Can’t eat crabs during pregnancy?After receiving this strategy, the key to eating crab will be clear

"Autumn wind rises, crab feet itching, chrysanthemum bloom, smell crabs," said it now.

However, at this time at this time, many people have many questions about eating crabs, especially pregnant mothers.

Moms who have experienced pregnancy have experienced: 40 weeks of pregnancy, and they are shocked every week.This cannot be eaten, that can’t be touched, and there are many taboos. It seems that if you don’t pay attention, your baby will have a problem.

So "Can you eat crabs if you are pregnant?"

First of all: The diet during pregnancy is actually not much different from usual. It is sufficient to maintain a normal diet without too many taboos.In fact, the more pregnant, the more you should pay attention to the comprehensiveness and balance of nutrition.

Second: Let’s take a look at the ingredients of crab meat: Crab meat contains a large amount of protein and fat, and there are more calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other substances.

Mainly contains every 500g crab:

From the perspective of nutrition, crabs must be a food suitable for pregnant women, with rich nutrition and delicious taste.And according to the 2017 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cooked crabs are one of the best seafood choices during pregnancy.

For example, during pregnancy, you need to ensure that the body has sufficient iodine. The deficiency of iodine during pregnancy may affect the baby’s intellectual development, and even cause "Katin disease", commonly known as dysfunction.

Take the pregnancy to eat crabs, I heard that it would have a miscarriage after eating?But it was difficult to find a reliable saying.

It can be said that crabs will not cause miscarriage.There is no scientific basis for similar statements. As long as it is clean and fully cooked, it can be eaten.

As long as you do n’t treat it as a staple food, you eat a large pot of meals, and you do n’t eat raw.

What is the correct way for pregnant women to eat crabs?

1. Eat fresh crabs and wash it before the pot.

2. Cook thoroughly, continue to cook for 20-30 minutes at high temperature at 100 ° C.

3. Do not eat drunk crabs and cold crabs.

4. Eat in moderation.

But in the following cases, it is recommended not to eat or eat less:

1. Crab contains high protein, which is easy to cause allergies.If the pregnant woman himself is allergic to crabs, or has never eaten crabs before, do not commit dangerous.

2. Pregnant women with diarrhea or gastrointestinal diseases, or pregnant women who can diarrhea if they eat crabs before pregnancy, or try it anymore.

3. Crab is high -purine food. Pregnant women with gout or high uric acid should eat less or not.

4. Crab yellow contains more fat and cholesterol, and pregnant women with hypertension, coronary heart disease, cholecystitis, hyperlipidemia, severe fatty liver and other diseases should be eaten as little or not.

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