Can we apply a mask during pregnancy?How to choose?

It is often said that women during the pregnancy are the happiest and most beautiful time in their lives. However, due to the slow metabolism during pregnancy and special reactions during pregnancy, many quasi -mothers will have skin problems such as rough skin, pigmentation, stretch marks.

Seeing that my skin tone became worse a day, the prospective mothers always worried.Women have a beautiful heart, always willing to show their most beautiful side. Even if they are pregnant, they want to dress themselves beautifully, but considering the safety of the baby, the prospective mother will generally worry about whether they can do beauty and apply mask during pregnancy.Intersection

Pregnant mothers need to apply the three major reasons to apply masks

Mask ingredients

The reason why the mask plays a certain skin care effect is that it contains ingredients that can bring nutrition to the skin.Similarly, if there are excess chemical components in the mask, or other ingredients that can easily cause sensitive skin allergies, the skin clock with healthy skin will be knocked.

① Moisturizer

When buying a mask, the salesperson tells you that the mask contains hyaluronic acid, which is a moisturizing agent.The ingredients with the most content in a thickened mask sticker are water, and the second largest adding amount is the moisturizing agent.Common moisturizing agents are glycerin> Denta glycol> propylene glycol> hyaluronic acid (sodium)> Aloe vera. The moisturizing principle of this type of moisturizer is that the molecular structure contains hydroxyl groups.effect.

②, viscosity regulator

The viscosity adjustment component is mainly to make the mask look thicker.It shows that the essence without viscosity regulators is as sparse as water, and it is easy to flow on the body. It instantly makes people feel that there is no "material".Therefore, the choice of viscosity regulator is also very important. If the selection is not good or the amount of adding is not correct, it will make the mask too sticky after use.The ingredients of the viscosity regulator are generally Kabham, Huangyuan, hydroxye ethyl cellulose, and acrylic (ester) class.

③, plant extract

Plants add to the mask are very important components of propaganda. Generally, aloe leaf extracts, cucumber extract, seaweed extract, green tea extracts, etc.Although plant extracts are natural and safe, they also contain certain special effects.However, it is still necessary to remind that depending on the personal skin, especially sensitive skin during pregnancy may also be allergic to plant extraction.

④ Soothing ingredients

As a high -penetration product of the efficacy ingredient, the effective ingredients can be more effectively entered into the skin, and it will also bring external stimulus into the skin to cause stimulation.As a result, the addition of soothing ingredients becomes important.The soothing ingredients commonly used in the mask include licorice root extracts, red -free alcohols, ilogenin, cumulative grass extracts, and so on.Various masks are used more inlaid.

⑤, pH adjustment ingredients

The pH regulating ingredients are used in large quantities in cosmetics, which is mainly used to regulate the pH value of the essence to ensure that each mask component can stabilize within the appropriate pH range.PH regulators commonly used in domestic mask products generally include trilogylamine, citric acid, potassium hydroxide, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide, and amino acids.The strong alkaline chemical components such as potassium hydroxide are used as the mask component, which adds a small amount, and it has been neutralized to the salt and water in the mask product. All does not need to worry about hurting the skin.And lactic acid and amino acids are good pH regulating ingredients, which can be moisturized by the way ~

① Salmonic acid ingredients

It is common in the mask that removes dead skin, suppress acne, and regulates the balance of water and oil, but its content cannot exceed 0.4%!Once surpassed, it may burn the skin.

②, alcohol composition

It is easy to volatilize, and it will take away the moisture of the skin, so that the skin that is short of water during pregnancy is more dry.When alcohol has high decomposition capabilities, when the facial oil score is decomposed, it also destroys the skin’s own water lipid film, which will cause keratin to fibrosis, and the skin will become fragile and easy to age.

③, fruit acid

It is easy to volatilize, and it will take away the moisture of the skin, so that the skin that is short of water during pregnancy is more dry.When alcohol has high decomposition capabilities, when the facial oil score is decomposed, it also destroys the skin’s own water lipid film, which will cause keratin to fibrosis, and the skin will become fragile and easy to age.Generally, publicity is a good skin rejuvenation effect, but in fact, its principle is mainly to use acid to corrode the skin to thin the skin, thereby showing whitening and exfoliating effects.The effect seems obvious, but at the same time, your skin becomes thin and fragile and sensitive, and it is undoubtedly worse for sensitive skin during pregnancy.

④, lead and mercury

It is a compound contained in many whitening freckle masks.If the skin may be temporarily white for a long time, the skin will also be severely fibrosis, and the problems of sensitive peeling and fear of light may even occur, and it may even cause damage to the organ and nervous system.

⑤ In addition, chemical ingredients, hormone ingredients, mineral oils, and peroxybenzene and other chemical ingredients must be avoided

Natural non -additional safety masks should be selected to ensure skin care during pregnancy to ensure the safety of skin care during pregnancy.

How to choose the mask during pregnancy?

First, there are currently many masks for pregnant mothers on the market. Pregnant mothers can buy according to the product reputation, product composition and other aspects. The most important thing is to choose a special mask for pregnant women who are suitable for their skin.What you need to make up for the skin during pregnancy should be given. Different characteristic masks adapt to different skin texture, so you should choose carefully.

Oily skin: It is best to use mud mask with deep cleaning effects

Dry skin: It is best to use moisturizing and nourishing mask that can replenish moisture and nutrients

When the skin is lacking and dry: you can use a mask with moisturizing, softening, and living functions

After sun exposure: suitable for mask with soothing, sedation and water replenishment effect

Excessive acne, excessive sebum secretion cause dull complexion, rough skin: suitable for using deep cleaning masks

Second, we must understand the differences between various types of masks.

Tearing mask: The action of tearing itself is very damaged to the sensitive skin of mothers during pregnancy, so it has been regarded as a product that is gradually eliminated by professionals.

Washed mask: Although the cleaning effect is good, in order to preserve the active ingredients of nutrients, some preservatives are often added to the product, so the sensitive skin of expectant mothers should be used with caution.

Creamy mask: Mild texture, so the creamy mask is more adaptable, and sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

Cotton -type mask: This type of mask does not have a cleaning effect, and it is not suitable for people with deep skin cleansing.But expectant mothers will choose such masks, because their gentle touch makes the skin easily relax.

Fresh mask: It is also a good choice to make a homemade mask at home, but because it is difficult to guarantee that the sanitary condition is difficult to guarantee, the homemade mask of the family should not be stored for too long and too frequently.

3. In view of the characteristics of skin aging and lack of water during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can buy products with natural plant essence containing soy milk and rice. These products have detailed and moisturizing, gentle whitening effects.At the same time, it is not possible to purchase masks containing components such as pigmentation, mineral oil, spices, and chemical synthetic substances.

Fourth, the ordinary whitening mask used by pregnant mothers in the past needs to be stopped.Because ordinary whitening masks contain chemical components, after being absorbed by the skin, they may cause skin allergies, or they may penetrate into pregnant mothers to endanger the safety and health of the fetus.

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