Chinese medicine rewards 丨 About Gastrodia, what you know and not know here

How to take good medicine, who are suitable for eating

Who is not suitable for eating?

Gastrodiac is flat and sweet. It was included in the "Shennong Materia Medica" and was listed as the top grade. In ancient times, IKEA has fully affirmed its extended life effect.In "Tang Palace Story", Tang Minghuang adjusted a cup of Gastrodia powder every morning, regarding it as a nourishing product, Yishou treasure, and the daily health products of contemporary airlines and aircraft carrier pilots.

It also has good therapeutic effects on many diseases in our daily life.Such as common insomnia, headache, hypertension, stroke, etc. of middle -aged and elderly friends have good therapeutic effects.


It is mainly produced in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces.Northeast and North China are also produced.

Guizhou is one of the three major producing areas of China Gastrodia.The famous Japanese pharmaceutical doctoral PhD in Pharmaceutical said in his masterpiece "Getting Started by Han Fang Pharmaceutical", "Gastrodiac is out of Guizhou";It belongs to the best, and the Ming Dynasty was the treasure of the tribute royal family.


Gastrodia-Chinese Medicine Materials The Sky Maple Blocks are oval or long, slightly flat, shrinking and bent slightly.3 ~ 15 cm long, 1.5 ~ 6 cm wide, 0.5 ~ 2 cm thick.

The surface is yellow and white to pale yellow brown, slightly transparent, more irregular vertical wrinkles, with vertical wrinkles and multi -wheeled horizontal ring lines arranged from lack of buds. Sometimes it can be visible.Sometimes brown -black bacteria can be seen.

At the top, there are residual stem groups (spring hemp), or red -brown to dark brown parole top buds (winter hemp), and the end of the end of the mother linen is backward.

The quality is solid, it is not easy to break, the cross section is flat, horny, yellow and white or light brown.Qi, flatness, sweetness, slightly heartbroken.It is better to have a solid texture, weighing, there is a parrot’s mouth.

Gastrodia health effect

Puzzle and healthy brain, improve memory

(Test students, high -pressure people)

Sleepy and safe, improve sleep

(White -collar workers in workplace, sub -healthy crowd)

Softening blood vessels, reducing blood pressure

(Hypertension, hyperlipidemia people)

Express Tongluo, prevent dementia

(Alzheimer’s prevention and control group)


This product has the functions of sedation, anti -waste, blood pressure, anti -myocardial ischemia, anti -cardiac rhythm, inhibitory platelet agglomeration, analgesic, anti -inflammatory, enhancement of rats to learn memory, enhanced cells and body fluid immune functions.

Taboo of Casting Gastrodiac

1. As long as patients or crowds with blood loss and lack of yin fluid are not suitable for taking Gastrodia.

2. Gastrodiac is the same as the roots of the royal wind, which is dangerous.

3. Children and pregnant women disable Gastrodia tablets.

4. People with heat paralysis are not applicable. It is mainly manifested in joint swelling and pain, fever in pain, painless pain, and dry lips.

5. Those with severe chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart and liver and diabetes should be taken under the guidance of the physician.

6. Even if the liver yang is hyperactivity, phlegm obstruction and other evidence, the use of Gastrodia must be used to examine the disease in detail, grasp the pathogenesis, and increase and subtract with the evidence to achieve good treatment effects.

7. In "New Materia Medica" mentioned: "Gastrodia can the most evils that can get rid of the outer bumps, and they are closed in inside, and those with both qi and blood can not be used lightly.

After understanding the efficacy of Gastrodiac and some taboos,

You should follow the doctor’s advice and do not eat without permission.

It is not necessary to get sick and cause the disease to increase the condition.

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