Can the turtle be eaten?Emergency notice was issued

Recently, because of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, whether amphibians such as turtles, turtles, frogs belong to wild animals or whether artificial breeding can continue to be sold and consumed, attracting attention from all parties.The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs yesterday that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry urgently issued the "Notice on Implementing the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which clarifies Chinese turtles and turtles.The species of focusing on the protection of Economic Aquatic Botanical Resources and the announcement of new varieties of aquatic varieties announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, managed in accordance with the aquatic species.

The "Notice" pointed out that the "Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on comprehensively banning illegal wildlife transactions, eliminating bad habits of wild animal animals, and effectively guaranteeing the health and safety of the people’s lives" (hereinafter referred to as "Decision")It provides stricter and powerful legal guarantees to crack down on all illegal killing, transactions, and edible wild animals.The agricultural and rural (fishery) departments at all levels must thoroughly study and understand the spirit of the "Decision", enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility and mission, and take the implementation of the "Decision" as an opportunity to further strengthen the protection and management of aquatic wildlife.

The "Notice" requires that the "Decision" and "Wildlife Protection Law", "Fishery Law", and local laws and regulations should be done to form a joint force to protect the aquatic wildlife.It is necessary to coordinate the relationship between the list, clarify the scope of aquatic wildlife, and include the national key protection of aquatic wildlife lists, "" The International Trade Convention on Endangered Wild Animal Species> Appendix Aquatic Animal Species as National Key Protective Wild Animals List "And the species of the "Artificial Breeding National Key Protection of Aquatic Wildlife" must be managed strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Decision. Those who require the "Wildlife Protection Law" to ban hunting, trading, transportation, and use must be strictly prohibited.

For the species listed in the "National Key Protection of Economic Water and Plant Resources" and a new variety of aquatic products announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, they must be strictly managed in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Fishery Law.Chinese turtles, turtles, etc. are also included in the above -mentioned aquatic animal -related lists, and are managed by aquatic animals.

The "Notice" also requires that we must continue to jointly maintain a high -pressure trend, resolutely ban the illegal aquatic wild animal market, severely crack down on various types of illegal transactions, and cut off the illegal trading chain of the aquatic wildlife.It is necessary to combine the special law enforcement operations of the Chinese fishery administration "Bright Sword" series, and combat the actions of illegal fishing and trading of aquatic wildlife as the focus of fishery law enforcement, and cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen law enforcement supervision for key areas, key places, species, and key links.In addition, to strengthen the management of aquatic wildlife identification, for those within the scope of the identification management, the relevant provisions of the identification management must be strictly implemented.The illegal and illegal actions found during the inspection require timely rectification within a time limit and punish them in accordance with the law to ensure that the artificial breeding of the aquatic wildlife is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations.

Guangzhou Daily All Media Text Reporter: Yecas

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