Cat owner’s gastrointestinal disease: Cat frequency pulls out to solve##

Although the cat’s personality is "rigid", it can’t get rid of the fate of the weak constitution.Cat’s constitution is much more fragile than other animals. It is easy to live as soon as you don’t pay attention to care, especially the gastrointestinal problems.

Golden layer

In terms of statistics, large and small diseases occur in cats, or the highest frequency of gastrointestinal diseases.If you are discomfort, you can torn it up to many cat slaves!Many cat raising people do not know which aspect of lightning should be likely. In fact, there are reasons for everything. There is also a reason for cats to pull thinness. Maybe your cat only is tested in one case, and you don’t know, or you may give it feeding it.Incorrect.


The replacement of the season is easy to make the cat cold, or a cold, or thinning.Especially in the autumn recently, the temperature has dropped sharply. The warm -keeping work has not been done well or the cat rests on the cold ground.Therefore, before the cat is preventing the diluted situation, the shovel officer must also ensure that its living environment is in a warm state.Especially in the coming of winter, it is necessary to clean up its nest in advance. It is best to replace the cotton dog foil in winter in winter.


There are also many cats diluted because of changing food. Some kittens are often diluted because of changing food. At this time, their stomachs are very delicate. Suddenly changing food changes will make it difficult to accept.When there is a digestive problem, it will be easily diluted.Not only that, adult cats will also be thinner because of changing food, so ask cat slaves to follow the 7 -day change method before changing food. Only by adapting to new grains step by step can the cat’s gastrointestinal problems will be reduced.

Siamese cat

Cats frequently dilute We do not rule out another situation -parasites, if there are many parasites in the cat’s body, it will cause cats to be diluted, and it will observe its excrement carefully, which will also have a little bloodshot.In the case, you need to check the cat!In order to prevent this situation, the deworming work every 2 to 3 months must not fall.

Hairy cat

Whether it is a cat or a dog, they will have some gastrointestinal problems. As the masters of them, they must be done if they are ready to prevent work. Ralemics such as probiotics are useful for pets.Facing this situation of diarrhea, it is best to prepare probiotics at home to prepare from time to time.

Pay more attention to the living habits of cats. After all, many diseases stem from habit. This shit officer cannot forget!

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