Can pregnant women use electric blankets?

The temperature dropped sharply, and the snow was flying. At this time, many pregnant women friends came to ask me: Can you use an electric blanket when you are pregnant?

Don’t worry about answering the question, let’s first take a look at the worries of pregnant women using electric blankets:

Medical research does show that excessive body temperature will have an impact on fertilized eggs and embryo development. If you have a fever to 39 ° C every day after early pregnancy, it may cause your baby’s neural tube deformity and may even cause embryo death, but this high temperature exceeds 39 ° C.Do you think that the heating temperature of the electric blanket is more than 39 ° with a normal way of thinking, can you still sleep in the quilt?I couldn’t stand the quilt running away for a long time, and it was not directly placed directly on the stomach when using an electric blanket, so I was worried that the temperature would affect the embryo. This assumption is not established.Compared with the use of electric blankets, high fever in early pregnancy may have a greater impact.

As we all know, electromagnetic radiation is an important source of environmental pollution. When electromagnetic radiation intensity exceeds the endurance limit, electromagnetic radiation pollution is formed, causing health risks.Human daily activities are mainly exposed to polar low -frequency electromagnetic fields and radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.The frequency range is 0 ~ 300 Hz, which is mainly generated by power supply and various types of household appliances. Electric blankets are one of them. While fever, radiation will be generated. Therefore, pregnant mothers will have such concerns.Dare not use electric blankets.

Medical research is also concerned about this issue. In 1985, some people were paying attention to the relationship between the use of electromagnetic products and fetal growth defects.Essence

After consulting the literature of the last 10 years, we found that the use of low -frequency radiation in early pregnancy may have a certain impact on the embryo, and the early pregnancy abortion in electromagnetic radiation will increase (but this electromagnetic radiation emphasizes long -term and persistence.It is 24 hours a day in electromagnetic radiation), and it is not found that home appliances are found after three months of pregnancy, such as hair dryers, microwave ovens, and electric blankets will affect the fetus.The impact of using electric blankets on pregnancy is mainly temperature, not electromagnetic fields.

Well, we can answer this question here. Using electric blankets during pregnancy is safe and can be used with confidence.If you are really worried about electromagnetic radiation, you can turn on the electric blanket in advance, turn it off after the quilt is warm, and go to bed before going to bed.In the same way, living appliances such as computers, mobile phones, hair dryers can be used normally during pregnancy.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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