Can the fetus in the "palace" be thirsty?

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What, when you know that your baby will drink water from 3 months, are you surprised?In fact, from the moment the fertilized eggs are on the wall, the fetus is slowly developing. Whether we can feel it, the baby has begun to appear from the beginning of 12 weeks, in addition to drinking water.

1. Drink water when you are thirsty, the fetus can drink water in March pregnancy

We all know that the oxygen and nutrients required for the growth of the baby in the belly are supplied by the placenta and umbilical cord.He does not have to eat hard nor to breathe.So, will the baby drink water for the "water is the source of life" we know?

In fact, studies have shown that the baby in the stomach is in addition to dancing boxing and kicking your legs to exercise muscles and bones, and practice breathing movements, but also actively exercise the ability to drink water.According to reports, as long as the baby’s fetal age is 3 months old, the fetus can consciously drink water.Of course, they drink amniotic fluid.Some scientists estimate that the amniotic fluid that each baby drinks can reach up to 500 ml every day.

Some quasi -mummy believes that amniotic fluid is a very dirty thing. Wouldn’t the baby drink sick?In fact, there is no need to worry about this.The amniotic fluid in the uterus will actually be replaced once every 3 hours, and there is no dust nor dust.The protein in amniotic fluid is excreted into amniotic fluid through the kidney decomposition; and the mixed off -epithelial tissue and other substances in the mixed amniotic fluid forms tire feces.

2. I have to eat when I am hungry.

For the baby in the quasi -mom’s belly, when they are 5 months pregnant, they can be called a gourmet!Because during this period, the number of taste buds in the mouth of the babies was the most, even more than adults.But after the third trimester, these sensory nerves began to slowly degenerate.

In fact, from 12 weeks after pregnancy, babies have more and more like to taste amniotic fluid.Of course, he can train the lungs and kidneys through this swallowing movement.In the mother’s amniotic fluid, it actually contains sugar and salt.This is why the baby who has just been born is obviously a sweet taste.

Studies also show that other strong flavors such as shallots and garlic will reach amniotic fluid, but the baby does not like it.Because the fetus does not like the salt solution, they rarely suck the salty solution, but when they put them in a sugar -containing solution, they will keep talking highly.

Third, drink water to eat, what else will the fetus do?

1. Listen -don’t let your baby annoy!

After the prospective moms entered the third trimester, the babies in the stomach began to learn to adapt to certain sounds, and he could even recognize these sounds again.If people make certain sounds to unborn babies over and over again, he only responded at the beginning, and then he slowly lost interest in it.Therefore, the prospective moms who like to use music prenatal education, don’t sing the same song, so as not to make the baby get bored.

2, suck -sucking the thumbs tastes good!

From 10 weeks of pregnancy, almost every baby has already touched.Experiments have shown that if we observe the babies from 12 to 24 months with ultrasonic waves, we can clearly discover this: Babies often hold their small faces with small hands, or rub their hands and rub them.Times touch your arms and legs.They are indispensable to suck their thumbs, and they look really good!

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