Can the woman get a divorce for 8 months: a man’s help, revealing the truth of fertility

I hope that every expectant mother can be treated gentle.

Two days ago, I saw a hot question at Zhihu:

"Can the woman get pregnant for 8 months, can I divorce?"

In just a few words, as a man, I feel incredible.

8 months of pregnancy, it can be said that it is going to be born at any time. When the most needed care and companionship, he even thought about divorce?

Did the woman do ten evil things to make him so cruel?

But when I read the detailed description of the subject, the lungs were frying.

In order to restore the facts 100%, I posted the original text and take a closer look.

Such a man is almost low.

After counting, the full text 12 "My Mom" did not see a "my wife".

Only "women" and "her".

It can be said that every sentence is full, so people do not know where to spit.

But the most disgusting is his attitude towards a pregnant woman.

It is normal for a woman to have a bad temper during pregnancy and unwilling to walk around or eat.

When she was most needed, she asked her to accompany her mother to visit the park.

What’s even more terrible is that after being rejected, the subject was full of resentment and threw his wife at home.

Pregnant women are prone to appetite, and sometimes nausea to meat.

But if you can’t drink small things like chicken soup, it has actually become the tube of the subject.

8 months of pregnancy, the pelvis is imminent, and the ball is more than ten o’clock every night.

Go home and see the hard -working wife bent down to do housework and wash dirty clothes.

I just felt that the washing machine had noisy herself, so she used her mother to sleep as an excuse to blame her and yell at her.

It is a completely selfish madness, the scumbag among scum men.

Not only do you ignore any physical and mental needs of his wife, but also make a divorce because of some trivial things!

Maybe in his eyes, his wife is just a fertility machine, a part -time nanny!

There is no trace of love.

In the answer area, all netizens spoke to him.

Thousands of people resonate, and many people say it is like seeing their own story.

Even some husbands are not as good as the subject.

But the attitude towards pregnant wives is surprisingly consistent.

They do not understand what pregnancy means for a woman.

I think that girls and children have chickens to eggs, but they are culprit.

In fact, the pain of women’s pregnancy is much larger than you think!


Most men’s understanding of pregnancy only stays in TV series.

The hostess occasionally feels sick, slightly tight, go to the hospital for a check, joy!

Then the whole family was happy.

The pregnancy vomiting in reality is really vomiting.

In severe cases, I even vomited and vomited every day.

Imagine that drunk and vomiting were uncomfortable once.

It is conceivable how terrible pregnancy is.

Netizen @Basic Apple shared his pregnancy experience, which was shocking.

Starting from the 6th week, the 7th week worsen, and the whole stomach is sour like lemon juice every day.

Sometimes in the afternoon, I can’t hold it up. I can only ask for leave home and vomit all the way along the tree.

Later, the body felt serious discomfort, and I felt like a severe motion sickness and a fever every day.

You can’t smell the taste of the food, you will think of the taste of vomit when you see food.

Every day, I fell tired and fell asleep, woke up hungry and continued to vomit, and the whole person shook.

The 9th week can no longer get up, and you will vomit in a little posture.

Most of the vomiting are stomach acid and bile. Basically, don’t eat or drink, and vomit water.

In the 10th week, I couldn’t carry the hospital, and in the middle of the night, an emergency input of nutrient solution.

After losing 3 days, I can eat normally.

Then eat and vomit, spit it out for less than 2 minutes, and the whole portrait was twisted.

After spitting too much, the esophageal injury, the result of vomiting blood.

The sore throat has to die, coupled with uninterrupted return flow, the sour gas has been at the damage point …

It was not until 12 weeks that it finally improved.

During that time, the whole skin was completely waterless, and it was old.

Every day, my mouth is taken off a layer of skin, the meat is loosened, and the legs look the same as shrinking.

It feels like a stomach cancer.

The incident of not vomiting in pregnancy cannot be understood. Only those who have experienced can experience the sourness.

There are always people who comfort the pregnant pregnant women: "This is normal, and you will pass."

But their hearts are: "Normal pregnancy, I don’t want to experience it!"

② urine incontinence

Not long ago, the singer Ella’s uterus and bladder swaying after the production of the production of the Internet, the Internet was exploded.

She wrote on Weibo:

My sneezing, jumping, running, etc. can cause urinary incontinence.

It is not a little incontinence, but that the entire pad is wet, and then the pants are also wet.

△ Singer Ella

In fact, as early as in the middle and late pregnancy, incontinence has become a difficult hidden of many pregnant women.

Usually after 25 weeks, the uterus has increased significantly, and the fetus, placenta, and amniotic fluid continuously compress the bladder and pelvic organs, resulting in weakened the ability to store urine.

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, most women have pressure incontinence.

The door that is usually closed is usually out of control under instant pressure.

Whether it is sneezing, cough or laughter, it is easy to cause urinary incontinence.

Netizens@网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网.

At that time, I was exercising for 6 months, and I usually had exercise. The body was not very different.

A sister came back from the United States at a time, saying that I brought me supplements, and by the way taught some experience in having children.

That day, I was full of energy and appetite, and I ate a few pieces of meat.

As a result, I was so anxious.


Suddenly felt a warm current in the lower body, and couldn’t hold back and yelled.

As a result, the people in the hotel looked at it together.

Watching my urine dripping down the skirt …

At that time, I wanted to find a hole in a hole!

Some people say that the incontinence has pulled off the last shame of the pregnancy.

His face was dark, and the unkempt was enough to make the woman unable to lift his head, but it was not as embarrassing as it was incontinence.

Originally, pregnant women’s tolerance for pressure was also low, plus incontinence that would not know when it would happen.

Many people have long -term insomnia and even cause depression.

③ pubic separation

In October, I was finally in the third trimester.

The most painful "curse" separated by the pubic bone has become the last trial of production.

The pubic bone is located under the pelvis, one left and right.

Under normal circumstances, two pubic bones are connected together.

Before giving birth, in order to provide a passage for the fetus, the pubic separation occurred.

This is the saying that it is often said.

It’s like an active fracture of the body.

When the symptoms are severe, the drama in front of the pelvis is unbearable, and the back of the back, the middle of the thigh and the leg will be sore.

Netizens@在 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网 网.

I felt pubic pain in 24 hours a day, nor was it, nor was it lying.

The pain when walking was even more severe and limped.

"It’s more difficult than dysmenorrhea, the lower body is like a crack!"

But dysmenorrhea is only a few days, and pubic pain is more than a month.

Originally, I wanted to hold back, and it was until the due date.

But then I couldn’t even get off the bed, so I had to go to the hospital.

Under normal circumstances, pubic pain continues until childbirth.

What is even more terrible is that during delivery, the delivery process is too long, the fetus is too large, or the posture is improper, and the posture is incorrect.

The pubic bone will be separated further, it is painful to heartbreak, doubting life.

If pregnant women can bear it, the fetus is not large, and she can give birth.

If it really hurts to be unsatisfactory, the fetus is too large, and the cesarean section needs to be produced.

At this time, family members should not refuse the cesarean section on the grounds of bad children.

Otherwise, pregnant women will hate you forever.

In general, the pressure and challenges brought by the body and mind of pregnancy to women are beyond imagination.

Moreover, this does not include "small symptoms" such as stretch marks, edema hands and feet, constipation, hemorrhoids, dizziness, cramps, and other

So if you say that having a child is simple in the future, you really have to slap!

Finally, I hope that every expectant mother can be treated gentle.

At each stage of pregnancy, the prospective dad should give different care and tolerance in time.

Accompanying his wife to spend the most difficult time in his life.

Early: pregnancy reaction period (1-3 months)

The first three months of pregnancy is a sensitive period of differential organs of the fetus. Some pregnant women have a strong pregnancy reaction, and excessive fatigue can easily cause miscarriage.① Actively undertake housework and reduce the physical labor consumption of his wife.② Appearance before bed to ensure sufficient rest and sleep.③ Quit smoking and avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

Mid -term: The period of weight rising (4-6 months)

Basically farewell to the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting, you can feel the fetal movement, the weight rises, and start to face different changes in the body and psychology, and it is urgent to encourage.

① To learn and praise for his wife’s body and emotional changes.

② Accompany the prenatal courses to understand the relevant knowledge of childbirth.

③ Urges his wife to take more sun, accompany his wife to the park to take a walk, and breathe fresh air.

Late period: Prepare for delivery (7-10 months)

The fetal development is basically mature, the pregnant woman is inconvenient, the quality of sleep is not good, the appetite is decreased, the lack of patience, the mood is easy to become impatient, and feel sad.

① Forbidden sexual life and avoid premature birth.

② Help his wife massage, rub the back, shoulders, and legs appropriately to reduce discomfort.

③ Observe the emotional changes of his wife, transfer anxiety, tolerate complaints and complaints.

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