Can these skin care products be used during pregnancy?Don’t step on the pit, pregnant mothers must watch

In October, many Baoma did not dare to dress himself because he was afraid of using cosmetics to affect the development of the fetus.What’s more, some bloggers are exaggerated, making the pregnant mother who was originally nervous. In fact, some skin care products can be used. Let me talk about it below.(Remember to click on the collection first)

1. Can pregnant women care for skin care?

Of course, why do you make yourself like a yellow -faced mother -in -law.During pregnancy, many mothers are actually unstable in the body, and the skin is very easy to dry, acne, etc., so the necessary skin care must be available.

2. Pay attention to these controversial ingredients

1. Vitamin A/retinol/vitamin A alcohol and its derivatives

Can be used, but you can choose not

According to 2016, the EU Consumer Safety Science Committee (SCCS) concluded that within the required concentration, cosmetics containing vitamin A and its derivatives are safe for pregnant women and children.

Theoretically speaking, regular vitamin A alcohol skin care products are okay.But if you are still worried, you can choose not to use it.

2. Hydrogen

Not available

Many skin care products contain this star whitening ingredients, but domestic and European Union prohibit the use of this ingredient because there is a certain harm to babies.

3, salicylic acid

Try not to use

Many mothers can use salicylic acid to eliminate acne, but if the concentration of salicylic acid is too high and the skin absorbs too much, it will indeed have a certain impact on the baby’s development.

If you must use it, it is recommended to choose a slightly weaker fruit acid.

4. Chemical sunscreen

Do not use it

There are some controversial sunscreens in chemical sunscreens, such as diezone, for babies’ safety, it is recommended not to use it.

It is best to use physical sunscreen. If you usually go out to make umbrellas, wear masks, and wear sunscreen, it is also possible to not apply sunscreen ~

Third, bird’s nest

First of all, bird’s nest is a precious tonic, which contains salivary acid, amino acids, epidermal growth factors and other ingredients, which can improve the immunity and resistance of pregnant women.

Secondly, it can also promote the development of the fetus’s brain, and it can also nourish the skin of pregnant women.Like I eat the bird’s nest during pregnancy, when you buy it, you must choose the brand.

Fourth, nail polish

It’s best not to use

Nail polish contains a variety of benzene components, which may have potential threats to babies, so it is not recommended to apply nail polish during pregnancy.

5. Other cosmetics

Other like foundation and lipsticks. As long as they are purchased by brands and formal channels, they can be used with confidence, because they are all tested.

Alright, this is the skin care, it may not be complete, welcome everyone to add ~

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