Can’t you really use makeup skin care after pregnancy?In fact, this type of skin care products are fine

Skin care products are available, but it is best to use "safe skin care products" during pregnancy.

Do not care for skin care during pregnancy, which is compared to the aging of the same age!This is terrible!


Because during pregnancy, the mother’s nutrition and qi and blood are supporting the fetus, which will cause the organizational structure and nutritional structure of the body and skin to become weak.Skin aging, stains and wrinkles, only afterwards, it is difficult to remedy skin care!

Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to skin care.

As for makeup, some experiments have found that in some makeup and white, freckle removal of pigment cosmetics, contain a large amount of inorganic mercury salt and hydrogen cymbals

I think pregnant women choose skin care products

The first principle is that the simpler the product component, the better, the main is moderate, clean, hydrating and moisturizing.

The second principle is to choose skin care products with small irritating, low-sensitivity, try to choose natural and plant components; refuse perfumes and flavor; the third principle is to stay away from hydrogen, Lei Ting -A, tetracycline), nail acid, water poplarsAcid), unsafe ingredients such as dihydroxylcetone, retinol, and phthalamine, these ingredients may cause allergies or affect embryonic development.

In addition, pregnant women also have to disable nail polish, hair dye, cold and hot, freckle cream and other products.

I think the most important thing for pregnant women to choose skin care is safety.So as a person who has just given birth to Erbao, I want some of Amway to use and query a few frames that have been better than the better mothers of pregnant women’s skin care products. I hope you can be beautiful during pregnancy.

Germany Nenfu pregnant woman fragrant folic acid skin care set

The biggest feature of choosing this set is peace of mind. The professional brand of Nenfu’s pregnant women in Germany is developed by the Nobel Prize winner Harne Laboratory. The ingredients are quite strict and sophisticated.Just rest assured!

Skin care set contains 3 steps for basic skin care, cleansing+hydration (essence)+moisturizing (lotion), it will be better with skin care effect!

The biggest feature of this set is that the folic acid imported from the Netherlands is to eat folic acid during pregnancy. The ingredients are absolutely safe and can be used with confidence during pregnancy.Compared with other pregnant women’s products, Nenfu’s products have no added flavor, preservatives, pigments, mineral oil, etc., and the pH value is closer to the skin of the human body, which is more comfortable to use.

German tender folic acid facial amino acid facial cleanser: The Dutch imported edible folic acid is really suitable for Baoma who is easy to vomit.It also adds 45%of the amino acid surface activity, dense foam, light makeup during pregnancy, and it is easy to clean it. It does not harm the cuticle of the skin.The moisture.

Germany Nenfu Pregnant Women’s Fragrant Fragrant Folicate Water Lotion Essence: Adding edible folic acid is good for babies, and mothers are more assured during pregnancy.There are also a variety of plant amino acids that can repair damaged skin. At the same time, the hydration effect is also super praised. This is one of the reasons I choose this set.

After the whole set is used, it is moist, it will not be tightly dry, and there is still no fragrance. The pregnant mother does not have to worry about causing pregnancy.This is the best skincare suit I have ever used. When the second child is, I am going to continue to use this ~


BASQ is a very well -known pregnant woman in New York. It is very effective in alleviating tension during pregnancy.During pregnancy, pregnant women with itching of the skin can try BASQ nutrient -rich body oil, drive away the skin itching and long effect, and can completely prevent the generation of stretch marks.Various essence oil extracted by hand can be easily absorbed by the skin.

mambino organics

Mambino Organics, the product is very highly respected to use organic pure natural raw materials, and its raw materials come from plants, such as olive, red pomegranate, mango, lemon, carrots, soybeans, etc.The product is safe, and the production process requires sterile, non -added, and chemical harmful ingredients.Logistics packaging requires environmental protection, lead, non -toxic printing, etc., and the production control is tightly controlled.Products can effectively eliminate the stains and stretch marks of pregnant women. The scar repair cream after surgery has an auxiliary effect on the scars left by the restoration of the caesarean section.


Belli’s products are refined by natural organic ingredients. Each product is tested and has no comprehensive dye and preservatives.According to the different needs of each stage of pregnant women, the service provided by Belli for women during pregnancy is thoughtful and meticulous. From pre -pregnancy, during pregnancy to postpartum or even baby skin care, the Belli product series is very rich.

Damn, the first one was finally answered, don’t hesitate, hurry up to enter the next question.

What do I need to eat during pregnancy to keep the skin better?

In order to maintain their skin, many expectant mothers spend a lot of money to buy bird’s nest to make up.

However, the bird’s nest effect is basically blowing.The four most skin nourishment: vitamin C, vitamin E, soybean isoflavones, omega-3, bird’s nest is not available!

These skin -nourishing nutrients are not difficult to obtain, they are hidden in the ingredients we often eat.

【Vegetable Article】

1. Carrot

Carrots are called skin foods, because carrots are rich in pectin ingredients, which can be combined with mercury ingredients in the body to help expectant mothers to eliminate harmful ingredients in the body; and can nourish the skin and make the skin look more delicate and rosy., Gloss.

2, asparagus

Asparagus contains a large amount of selenium, which can play a role in preventing aging and excessive fat oxidation, and can make the skin more white and tender.

3. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain a large amount of sticky protein, vitamin C and vitamin A.Occasionally consumption can reduce cholesterol in the body, reduce subcutaneous fat in the body, strengthen the spleen appetizer, and help skin care and beauty.

4. Mushroom

Mushrooms are rich in protein and vitamins.Edible mushrooms can make estrogen secretion more vigorously, play a good role in preventing aging and maintaining young skin.

5. Soybean, soy milk

Soy foods are rich in soyflozonone & loar and have antioxidant effects. Eating more of these soy foods during pregnancy is also very beneficial to the skin of baby baby.Mung bean soup is effective and detoxifying, which is effective for detoxification of mothers and fetal baby.

【Fruit Chapter】

1. Strange fruit

Kiwi contains vitamin C, E, K, etc., which is a very good fruit for the prospective mothers who love beauty. In addition, the nutritional content such as amino acids and naturalositol contained in kiwi fruit has a certain amount of skin smoothness and whitening the skin.effect.But the kiwi is cold, and the expectant mother cannot eat too much.

2. Lemon

The vitamin content in lemon is extremely rich, which can prevent and eliminate the melanin of the skin and play a good whitening role.However, because lemon is a food -absorbing food, it is recommended not to bask in the sun after consumption, it is best to eat it at night.

3. Citrus

Citrus contains a large amount of vitamin C, which has a good beauty effect. In addition, the smell of citrus is relatively fresh and pleasant. It has a soothing effect. It can maintain the skin’s moisturizing effect and play a antioxidant effect.

Hope to be useful for pregnant mothers ~ love you ~ like ~~~

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