Chapter 4 Chapter 4

Ye Qingge was cold from head to toe, and thought that blood transfusion could escape, but he did not expect that Mu Zhanbei was iron -hearted to get rid of the child.

She pulled the corner of her mouth and showed a bitter smile.

"Miss Ye wakes up!" The doctor saw her open her eyes and immediately reminded Mu Zhanbei.

Mu Zhan North turned around, and slowly walked to the bed to settle.

"How do you feel?" His voice didn’t have much fluctuations, or so indifferent. Ye Qingge didn’t speak, but just looked at his face fixedly.

Mu Zhanbei, she knows, has always been Fengshen Junlang Yushu, but Mu Zhanbei, who is standing by the bed, looks very embarrassed.

The eyes are deep, the chin is full of blue, and it looks like not sleeping for a few days.

Seeing such Mu Zhanbei, Ye Qingge had no distress.

Knowing that he was ruthless to himself, he knew that his haggard was because of Ye Zijing, but she couldn’t control her heart.

When Mu Zhanbei saw her without talking, she just stared at herself. There was a touch of impatience on her face, and her voice was fierce. "I ask you, are you dumb?"

"I have nothing to do, thank Mu’s care." Ye Qingge lowered his eyes and covered the pain and despair in his eyes.

This Mu Mu always called Mu Zhan to be irritable, "Ye Qingge, don’t pretend to be the appearance of others owe you, what do we owe you!"

We are referring to him and Ye Zining. Ye Qingge feels cool in his heart. She turned out to be alone from beginning to end. She was excluded from beginning to end.

The door was suddenly pushed away, and Mu Zhan Beitu came in: "Mr. Mu, Miss Zi Ning is looking for you."

I heard that Ye Zijing was looking for him, and Mu Zhanbei left after staying.

Ye Qingge looked at his back, and his tears rolled out of his eyes.

At night, Ye Zixing was helped by Ye Qingge’s ward by the servant. Close the ward door, the maid retreated.

Ye Ziying changed the fragile just now, and strode to Ye Qingge’s sick bed: "Oh, look at your little face, how can you look like this? You can wake up so many blood. I saidYe Qingge, you are really big! "

Ye Qingge looked at Ye Zining in shock. Isn’t she a big bleeding and coma in a car accident, how could she be so lively?

"Is it surprised? I, there is no major bleeding at all, but just a small car accident. You see that Zhan Bei is worried like that, and you almost draft you."

"Why are you so poisonous?" Ye Qingge was angry.

"Is it poisonous? This is the beginning. How did you treat me and how would I come back?" Ye Ziying smiled coldly.

Ye Qingge was cool in her heart, why did she suddenly become so terrible.

"Ye Qingge, I heard that you are pregnant?"

"No! I’m not pregnant?" Ye Qingge denied.

"Don’t pretend, I know, you have been pregnant for three weeks!" Ye Zijing’s eyes fell on Ye Qingge.

"In the past three years, you have played three children in total. This is the fourth one you are pregnant. I know that Zhanbei is afraid that I am unhappy. I want to force you to be a child. I also know that your uterus is very thin. If you do it, do it.If you drop this child, you will not have a child in your life … "

Ye Qingge looked at Ye Zining in shock. She knew that she knew all?"How did you know?"

"Don’t care how I know, what I want to tell you now is, Ye Qingge, this kind of evil in your belly will soon be done, you will not be qualified to be a mother in your life, how pity? Look at us?In the part of the sister, I will give you a chance. "

"What opportunities?" Ye Qingge wanted this child so much that he ignored the cold in Ye Zing’s eyes.

"If you kneel down and beg me, I will spare you and your children."


"of course it’s true!"

As long as she can retain her children, let her do anything. Ye Qingge struggled to get up from the bed. "Sister Zi Ning, I was not good in the past, I kneel on you, please let you go!"

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