse has no genitals that can be produced, the researchers use a cesarean section to take birth of a mouse baby.In this experiment, there were 46 artificial conjoined mice, and a total of 562 embryos were transplanted into the female mouse’s uterus. A total of 280 embryos were transplanted into the maze’s uterus.The male mouse has only 27 embryos that develop normally.

In the end, scientists took two hours as observation time. After two hours, female mice had 30 survival. The male rats successfully received 10 healthy mice babies from caesarean section, and there were no obvious abnormalities in the heart, brain and other organs.As a result, the "male mother" of the mouse world became a reality.

In addition, in addition to the male and female conjoined experiments of Chinese scientists, American scientists successfully used the "artificial uterus" to make a premature lamb completely and survive.Artificial uterus is a scientist simulated the uterine environment with plastic bags, as well as the required nutrients.

So can a man get pregnant in the future?

If men want to get pregnant, the essential is still the uterus that breeds embryos and the nutrients required for embryo growth.However, from the current research results, artificial uterus needs to be developed in the mother for a period of time, which has nothing to do with men’s pregnancy.And of course, we can’t engage in human experiments like a male and female mouse, so at present, men are almost impossible to get pregnant.

In addition to this problem, in addition to the inability to break through in medicine, if men can really choose to be pregnant one day, will they want to be a "male mother"?Will you voluntarily bear the pain of life?

This experiment also triggered discussions on ethics, humanitarianism, human nature, etc., and even rose to the social problems of men and women.Some netizens said "violating the laws of nature", "I don’t know what the meaning is", "sacrificed two female rats", and so on. What is your opinion?

Conclusion: With the advancement of modern science and the continuous exploration of researchers, the level of medical care has been greatly improved. Clinically, it can be used to greatly increase the chance of survival of premature babies.When can the men hesitated by netizens be pregnant? We never know, but there seems to be nothing impossible. Only humans themselves that make humans stop.After reading the article, do you also lamented the magic, what ideas can be discussed with Kangkang in the comment area.

Reference materials: "a rar model of pregnancy in the male parabiont" .biorxiv

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