Can’t see it within a week of pregnancy?These major symptoms, you can know one or two without testing without testing.

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Pregnancy is a big thing. Some people are pregnant before they are pregnant, and some people are pregnant with unintentional pregnancy. They have no feeling when they are pregnant.There are so many, but it is particularly difficult to see when I was pregnant.

Most women did not find that they were pregnant in time, so during this period of time, they did some errors and bad behaviors for their children.Mid -China will often see.

I couldn’t discover it in time when I was pregnant, but I helplessly lost my baby in the end

Huimin just married her husband last year. The two met at work. Because they were from a department, they knew that they were together, so they were together. After two years of talking with her husband, they got married.

Huimin and her husband have a good relationship, but the two have not figured out to think about whether they want children, because the two are not old, so there is no intention to have a child, but one thing that happened recently made Hui Min regret it quite, and alsoAs a result, she and her husband were very sad.

It turned out that Huimin had just performed abortion surgery. Why is this?It turned out that Hui Hui was suddenly sensitive, but he did not find that he was pregnant in time, so he took a week of cold medicine for a week. When it was time to come to the holiday, the holiday did not appear on time. This made Huimin a panic and quickly bought the test.The pregnancy stick was monitored. After monitoring, I found that I was really pregnant.

So I quickly told her husband that after listening to the husband, he was very happy and felt that he should have given birth to the child. Huimin also wanted to have this child, but he had taken a cold medicine for a week in a row. He had hurt the child very much.It’s big, so there is no way to do abortion surgery. This incident made Huimin specially blame himself.

One: Temperature will become higher

Generally, the body temperature of women after pregnancy will generally rise. If this phenomenon occurs, some women do not feel that they are pregnant, but feel that they have a cold or fever.It’s wrong. If you find that your body temperature rises, but there is no symptom of a cold and fever, then you must go to the hospital for examination at this time to check if you are pregnant.

Two: breasts will soften

After pregnancy, in addition to the feeling of tenderness or tingling in the breast, it will also become more softer than usual, so you need to detect whether you are pregnant in time.

3: Easy to be weak

After pregnancy, because of the great changes in female hormone levels, it is easy to appear weak and sleeping, and will have no spirit. Most of the people are just pregnant.When the body is slowly adapted to pregnancy, these situations will return to normal.

What do women pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?

One: Pay attention to diet

You must pay attention to your diet. Do not eat cold stimulation or particularly spicy food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and more milk, and eat more protein -rich foods, such as eggs, lean meat or shrimp, and so on.

Two: Pay attention to radiation

Falling radiation must be noted. After pregnancy, it is necessary to reduce the radiant items such as computer or television. It is best to buy a radiation -proof jacket.

Three: Pay attention to husband and wife life

After pregnancy, try not to live a husband and wife, especially in the first month of pregnancy. If the husband and wife live in this period, it will easily cause abortion.

Four: Keep a good mood

A good mood will also play a very important role in the development of the baby. Therefore, Baoma must adjust her mood, which is very beneficial to the baby.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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